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If you don't know the story behind Torture, go read Hot One Shots, chapter thirteen. But it's a very simple premise: Matt's with Adam, Chris wants Matt, Adam fucked up Chris' life by letting him sleep with Matt and then leaving him high and dry. So, since then, Chris has been tortured by the memory of that night, and is trying to find a way to steal Matt away from Adam.

Well, here's part one.

Chris gently caressed the arching body under him, making the younger man moan so sweetly. Chris kissed his strong, firm jawline as he traced the contours of his body, paying careful attention to his soft spots. He put his arm around Chris' neck and pulled him into a kiss, a sweet, warm kiss that sent sparks throughout Chris' body. Only he had this control over Chris, the power to make Chris all his...

Chris grabbed his strong, gorgeous legs and spread them, illiciting a giggle from the man he loved. Chris kissed the brunette's forehead lovingly, unable to believe how lucky he was to have him. "Ask for me," Chris whispered, looking into his dark, captivating eyes.

"Chris! Ese, por favor, let me go! Come on!"

Chris' eyes opened and, instead of seeing his angel, he saw Oscar, looking rightly flushed and scarred. Chris apologized and got off of the small Mexican, blushing furiously.

"Shoot! Amigo, I thought you were going to dry hump me... well, not dry," Oscar shook his head. "Amigo, you have serious problems."

Chris looked down and, if possible, he got redder- his boxers were all wet and sticky. "Rey, really, I'm sorry," Chris said.

"You know, Ron warned me about rooming with you. That was scary, amigo. You have to warn someone before you attack them like that."

Chris turned away and went to the bathroom. Ever since that fateful day when he followed Matt up to the room he shared with Adam Copeland, his dreams were always that erotic... or more so. Just like Copeland wanted it.

Adam knew that Chris admired and desired Matt from afar, but the sight of the older Canadian on top of his boyfriend was too much for him. Adam initiated a threesome, just so Chris would know how amazing it was to be with Matt, and then to taunt him with the fact that he would never touch Matt again like that. And it worked.

And, if the nights weren't bad enough, there was also his changed relationship with Matt. Before, they were pretty good friends: Matt would tease him, joke with him, spar with him for training... but no more. The proud Carolinian went out of his way to avoid Chris, making sure they didn't talk. It was Chris' fault, he knew it- telling Matt that he was in love with him and kissing him in front of his boyfriend probably wasn't a good idea.

But Chris had to tell Matt how he felt. It was eating him up inside, and Matt felt so good... his scent was intoxicating... Chris couldn't help himself. He was finally with the man he desired for so long... he wasn't thinking straight.

As Chris turned on the shower, he knew he had to do something about this problem. He was scaring away roommates, and he couldn't get Matt out of his head. But the problem was, he hadn't thought of a way to get Adam out of the picture yet. Adam and Matt were inseparable, and Adam was always on his best, non-Adam behavior when he was around Matt. And how was he supposed to put into motion plan Show-Matt-What-An-Asshole-Adam-Really-Is-And-Sweep-Him-Off-His-Feet if Adam was always so sickeningly, fakely sweet?

He went into the shower and his thoughts returned to Matt, and that night.


"What are you looking at?" Matt said, lifting his head a little and grinning.

Chris blushed. "Nothing," he said quickly.

"You were staring at my ass, weren't you?" Matt teased, standing up.

"No... I..."

"It's okay, Chris. I know I have an amazing ass." Matt laughed. "You liked the sight, didn't you?"


Chris moaned, thinking about how cute Matt was when he teased him. Matt's pride and fun nature was just spilling out, but, in Chris' head, Matt was flirting with him. He was allowed to fantasize, right?


Chris held Matt's hands in one hand and began tickling him with the other. Matt wriggled, giggling every now and then, trying to get out.

"Get off me!" Matt laughed, moving away, "Chris, stop..." Matt pushed against him, and Chris held back a groan- Matt was turning him on beyond belief.


Chris turned the shower as cold as it got as the memories of the night flooded in, knowing that he was about to get hard as a rock, but it didn't help. All he was thinking about was how beautiful Matt looked flushed and laughing..


Chris slowly ran his tongue along Matt's navel, tracing the hole before dipping his tongue in it. Matt was no longer laughing- he was moaning, arching up to the tongue.

Chris kissed his waistline before shoving the pants down. Matt started struggling more, but it was no good... and Matt did want this. Chris then pulled off his boxers, and he whistled appreciatively.


Chris' memories conveniently left Adam out as he knew there was nothing he could do to make his erection go away. Matt's taste... sounds... how Matt felt... it was all rushing back, and Chris needed release. He leaned against the wall and started stroking himself, unable to help himself.


Chris split Matt's legs open and tweaked the tip with his tongue. Matt's pained moans pushed Chris on, making him run his tongue down his cock slowly. As soon as some precum gathered on Matt's tip, Chris licked it up and then took his member halfway into his mouth, sucking softly. Matt begs for the game to stop soon became pleading moans, begging for Chris to take him in.


Chris knew he couldn't stop. Adam knew what he was doing when he invited Chris to join them, and the feelings plagued him. He just got faster, remembering the best part of the night...


Chris walked behind Matt and grabbed his sides. Chris kissed Matt's shoulder lovingly and licked his neck.

Chris plunged into Matt, going fast this time. It was time to bring Matt over, to make him cum. Chris mercilessly stabbed his prostate, pushing in deep, loving the feeling of Matt's heat. Chris grabbed Matt's hair and pulled his head back to kiss him, and then he whispered "I love you," into Matt's ear.

Chris groaned and came all over his hand. He breathed for a moment, and then remembered that Adam WAS there that night. Adam was the one with total control. Adam was the one with Matt now. Adam was the one who told Chris exactly how to turn Matt on, gave him every secret, secrets which Chris memorized. Adam gave Chris the most pleasurable pain imaginable.

