The watermelon show

Written by Kakiity.

Warning: This fanfiction contains graphic scenes, shonen-ai, incest and it will probably contain some yaoi, lemon and adult scenes as well, in some other chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own Masashi Kishimoto's characters, story or anything involved with the manga, Naruto.

Chapter 1:

Fugaku, Mikoto, Itachi and Sasuke were having a midday meal in their kitchen, on a hot summer day.

Sasuke was sitting in the burning sun, which came into the kitchen from an open window.

The sunlight travelled slowly down to his crotch as he lifted his hips a bit up into it. When he lowered his hips again, the light travelled upwards toward his stomach. The small movement Sasuke made was barely visible, but it was enough for Itachi's skilled ninja eyes to catch the sight of those seductive movements, that no one else saw.

The unseen tempting slid from itachi's sight as he closed his eyes to stay calm. Itachi knew that Sasuke was feeling horny. Itachi had been on a long mission and Sasuke hadn't got laid since he went away, well at least he thought so, but he hadn't thought that the boy was so horny, that it was that bad. He also thought of, if Sasuke even knew what he was doing.

Itachi looked once again at the movement that still occurred. His eyes travelled upwards over the black shirt and when he reached Sasuke's eyes, he saw that the boy was looking right back at him. He closed his eyes, he was sure that Sasuke was totally aware of what he was doing. When he opened his eyes to gaze at the movement once more, he couldn't resist licking his lips, he too, was beginning to feel tempted.

Mikoto, who thought that Itachi was looking at the watermelon, on the table in front of sasuke, served him a piece. Itachi took the piece and started to eat slowly with his eyes closed, making Sasuke bite his bottom lip in jealousy.

Sasuke looked at Mikoto and found her taking a plate to the dishes and started to work on it. He turned his eyes to Fugaku. Fugaku was too busy with the newspaper too realise the secret exchange of flirting gazes and the lustful look on the youngest face. Sasuke relaxed his shoulders and lidded his eyes. He felt safe.

Itachi licked gently on the watermelon. He wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but he decided to put on a show for his little brother. Itachi kept licking slowly as he touched his neck. He opened his mouth a bit and changed the direction of his licks. Itachi wanted his Otouto to imagine that he was licking at Sasuke's dick, and started to bite the fruit gently. Itachi looked over at Sasuke; the boy seemed to like the dangerous game. He moved his hips slowly and opened his mouth a bit.

The red liquid from the watermelon ran down on Itachi's fingers and down his chin. Itachi finished licking and ate the melon in small bites doing it as gentle as possible. When there was no more melon in the green shall, he bit down on it and brushed his bottom lip over it. Sasuke followed every single movement Itachi did closely. Itachi licked slowly and hard on his fingers until he very slowly, almost in slow-motion stuck one of his fingers long inside his mouth, brushing it on his tongue. Itachi sucked his fingers of slowly and removed the watermelon water from his chin with his right index finger, which he licked of afterwards.

When Itachi was done whit his show, he looked at Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes was looking at Itachi with so much lust, that he almost forgot that his parents where there.

Itachi began to like this a lot. Actually he couldn't wait for the night to fall, so he stopped his teasing and put on a serious face. He looked at Sasuke who seemed a bit frustrated with the chance.

Itachi made a move with his head in the direction of Fugaku and looked back at Sasuke. Sasuke quickly remembered where they were and a blush spread all over his face. Itachi couldn't resist smiling at that, his little brother was way too cute!

Sasuke lay down and closed his eyes. He wasn't content with this, all he wanted to do, was to drag Itachi into his room and do all the dirty things that they were able to do, his lust was taking over as he laid there. When Sasuke opened his eyes he looked at Mikoto, she was taking the leftovers away from the table.

