The watermelon show

Written by Kakiity.

Warning: This fanfiction contains; graphicscenes, shonen-ai, yaoi, lemon and adult scenes as well. If you don't like this please leave this fanfiction.

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Chapter 5:

Itachi looked at Sasuke. His eyes were glossy and his face expression told him that he didn't know how to handle the information just given to him.

Itachi walked over to Sasuke and placed a comforting hand on his cheek.

Itachi looked him in the eyes and a sight Sasuke hadn't seen for a very long time appeared before him. Itachi was crying. Not wiping, not breaking down; just silently spilling some good savoured tears that now flowed gently down his handsome face.

Sasuke pushed their bodies together in a tight hug, pulling Itachi closer every second and clinging to him as if they would end up dying if they got separated. Then he broke down and cried hard enough to get a headache. Itachi clenched the shaky boy into his chest as he closed his eyes and lowered his head onto Sasuke's shoulder. "Don't worry Sasuke… n-no matter what... I'll always be there… I love you..."

Sasuke raised his head to look into Itachi's dark eyes. His face was ruined with tears and snivel hanging in his nose. "Nii…. I"

Itachi rose to get Sasuke some paper for his nose. "Here."

Sasuke blew his nose and looked at his aniki. "Itachi… I love you…!"

Itachi found himself sinking into Sasuke's lips as he clenched his hands tightly around Sasuke's shoulders.

"Let's make love Sasuke." Itachi smiled his loving warm smile and Sasuke reached up his hands. Itachi opened his mouth in question but closed it and smiled as Sasuke caressed his face lovingly and pulled his head closer.

"Hold me." It came quivering from the sniffing boy and Itachi did so. The strong arms grope Sasuke's waist as their lips met. Sasuke's hands wandered forth and back on Itachi's back and drew circles on his spine.

Itachi licked Sasuke's lips and asked for entrance, which was welcomed by an eager tongue. They kissed for a few minutes while Itachi slowly began to feel his way around Sasuke's body. A tear landed on Sasuke nose and Itachi pulled his head back to look at Sasuke. They snickered and Sasuke began licking on Itachi's neck. Itachi moaned. That tongue, so soft and warm… and wet… It was Sweet as heaven. Itachi Chocked down a sniffle and slid his fingers determined and hard down Sasuke's inner thigh as he forced Sasuke's legs to open up to him.

"Mm-more…" Sasuke whined and blushed. Itachi looked up at his otouto. The tears we're still streaming down his face, but the teeth biting his lip, reminded him that Sasuke was just as much in need as he was.

"Sa-su-ke…" Itachi kissed him once again and began to rub their groins slowly together. The heat built up oh-so slowly and Sasuke started panting quietly.

Itachi's hands we're all over him now, feeling his body like a new and unknown one. Sasuke clenched his right fist around Itachi's neck and his left hand around Itachi's upper arm.

Their tongues battled for dear life and Itachi rubbed even harder.

"AH!... Hah!Hah!" Sasuke moaned and moved intensively with his older brother. Itachi had started panting, but moved away from his brother for a moment. Sasuke looked up at his brother. Itachi's cheeks we're still a bit wet. Sasuke moved over to his brother and placed his hands on his shoulders. He licked the salty tears away while he spilled some himself. Then he moved up and slowly sucked on Itachi's bottom lip and asked for entrance. Itachi allowed it and their tongues danced for a while. Then Sasuke pulled back and moved down from Itachi's lap. Itachi watched the boy as Sasuke took one of Itachi's hard nipples into his wet cavern and sucked it deeply into his mouth.

"Hahh…!" Itachi moaned and caressed Sasuke's back as the boy continued to lick and suck as good as he'd learned to do it.

"Stop!..." Sasuke turned his head toward Itachi. He wasn't surprised at all. He knew that Itachi needed him as much as he needed his brother right now, and therefore he looked up at him with anticipation and lust glowing strongly in his eyes. Itachi didn't say anything. He Attacked Sasuke's awaiting mouth and consumed his tongue with his insanely fast tongue, which he centred all his attention to at the moment. Sasuke groaned in lust and wrapped his legs tightly around Itachi's waist, as he was pushed backwards onto his back.

Sasuke rubbed his cock hard against Itachi's hard rubbing cock and their pre-cum mingled together in perfect unison as lubricant.

"FUCK!" Itachi groaned and gave Sasuke a dirty-lust filled look. "Ready…?"

