Secrets:: Episode Three: Abydonian Tales


Episode Three:: Abydonian Tales

Written by Lonie

Summary:: Events chronicling Daniel's time on Abydos
Spoilers:: 'Stargate' the movie, Children of the Gods
Category:: Angst, Drama, teensy bit o' Horror, some Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Warning:: Character Death, Minor adult themes, implied child abuse

Daniel arrived at the SGC like a child in a toy store. He was looking around wide eyed and putting everything to memory. He was excited, well, more like extremely overly anxious. He was stumbling over his own two feet and running into almost everyone that he passed. He just couldn't keep his eyes ahead of him. There were all kinds of things running through his head as he took in his surroundings. Like, what is it that requires so much security? Or, what ever was found, what did they need him for? With everything that popped in his head, nothing, in his wildest dreams, could have ever prepared him for what he was about to see.


He walked into the room and felt like he was floating in heaven. There, hoisted up by some steel rods and cables was a large, cover stone with markings the likes of which he had never seen before. As if on queue, he began to mumble the few things that he recognized to himself when he heard a familiar voice.

"O.K. Jackson."

Daniel turned around in a momentary daze, "Hello...hello," he said quickly shaking Catherine's hand. He turned back around and stared at the cover stone, "This...wha...this...," he stuttered out. "Where did you find this?"

"Giza Plateau 1928," she said thoughtfully.

"I...I've never seen anything like it," he said already tuning everything out around him. He had to touch it. He had to be sure that what he was looking at wasn't some kind of illusion or a dream. He slowly reached out a hand and began to gently touch the surface. Being careful not to cause any more damage than what it sustained over the years. After he realized that what he was looking at was indeed real, he slowly allowed the world around him to come back to life.

"....but the outer track is like the cartouche in the center," he heard a voice say. "It's got writing unlike we've ever seen before."

"Those aren't hieroglyphics," he said calmly. Slowly bringing up languages that he thought it might be. As he studied it, he slowly made his way over to a lone blackboard. "Well, the translation is wrong. Must've used...." Danny slowly began to mumble to himself and erase the earlier translation. Quickly shutting out the voice of someone trying to get his attention. Satisfied with what he changed, he turned around and asked, "Well, so, why is the military so interested in five thousand year old Egyptian tablets?"

"My report says ten thousand," a stern voice cut in.

Daniel whipped his head around at the voice. He watched, unperturbed, as a tall man with the famous short military crop hair cut enter the room and quickly disregarded him. He began to voice his thoughts to Dr. Barbara Shore. While conversing, he quickly tried to push for more information.

"Excuse me, this information has become classified," the man said.

Daniel looked at him strangely as he watched Catherine follow Colonel 'what's his name' out. He turned around and finished conversing with the Doctors. He was more than ready to get to work. He silently thanked Laura of the coffee shop for talking some sense into him, for what he saw hanging in front of him, was indeed worth more than his worries.


He had done it. He had figured out the translations, figured out how the Stargate worked, and was the member of the first team to go through it. He was so excited at what they had experienced on the other side that he felt numb. All these years and he was so close. There was proof. Undoubtedly proof that he was so close and right on the mark, that it was scary. After he'd seen Jack and his team through, he didn't know what to do, how to act, or what to say. He kept nervously rubbing his hands over his robes, then he'd take them and cross his arms over his chest, then he'd run his hands through his hair. He was just a big restless nerve. Not only because he was right, but because the Abydonians had answered a question that had been plaguing him for years. A question, that he had given up any hope of ever finding an answer to. 'How do you kill something that is immortal?'


Over the next few months of his new life as an Abydonian, Daniel found himself becoming a totally different person. He found himself actually remembering what the word happiness meant. It had been so long since he'd experienced it, that he kept looking around waiting for something to happen. Always on alert and never letting his guard down. Especially when it came to his wife Sha're.

Sha're was at the center of his happiness. She was the light in his life. The only person that he actually wanted to be close to. The only person he wanted to get to know him. He wanted to tell her everything. Everything that he had experienced in his life up till now. And he did, well, mostly everything. He talked to her about his parents, his life in the orphanage, an edited version of his time with Sean and Mary, his time in college and everything after. And she'd returned the favor, telling him everything about her and her family. Then, she'd go into in depth details about their present day culture and so forth. Unknowingly giving fuel to the internal flame that burned deep within him to learn more.


