A/N: I'm just writing a bunch of one-shots for Adrian and Ricky. I like writing for them, because with NCIS, I want reviews, but with Secret Life…I just like to write. It's more fun, I get to try new writing styles…At least I think they're new for me…

Okay. this is pretty much about Adrian and Ricky's daughter, telling how she sees her parents…I'm going to try going from a four year old's POV…Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I don't own Adrian or Ricky or Grace…Riley, all mine…



Mommie and Daddy are kissing again.

It's so nasty.

Auntie Grace laughs and tells me that, that's what people do when they love each other. I told her I'd never kiss anyone, but Daddy and Mommie. She laughed harder.

They kiss all the time.

At dinner. At lunch. At breakfast. When Daddy gets home from work or Mommie comes home from school, uh, um, Daddy calls it college, I think. And even when me and Mommie are getting out of the shower.

Once when I had a nightmare, I went into Mommie and Daddy's room, they were kissing then too! Mommie got real red in the face, Daddy said she was blushing and he just laughed and laughed. We slept on the pull out couch.

It's so yucky when they kiss. It's not like the kisses Mommie and Daddy give me or the one when Mommie and Grace meet at the door or the one where Daddy kisses John.

But they put their tongues in their mouths, like they're eating each other. It's so gross. Sometimes they pull each others clothes off and…it's just really nasty.

And Mommie just told Daddy she's having a baby. Mommie said that a baby was in her belly. And I'm pretty sure that it happened from the kissing.

It's nasty.

It's yuck.

Very yuck.

The End