"Ah! Yes!" Sasuke replied as he forced Itachi into another lust filled kiss.

Itachi placed his throbbing cock at Sasuke's entrance and buried it inside his beloved otouto as Sasuke screamed for more.

Itachi started trusting and they both panted heavily.

Sasuke clung to Itachi for dear life. It had been so long since they'd been together and now they finally were. Itachi trusted hard into his little brother. "Aah!" Small drops of sweat ran from Itachi's forehead and gathered at the tips of his hair before it fell down onto Sasuke's chest, neck and face.

"Mmm…!" Sasuke whined as Itachi pushed out of him.

Tears ran from Sasuke's cheeks as he ran a hand through Itachi's hair and moved it from his neck to his back, where he clenched it and dug his nail deep into the tender flesh. Itachi moaned and gave it a few more trusts.


'When did they ever have such emotional sex?' Itachi thought as he kissed his otouto and gave him a warm smile before trusting in.

"Ahh!" they both exhaled the air within them and found each other sharing the same face expression. Sadness and lust combined into this mixture of love.

"Itachi!" Sasuke groaned.

This was it. They we're both so hot and ready to come. Their face expression told each other everything. Begging eyes and open mouth, eyebrows drawn together in concentration and sweat running from their burning skin. And tears, tears that slowly gathered in their eye corners and fell upon their hair and faces.

"I-Itachi!.. I… I c-an't… no m-more!"

Itachi trusted harder. "I… k-now.."

"P-please! I n-nead to c-cum!"


The rhythm speed up as they both got ready to hit their final destination; heaven!

"Hah! Ni… I… ah! Hah..!"

"Ha… ha! Yes… ah! Know.."

Itachi moved his cock around until it hit. "AHH!" Finally… Sasuke's spot. He had found it, even in this lust filled state of mind.

From there on, Sasuke screamed his pleasure out whenever Itachi hit and spilled some pre cum inside him.

"Ah!" Itachi groaned feeling a tightening in his stomach. He was so close… but he wanted Sasuke to see stars first.

Itachi's hair rocked forth and back and hit Sasuke in his face. Their bodies moved together and it felt like heaven just being this close.

Itachi slammed with full force into Sasuke and then the poor boy came. "Ahhhh!"

As Sasuke shot his load all over the place, he did a movement that shook Itachi's body thoroughly. Itachi came with a massive cum shot and rode his orgasm out, into his brother.

Itachi fell down onto Sasuke. Somehow he managed to move away from the boy so he didn't crush him and then they both lay there panting on the cold kitchen floor. After a while Sasuke decided to move closer to Itachi.

"Sasuke… we'll get horny again if you lie on top of me…"

"I know… but the floor is so cold and you… you're so warm…!" Sasuke caressed Itachi's chest and stomach with his face and smiled contently. Itachi looked lovingly at his otouto-chan.

"I love you."

Sasuke moved his face up to look at Itachi. "I know."

They exchanged glances and Sasuke then turned his face back to lie on Itachi's stomach and they both closed their eyes and relaxed.

After some time Itachi, who was almost falling asleep began to feel cold. "Sasuke let's move into the bed." Sasuke turned his face to Itachi. His sleepy expression told Itachi everything, but then Sasuke opened his mouth.

"Yeah we both need it…" Itachi was surprised that Sasuke teased him even when he was almost falling asleep, but he was right… Itachi did feel how his dick was slowly hardening…

Itachi moved Sasuke away from him and Sasuke whined a little. Itachi smirked, got up on his feet and collected Sasuke. The boy was hanging motionlessly over Itachi's right shoulder, swaying slightly when the older raven moved. Itachi took him to Sasuke's room where he placed his brother on the bed. Itachi turned around and headed for the door. "Don't leave me nii-san…!" Sasuke was reaching out for him without as much as opening his eyes.

'poor boy' Itachi thought as he looked at his exhausted little brother. "I'll be back in a second."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to my room to get my duvet and my pillow." Sasuke seemed content with that answer and settled down under his own duvet.

When Itachi returned to Sasuke's room, his little brother was already asleep. He smiled knowing that they would be having a good night sleep and moved over to the bed. He sat down beside Sasuke. Sasuke looked so beautiful when he slept like that. Itachi couldn't help himself from placing a kiss on Sasuke's forehead. Then he lay down and soon he was asleep.

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