Daniel had made a daily effort of scouting out the surrounding area to see if there was more ruins or anything more that would give him some extra insight into the Abydonian culture. One particular day, he and Skaara were wondering around when a sand storm appeared without warning, sending them sprawling into the air and landing hard on the sand. They scrambled and dug into the sand trying desperately to hang on to each other and what ever rock they had grabbed to halt their superman renditions. The storm had passed as quickly as it had come, leaving them buried deep in the sand. After some grunts, constant spitting, digging and heaving themselves out of their sand graves, they were able to get free. They sat, breathing heavily and completely exhausted.

"You look funny," Skaara laughed out pointing at Daniel's face.

"Yeah, well, you don't look any better," he panted out as the first of a tirade of sneezes hit him. He tried desperately to dust the sand away from his face and hands as he sneezed in steady successions. He reached under his robes and searched for the handkerchief Sha're had made for him out of his military shirt he wore when he first arrived. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally found it, and quickly put it to his nose as another explosive sneeze ripped through him. He heard laughter and looked down to where Skaara was laying on the ground holding his stomach.

"Dan-iel," he said laughing some more. "Dan-iel," he gasped out again pointing to the handkerchief.

Daniel removed his handkerchief and looked down at it. He stifled a curse as he realized that it was covered in sand. He rolled his itchy watery eyes and began the succession of sneezes again. He was starting to get frustrated. He was mad that he couldn't stop sneezing long enough to catch his breath and the fact that Skaara was rolling and laughing on the ground wasn't making things any better. With an explosive sneeze that landed Skaara with some extra stuff on his face, he began to chuckle to himself. He sneezed and laughed as Skaara jumped to his feet and desperately tried to wipe his face with a look of disgust. He watched as Skaara finally stopped his relentless efforts at cleaning himself off and joined him in one final laugh. "Maybe we need a bath," Daniel suggested as his sneezing came in longer intervals.

"Yes," Skaara agreed, "A long long bat-h." Skaara smiled at him as he reached out a hand to help his brother-in-law to his feet.

Daniel smiled and excepted the offer. He was beginning to relax some more as his sneezing began to stop completely, when he found himself face down in the sand again. He groaned, and shook his head as he immediately began to sneeze again. He became even more agitated as he heard Skaara laughter ringing about. He rolled his eyes and sat up. Sighing heavily, he looked down where his foot was and cursed at the small stone that had jumped in front of his right foot somehow. "What the," he said as he noticed some writings on it. He slowly climbed to his knees and crawled over to it to get a better look. He gently dusted away some more sand and nearly knocked Skaara out when he jumped to his feet. He turned around and sneezed out a sorry as he grabbed onto Skaara's arms.

"What is it Dan-iel?" Skaara asked a little worriedly at the crazed look his brother-in-law had in his eyes.

"Skaara," Daniel sneezed out excitedly in his Abydonian tongue. "Go get your friends."

Skaara felt his nerves flare up. He had never seen Daniel act so strangely. He turned and looked down at the stone as Daniel bent back down to dig at it. "What is it?" he asked again a little worried.

"I don't know yet," Daniel responded absently. "It might be some more information about your ancestors."

Skaara's face lit up, "Where we come from...yes?"

"Yes," Daniel sneezed out. "Now go."

Skaara nodded his head and quickly ran to get some help. Well, as quickly as it took for him to take a quick bath and grab some clean robes for him and his brother-in-law.


Daniel found that he was pinching himself almost daily. He just couldn't believe that life could be this good. He'd found a loving home, a wonderful family, and a cave with enough information to keep him busy for a good while. He was in heaven and strangely beginning to let his guard down. Slowly, but tenderly, he began to tell Sha're of Benjamin Stuart. Well, not that he really wanted to. Sha're somewhat pushed for it after trying to soothe him after he'd have a nightmare his first few months there. He'd always say something about his fear of facing Ra and if things didn't work out the way it did type stuff. Though, it was no were near the truth of his nightmares. But it was true that he felt that way. After awhile, the nightmares ceased. He began to have happy dreams of his life as an Abydonian and finding all that he could learn about them, and his wife and her family. The type of dreams that had him waking up with a warm content smile on his face.

One particular night, after he and Skaara had there umpteenth talk over the lighter Jack had given the boy. Daniel found himself laying awake wondering how Jack was getting along. He was wondering if he and Sarah had worked things out and if he was coping better with his son's, Charlie, death. He also wondered, how long it will be before Jack would have to tell the truth about what happened here. 'That would be something to see,' he thought to himself as Sha're moved slightly in his arms. 'Just how would Jack explain that to his superiors.' He chuckled slightly to himself as he thought about how the military hated to be lied to. Especially when it involved the chain of command.