Chris wished Adam would just disappear, or finally show Matt his true colors, or something... anything. Adam and Matt were both torturing him, Adam intentionally, Matt unintentionally. And there was not a damn thing Chris could do about it.


The next night, a bunch of Superstars went to a Nightclub. And thanks to Chris' good- or shitty- luck, Matt was on top of the bar, flaunting his fabulous body and he and his brother bumped and grinded against each other.

Jeff was pushing his ass into Matt's pelvis, stretching his arm back to wrap around Matt's neck. Matt was holding Jeff's hips, guiding his younger brother as he pushed and rubbed into him. Some of the more conservative people thought it was nasty, but most saw it for what it was- two brothers putting on a show for the crowd. And it was fucking sexy.

Jeff turned around and pushed his hips into Matt's before slowly dropping down, and then pulling himself up, using Matt's body like a stripper pole. Matt pulled him up the rest of the way and kissed him on the cheek, and then they turned to the crowd and bowed, getting loads of applause.

"Alright then!" Jeff shouted, "you just got a taste of the finest dancers this bar has ever hosted, Candy and Cookie! We will be hosting another show soon; check the local clubs just in case." Matt hopped off the bar and helped Jeff down. As soon as Jeff was on the ground, Matt was pulled away.

Adam wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, making Matt giggle. "Want an autograph?" Matt teased, winking.

"Actually, I was wondering if I could get Cookie to give me a private show," Adam said suggestively, playfully squeezing Matt's ass. Chris, who was one of the people watching the show, burned with fury and turned away. They were cute together, sure; when Adam was pretending he was a good guy.

"Excuse me," Mark growled, "My dancers are NOT for sale." Jeff laughed, getting into his boyfriend's game.

He straddled Mark's lap and said, "Come on, baby. If Cookie's out giving a private show... well, then Candy can give you a private show of his own."

Mark nodded approvingly. "Yeah, that's the ticket," he said, staring lustily at his Rainbow-haired vixen. "Adam, Cookie's yours for the night." Jeff was about to kiss Mark when he noticed Chris' eyes on Matt and Adam's sweet little scene. He sighed, told Mark he'd be back, and walked over to Chris.

"Jericho!" Chris jerked his eyes away from Matt and Adam and looked at the younger Hardy. Jeff put his hands on his hips and said, "Really, this is... sad. It's beneath you. You have to stop stalking Adam and my brother."

"When did you become a fan of Adam Copeland?" Chris asked.

"My personal feelings about Adam and the stuff he did aside, he makes Matt happy. And he's been less of a jackass since they've gotten together. Besides, Chris, it's none of your business who Matt dates."

"You and I both know Adam's no good," Chris said, "But you won't do a damn thing about it? Don't you care about Matt?"

"Don't you dare ask me that, Jericho," Jeff sneered, "What a big fucking hypocrite. If YOU care about Matt at all, you should let him be happy. The last thing he needs is you eye raping him everywhere he goes!"

Chris saw Matt head for the bathroom, and he shot a fake smile at Jeff. "Gotta go, assclown. And I'll be sure to take what you said into consideration." Chris chased after Matt, leaving Jeff to wonder how his brother attracted the two idiots with the biggest egos in the whole WWE.

Chris was about to catch up with Matt when someone grabbed his arm. He turned and looked at Adam, who was smirking. "Really, Chris, this is getting ridiculous. Since you're obviously slow, let me break this down for you: You sucked and fucked him, but he still came back to me. You told him you loved him, and he later told me the exact same three words... in fact, a few minutes after you left. Matt's mine. Back off."

Chris smirked. "If you're so confident, then why do you find the need to come rub it in my face and threaten me?"

"Believe it or not, I care about Matt," Adam said, "And this little routine of yours is messing with him. He doesn't like it. Leave us alone and get on with your life. Oh, and, by the way..." Adam chuckled, "been having pleasant dreams?"

Chris held himself back from hitting Adam. He knew that line was a low blow, meant to hurt him and taunt him. Just as he was about to snap back, Matt came out of the bathroom. Matt froze and stared at Chris and Adam, obviously shocked to see them... together... outside of the bathroom.

"Hey," he said slowly, "What're you guys doing?"

Chris decided to push Adam's buttons, see how much control he really had. He grabbed Matt's hand and bent down to kiss it. Shocked by the action, Matt just stood still and let him do it. "Thinking about you," he said, looking into Matt's eyes.

Matt snapped out of his stupor, scowled, and pulled his hand away. "Chris, back up," he said. Matt walked away, arms crossed. Adam took that time to look at Chris and gesture at Matt, his face saying 'See? He wants NOTHING to do with you.' Adam left Chris alone as he went to join Matt, who was talking with Jeff and Mark now.

Chris watched and knew that Adam was too crafty for him. Adam would not slip up in front of Matt, especially since Matt was completely deceived by him. He shook his head- his Mattie was so intelligent. Why couldn't he see Adam's game?

He saw Matt get into an arm wrestling contest with Mark, and he got to thinking about something else. Yes, Matt was very intelligent... but he was also very proud. He liked thinking he was do-no-wrong Mattie. And although Chris was usually inclined to agree with him, he knew Matt's pride wouldn't let him admit he was wrong about Adam, even if Chris offered proof.

He smiled. Yes, Matt was as hubristic as they come. But Chris could use that. If he couldn't execute the first part of plan Show-Matt-What-An-Asshole-Adam-Really-Is-And-Sweep-Him-Off-His-Feet, he could always go straight to part two and sweep Matt off his feet. Chris just needed a chance to show Matt how good things could be with him, how happy Chris could make Matt. And he had a plan.

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