Mikoto looked at Sasuke. He looked pale and his eyes were looking at her, but they weren't focusing at all, what was wrong with him? He looked like he was on drugs or something. But of course he's not on drugs! Mikoto thought. She new how people looked when they where on drugs, she had seen too many of those types in her life. Mikoto placed the leftovers at the kitchen table and walked over to Sasuke. His forehead was burning hot. She didn't think about the fact that Sasuke laid in the sunlight stripes on the floor, or that the boy was actually horny, but how could she know? Instead, she jumped to the conclusion that he might have a fever or something.

"Sasuke, are you alright, you seem very warm, maybe you have a fever?"

"Mmm… warm…… that's exactly what I am" Sasuke thought and looked at Itachi for a brief moment. Itachi could almost read Sasuke's mind and wanted to give him something very warm to play with, but his long gone thoughts were interrupted. Sasuke began to explain Mikoto that nothing really was wrong with him, but Itachi interrupted and said that Sasuke should take a rest, just in case.

Mikoto looked at her older son, she had always thought of him to be intelligent and caring, and she smiled at him and nodded. Mikoto looked at Sasuke and told him to take care of himself.

"Take care", Sasuke thought, he looked at Itachi and gave him a wicked smile. Itachi looked at Sasuke as he stood up, "take care"… he knew that Sasuke would misunderstand that and do exactly what his dick needed him to do, just like he would. Sasuke excused himself and left the table.

Itachi new that he couldn't leave just yet, it would seem to suspicious, so he waited until Fugaku had read the newspaper and asked him some questions about a new mission. When they were done talking, Itachi excused himself saying that he would go to his room.

"Can't you just pass by Sasuke's room to see if he's alright", Mikoto asked Itachi before he left.

"Sure, I'll just see if he's alright, no problem".

Itachi knew that Mikoto always had been very protective about his little brother, but he began to wonder if she knew about their secret relationship, and if she did, this phrase might be her way to make him understand that she was okay about it. He cut himself off, thinking about it. It was hopeless anyway. Itachi was very good at knowing people, but Mikoto had always been a mystery to him. He wouldn't overstrain his brain thinking about it. By the time he was done thinking about his mother, Itachi had reached the end of the hall. He stopped in front of Sasuke's door to knock on it.

"Sasuke? Can I come in for a second?"

"Hn?! Itachi? Is that you?"

"Yeah it's me, can I come in?"

"Mmm, just a second…"

"What are you doing Otouto? I'm coming in now."

"Wait! Just a..."

Itachi opened the door to find Sasuke masturbating under his duvet (the door doesn't have a lock).

"Oh! Otouto, are you sure that's a good idea? I mean kaasan and tousan are still in the house, they could easily come in here and…"

Itachi stopped himself; he closed the door behind him and looked at his Otouto. Itachi could see the wild lust in his Otouto's eyes. It was useless to teach him about manners in his stage, he knew that. Sasuke needed release and Itachi thought that he might as well give it to him. He wanted to.


Sasuke closed his eyes and kept stroking himself. He knew that Itachi might do or say something important soon, but at the moment, Sasuke couldn't give up on what he was doing. He wasn't threatened by his older brother's presence. He could easily cum while he was around. It wouldn't matter; Itachi had seen him doing it before, many times.

"I'm close; just give me a second, mmm! Then we can talk"


Itachi's voice filled Sasuke's mind and made him mewl a little.

Sasuke opened his eyes and gazed over Itachi's body. It was too good looking in that black, tight T-shirt. He felt like it was all Itachi's fault that he was so aroused, his Aniki was so mean.

Itachi walked closer too Sasuke's bed and bent over the tempting boy he was. He slid a hand down to Sasuke's busy one and whispered in a sexy way into his Otouto's ear:

"Need my help, Otouto?"

Sasuke moaned and tried to focus on what he was doing. He thought for a while, then he looked to his left side and managed to whisper a "Yes, Nii-san… Please". Sasuke spread his legs a bit and removed his hand from his painful erection. Itachi kissed his Otouto gently on the forehead and sank down onto his knees.