As he thought, he found himself thinking of the hundreds of stories Sean used to tell him of his days in the Air Force. How he was able to get out of tight situations by talking his way out of them. Or, how his friends would get chewed out for some of the crazy things they did. He found himself laughing as he thought of one particular story.


Danny sat on the floor as Mary and Sean sat on the couch. He was laughing hysterically as he watched Sean jump up and land on his feet with his arms spread out imitating an airplane.

"....and then," Sean said laughing. "Bronco did the fly by and we could hear all kinds of cursing on our radios."

"Bronco," Danny said laughing. "Bronco was crazy. There's no way I would have done that."

" Well," Mary said laughing. "Bronco did have a few loose marbles."

"Anyway," Sean continued. "After we had landed, they had about eight gaurds ready to personally escort us to Colonel Roadkill's office."

"Colonel Roadkill?" Danny asked chuckling.

"Yeah, well, that was our nickname we made up for him," Sean confirmed. "The man had a stench so bad in his mouth, you'd swear he was snacking on roadkill."

Danny found himself laughing harder than he's laughed before in his life. He was wiping his eyes as tears of happiness fell. He looked over to Sean and felt his heart skip a beat as he disappeared right before his eyes. "Sean?" he asked nervously as he stared at the now empty spot. He scrambled to his feet as he turned to see Mary gone as well. "Mary?"

"Sean? Mary?" he called out louder and louder as the room he was in began to grow darker and darker. Soon, he found himself standing in complete darkness with a small beam of white light coming in from above. Terrified out his mind, he looked up and felt his world crash as he saw Ben standing over him with red beedy eyes and sharp wolf like teeth. He was laughing at him as he reached down and grabbed Danny by his hair.

"NO," Danny yelled out as he felt a searing pain rip through his body. "Please Ben," he cried out as he felt another pain shoot through.

"DJ," Ben said in a voice that sounded a lot like Ra's. "You took Sean away from me. It's all your fault their dead. You killed them. You killed them. It's all your fault. You worthless piece of shit," he said as he flung Danny into a wall. Watching amusingly as he slumped down to the ground with trickles of blood coming out of his mouth.

Danny shook violently. He was dazed and in a great deal of pain. He tried to push himself up on unsteady arms just as Ben foot contacted with his ribs. "Ahhhhhhh," Danny cried out collapsing back to the floor.

"You DJ," Ben hissed at him. "You have to pay for what you did. You have to pay for killing my brother," Ben said as he began to punch on Danny.

Danny covered his head as best he could and pulled his body in a fetal position. He was screaming at the top of his lungs for Ben to stop and that he was sorry and that it was an accident. He felt Ben dig his nails in his left shoulder and yelled out in pure terror as he saw Ben smiling evilly as he drew back with his heart beating in his hands. "NOOOOOOOO............."

Daniel jumped to his feet swinging his arms wildly. He was desperately trying to fight off the hands that were on him. He contacted with something and felt relieved when he heard a small grunt. He stumbled back until he came back to back with a wall and slowly slid down into a sitting position. Slowly, his Abydonian home came into view. He blinked his eyes and nearly jumped out of his skin as he realized that it was Sha're that he had hit. He climbed to his hands and knees and quickly crawled over to her. "Oh God," he said nervously. "I'm so sorry. God, I'm so sorry," he said checking her to see if he had done any more damage then hitting her in the stomach.

"Dan-iel?" she asked quietly, looking shockingly at him as she began to cry.

It was at that moment, that Daniel knew he had to tell her what happened. There was no way he could lie to her after this. He had unknowingly done the one thing that he swore that he would never do. He had abused someone. Though, it wasn't what many people considered abuse by the circumstances. He was dreaming after all. But the fact alone that he had raised his hand to strike out was enough for him. He slowly lowered his head in Sha're's lap and cried like he's never cried before. He cried for Sha're, Sean, Mary, his fear of Ben, and what Ben had made him, in his eyes, become. He cried for the rest of the night, hanging on to Sha're like his world would end if he let go. When the rays of the first sun began to show through their small home, he began to tell his wife about Benjamin Stuart.


