Here is the second and last chapter hope you enjoy. By the way I own none of the characters.


A few days later Draco was walking down the long corridor to Transfiguration when he spotted Ron's bright hair. It could only mean that the other two weren't far behind. Sure enough he saw Harry's jet black hair and Hermione's back to it's full volume. He looked at her and panicked. He looked straight past her and walked right into Hermione's shoulder. He heard her whisper "Ouch." And someone's shoes scuff. He then heard, "Ron, no. Come on." in reply Ron muttered "What's his problem anyway… bastard."

Over the next few days Draco realised he was getting slightly obsessed with Hermione. He started to follow her around the school. Hermione thought someone was following her but her best friends laughed at her each time she mentioned it. Especially when they asked whom she thought it was, she went bright red, "Malfoy." They fell about laughing giving her thousands of reasons why it wouldn't be him and why she was crazy.

She wasn't crazy. Malfoy didn't even realise he was doing it at first. He just told himself he was being nosey while following her when she and Krum went into the grounds together alone. He then realised he was following her to nearly every lesson, even the ones he didn't have with her.

One night Hermione decided to try and find out who was following her or if anyone was following her at all. She fell asleep thinking about it.

The next morning she went to the library when there were a lot of people in it (there usually wasn't any one in there but since Krum had started going people kept coming in) she waited for an hour then got up and walked towards the door. She walked out towards the grounds, passed Hagrid's hut and to a deserted area just outside the Forbidden Forest.

She sat down and took out a book. Soon she heard a quiet footstep. She turned and there was the pale faced boy who seemed to hate her. "Malfoy? You?" She was shocked and a little disgusted. He said nothing. He had been an idiot. Draco walked towards Hermione his face a bright, almost purple, colour. He grabbed her arms, pulled her towards him and kissed her. Hermione did not struggle. She was so shocked she couldn't move.

When he moved back he smirked. "See you in Potions, mudblood."

He made his way towards the school leaving Hermione dazed and angry. Even when he had pretty much told her his feelings he was still the horrible, weedy pale-faced idiot he had always been.

Malfoy walked away, he had got her out of his system and would never think of her like that again. In fact the first thing he did was give Pansy an apologetic snog.

Hermione told no one about their kiss she told Harry and Ron she was wrong and nobody was following her. Draco and Hermione didn't even look at each other after that let alone re-live the moment they had, had in the secluded area next to the Forbidden Forest.


I'm not sure if you will find this a unsatisfactory ending but I love Ron and Hermione too much to have her with Draco. I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Please comment.

OK it seems that people are kinda anoyed that I said I love Ron and Hermione instead of Draco and Hermione. OK the reason I wrote this was because there is a lot of sexual tension between Draco and Hermione, I think they both needed to get rid of the sexual tension, but I do not think they would last long because Draco is afraid of both his parents's and Voldemort's opinion and Hermione is afraido9f letting down Harry or Ron. If you have constructive critism I will take it on board and change things but I thought of a short story and shared it with you all. That is the reason I wrote it.