"Alright, I'll help you, but promise me to come into my room tonight"


Itachi lifted the duvet over Sasuke's stomach and took the throbbing cock between his pale hands.

Sasuke let out a small hiss at the contact, but settled down and closed his eyes. This was too good! He just loved his Aniki so much that he couldn't describe it. It was like Itachi always knew when Sasuke needed him and how.

While Sasuke was contently thinking about his brother, he started to pant heavily without even knowing it. Itachi had begun sucking, it was the most wonderful feeling Sasuke could imagine at the moment. Itachi was really skilled, that's what everyone said about his Aniki, but Sasuke thought that they just had no idea what they where talking about, this was skills!

Itachi stopped the sucking for a while, he felt like being watched, and he looked at the door.

Itachi was so chocked that he panicked for a while and just sat there, holding the gorgeous cock in his hands, but then remembered what he had been doing.

He wrapped the duvet down to cover Sasuke's pride and jumped up and rushed a hand over Sasuke's eyes. Itachi would do anything to try to protect his Otouto from this awkward situation, but he didn't know how to handle this at all! With frightened eyes he looked at the person in the door once again.

"SHIT, MOM!" was the only thing that went through his mind. Mikoto stood in the door. Her eyes was open wide, looking at them as if she had seen a ghost and her mouth was shut open in pure shock. She held at a bowl of cookies in one hand and had placed the other on the door with her fist in a tight grip.

"Nii-san?" Sasuke interrupted Itachi's panicked state of shock. "Nii-san… what're you doing?"

Seconds passed while Itachi and Mikoto looked at each other in chock until they were brought back to life by Sasuke…

"Nii-san! Get your hands off of me! Please! I need you to suck me again! This isn't funny anymore! ITACHI!"

Instinctively, Itachi turned his head to his little brother and panicked once again, his face was all red because of the embarrassment he had brought himself and his Otouto in, and Sasuke didn't even know it.

Mikoto was too shocked to do anything, she just stood there looking at Sasuke, Itachi, and the point where Sasuke's dick had just been and back again, over and over. She was totally shocked. She had no clue that her children where gay and TOGHETHER, IN BED! HAVING SEX! Well of course she hadn't seen them have sex together, but she wasn't that stupid that she couldn't figure out what that situation she had just seen would and had leaded to.

Itachi could only think of one way to make Mikoto walk away silently, he turned his head to look at her once again and with pleading eyes, begged her silently to go. She seemed to catch it and slowly walked backwards and closed the door.

Mikoto stood and thought for a bit. She was so shocked; that she didn't even knew what to do. She walked into the room on the other side of the hall, Itachi's room. She then sat down on the floor, up against the door and looked into the air in front of her. She placed the ball with cookies beside her without blinking.

She began to eat a cookie. She didn't think about the taste, the fact that she was even eating the cookie or why. She just needed something to rely on, and she was sure that she could rely on the cookie, for some reason. When she had calmed down a bit after the shock, she got up and collected herself a bit, petting her dress and her hair back to normal. She decided that she needed a rest and walked out of Itachi's room and headed for her and Fugaku's bedroom.

Sasuke seemed pissed so Itachi removed his hand from Sasuke's eyes and sat down beside him. He was totally shocked. Sasuke looked at Itachi. He was confused and began to kiss Itachi's neck a bit, but soon understood that something weird had just happened. "What's wrong, Nii-san?"

No answer.


"I…" Itachi started, but continued to be silent for a while. "I have to go to my room." He finished a while after.

"But, but nii-san, you can't just go like that."

Itachi walked over to the door.

"Hey, you can't just leave me like this… you were blowing me, remember?"

This is my first published fanfiction; I hope that you will like it. I know it took me far to long posting this, but I had to find out how it all worked. Thanks to my friend, MajselajseL (her name on deivantart), She helped me tjecking the fanfiction for flaws. Please comment if you feel like it.

What will Itachi do? Find out in the next chapter. Kakiity.