Over the next few months, Daniel felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. Every night, since that night, he and Sha're had talked about Ben. He told her everything, every graphic detail of what Ben did to him. He told her of the guilt Ben made him feel about Sean and Mary's deaths, the way Ben made him feel that he was worthless, and that he didn't feel like he deserved to be happy. Everything that he could think of that happened she knew. She knew, and showed nothing but support, concern, sympathy, and overwhelming love. She sat right there with him, holding him tight in her arms after he'd unshamelessly cried himself to sleep. He loved his wife. He loved her more than life itself. He vowed, that if the day ever came where he had to give his life in order to save hers, he would gladly do so without hesitation. He would protect her with his life. He would do every and anything in his power to make sure that she remained happy and would never have to endure the type of sadness that he has endured for the majority of his life. Unknowingly to him at the time, Daniel had no idea how soon his words would ring true.


Sha're slowly made her way into the dimly lit cave. She stumbled slightly as she heard a soft voice muttering sounds that she had become used to. Stepping down from an out cropped piece of rock, she placed her torch in a slot on the caves wall. "Dan-iel?" she called out as she moved towards her husband who was running his fingers along the wall. "Dan-iel?" she called out again as she came to stand behind him, listening to him speak in his native tongue he called Eng-lish. With a frustrated sigh and a mischievous smile gracing her face, she finally reached out and tickled him under his arms growling like an animal.

Daniel yelped out and dropped everything in his hands. He quickly slipped and stumbled as he took off running towards a far wall. He picked up a stone and pressed his back up against the wall breathlessly as he searched for some huge hideous animal with slobbering teeth. His heart felt as if it was about to jump out of his chest and he was blinking rapidly. Searching the cave, he cursed out loud as he saw Sha're leaning against the wall laughing. She was hunched over slightly holding her stomach as she continued to laugh.

Daniel let a sigh escape his lips, "Sha're?" he said with exasperation. He threw the stone down to the ground and stumbled back over to her, slumping down to sit on the ground. He watched as she sat down next to him smiling warmly at him.

"Oh my Dan-iel," she said giving him a passionate kiss. She softly began to laugh again as she pulled away from him.

"That's not funny Sha're," Daniel said trying his best to keep a serious face.

"Forgive me my Dan-iel," Sha're said immediately ending her laughter. They sat staring at each other for a few seconds before they both burst out into laughter again. What seemed like an eternity later, they both were slightly startled by a loud crashing sound and someone grunting and cursing in Abydonian. They quickly jumped to their feet and made their way over to the caves entrance.

There, on the ground, was three of Skaara's friends tangled up in a twisted heap of mess with something metal underneath them. Skaara was standing behind them laughing when he looked up to see Sha're and Daniel laughing as well. "Dan-iel," he said, carefully stepping over his friends who were cursing at each other and trying to unhook there robes from the metal thing. "Another has come through," he said pointing to, what Daniel saw as a MALP.

"Well," Daniel said stooping down to get a better look at it. "I guess you have another cooking pot Sha're."

Skaara smiled as he reached under his robes, "And this."

Daniel stood up and took the box of tissue from his hands. "Well Jack," he said smilingly to himself. "You lasted a whole year, much longer than I thought."

"It is from O'Ne-il...Yes?" Skaara asked brightly.

Daniel nodded his head, "No one but Jack would send me something like this."

Sha're stepped closer to Daniel and put her arms around him. "I will go wit you my Dan-iel," she said sincerely.


"When you go back to Eart. I will go wit you."

Daniel stared at his wife like she had groan another head. "I'm not going back there Sha're," he said reassuringly. "I belong here, with you and Skaara and Kasuf. This is my home now. On Abydos with you," he said bending down to kiss her passionately.

Skaara smiled and turned away, scooting his nosey friends back out of the cave so that his sister and brother-in-law could have some privacy.

"Dan-iel," Sha're said some time later. "Why contact you now?"

"I don't know," he said truthfully. "But if Jack had to tell them the truth, something must have happened." He grabbed his wife's hand. "Come," he said pulling her behind him. "We'll meet with the elders and see what we can do."


Sometime later, Daniel found himself sitting in a circle of Abydonians and Earthlings. He was shocked at how fast Kasuf and the elders had agreed to reopen the gate. They felt that Jack and his friends were their saviors and deserved whatever help they needed. Daniel found that he was the only one voicing negative thoughts on why they should leave the Gate sealed. Not that he was scared of going back to Earth, but because he was just plain scared. He had left that life he had behind and didn't want anything to ruin the new life he had here. He felt, that allowing them back here, it would grudge up memories that he and Sha're had worked so hard for him to forget. He didn't understand it, but he felt as if something bad would come out of it. After about the first few hours, he found that he was wrong. He was happy to see Jack and the rest of the guys again. He found himself smiling, and enjoying the feeling that he had been missed. They sat laughing and catching up a little on what happened after they parted last.

"My God Daniel," Jack said spitting out his drink. "Moonshine? Daniel, what have you been teaching these kids."

Daniel just smiled at him. He made a mental note to see how his friend was doing once they got some time alone together. He noticed, that Jack seemed a little more relaxed. He also noticed, that Jack didn't have that suicidal look in his eyes anymore. As if he heard his thoughts, "You look good," Jack said sincerely.

Daniel smiled, "So do you," right before Sha're stuffed some food in his mouth. He heard someone ask a question and joined in, "Yes, why have you come back here?"

Daniel felt his nerves flare up as he listened to Jack explain what happened at the SGC base. He was worried for the people of Abydos. Sure the Gate was guarded, but they could come in ships. He felt his walls instantly going back up. The fear of losing everything to Ra, or who ever this other guy was pretending to be Ra, made him want to send Jack and his team back to Earth and rebury the Gate. He could easily pretend that they never had this conversation and was ready to do just that when his conscience took over. He knew deep down that he couldn't do that. He knew, that he had to do what he could to help them out. So, he decided that after the storm let up, he was going to take them to the cave he'd literally stumbled upon.


Not long afterwards, Daniel felt his smile begin to fade as he approached the pyramid that housed the Stargate as some people came running and shouting for him to hurry in. He began a slow jog trying to catch what was being shouted out at him. He heard someone say that they took Sha're and everything else ceased to exist around him. He found himself running at top speed to get to Sha're. He leaped up the entrance ramp and bowled over everyone that was in his way.

"Sha're?" he called out desperately searching everywhere. "Sha're?" he called again as he spotted someone laying on the ground.

"Where is Sha're?" he asked the young boy.

"Ra," he gasped out. "Ra took her."

Daniel felt as if he couldn't breath. He felt the walls closing in on him as he tried desperately to comprehend. "Ra is dead," he shouted to the boy. "He is dead." He felt his body shaking as he watched the boy's body shudder with his final breath. Daniel stood up and wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. 'No,' he thought to himself as he looked around shockingly at the chaos around him. 'No.'

"We've got to get the wounded back," he heard Jack say.

"Go...go....tend to your wounded. I can send you back."

"You're coming back with us."

Daniel whipped his head around, "No....I'm not going back," he said hysterically. "I've got to stay here. I've got to find Sha're."

"And you know that your only chance of finding her is if you go back," Jack said trying to get through to his friend.

Daniel felt claustrophobic all of a sudden. He slowly turned around and felt his heart sink as he looked at the damage, the dead bodies, and realized that Jack was right. If he were to find his wife and brother-in-law, he had to go. With his mind made up, he shakingly made his way to the center of the room and called everyone over to him. He felt his heart jump in his throat as he began to tell them that he had to go and to bury the Gate afterwards. He told them as he cried to put a huge cover stone over it like he showed them so that nothing could ever come through it again.

"But you came through Dan-iel," a boy said sadly.

Daniel looked at him and wanted nothing more than to wake up from this nightmare. He desperately wanted things to go back to the way they were. He berated himself for even going to the elders when he got Jack's message. He should have ignored it and went about his day. But no, he had to be stupid and let everything bad happen that could possibly happen. As if he was standing beside him, Daniel could hear Ben's painful words. 'It's your fault DJ. It's all your fault.'

"One year," he blurted out. "I'll try to bring Sha're and her brother back in one year. If I don't return," he began to choke out. "If I don't return, you must seal the Gate forever," he said as tears fell unshamelessly. "Tell Sha're's father, one year." He stood and fought to keep standing on his weakening knees as everyone crowded around him and mourned their loss and saying farewell. If took the last of his strength to pull away from them and prepare to go back with Jack. As the Gate opened and everyone began to make their way through, he stopped short of entering and contemplated if he should just wait till they all were through and not go. He turned around and looked at the people that he had come to know as a family behind him. He quickly studied their faces one by one and silently committed them to memory. With one last shuddering breath, he turned away. 'I vowed to protect you Sha're.' he thought. 'And no matter what happens, I will honor that vow until my dieing day.' With that, he stepped through.

The End

Episode Four:: Belly of the Beast (Coming Soon)

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