The Twin Voices

A Horton Hears a Who Jojo fan fiction

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Horton Hears a Who or any of its characters. However I do own Noctus.

Chapter 1


It was a dark and quiet night. The town of Whoville looked so peaceful down from where the teenage who was standing, on the tall hill in front of what appeared to be an abandoned decrepit observatory. He decided this town was where he'd stop and settle, "at least for now" he thought to himself. He took his few possessions (a small bag with 2 changes of clothes, and his guitar with amp) with him and headed down to the peaceful place.

Opening Number/ Story Begins

Jojo awoke groggily to the mess of giggles and high pitched voices running past his room down the stairs to breakfast. "Sisters…." Jojo thought to himself as he got up. He got up, washed and proceeded to head downstairs.

At the doorway to the dining room Jojo was met with a flurry of "Hi Jojo'" and "Good morning Jojo" from most of his younger sisters. Jojo greeted them with a single nod. He hopped into his usual seat at the winding table slouched and glum like he was every morning at breakfast. He looked to his right, and there was the source of his morning gloom, his dad. Jojo loved his dad very much, its just that Jojo knew his dad did not understand him and never failed to berate him with the "Joys of being Mayor" speech every morning during his twelve seconds every day for as long as he could remember. "Swoosh" and his chair moved closer to the right. He had thought he had gotten some higher level of understanding from his dad after the Horton incident, but apparently not. It's been four months since then and things had reverted back to normal, for the most part. In his house it's like he never saved the world and CLEARLY expressed his love for music with the mighty Symphonophone and his vocal solo. "Swoosh" Jojo moved even closer. That day was the first time he had spoken in at least five years and he was never much of a talker. He had since gone mute again. Why should he speak if there is no one to listen after all?

"Swoosh" Jojo was dreading the next swoosh as usual. He turned his chair around in his futile attempt to disappear from his parents.


"Jojo!" happily exclaimed his father, he turned the chair around. Jojo gave him the same bored moody look he did every morning but Ned, as usual, took no notice.

"What's shakin' Jdawg? What's the wooord? Ned said as he flashed a G-sign. Jojo rolled his eyes at his dad's attempt at "cool" slang. "Jojo being a mayor is the greatest"...blah blah blah.

"C'mon twelve seconds my butt…." Thought Jojo "Ding!" the bell went off and Jojo hopped off his chair and proceeded to exit the room.

"Hey Jojo! Wait son!" called his father from the table. His father made to follow him but was blocked by the next girl and ceased pursuit. Jojo walked maybe even gloomier through the hall of the greats. "Oh dad… if only you could understand…" he thought sadly. He thought it was perfectly clear that he did not want to be Mayor. He went through a door that led to another hallway and ultimately to another and another until he reached the front foyer and stepped out the door harboring sorrow, and loneliness.

Jojo enjoyed the cool September morning air. He would have to start his sophomore year at Whoville High tomorrow, so he might as well try to enjoy his last free morning while it lasted. Jojo noticed how early in the cloudy morning everything looked like it was bathed in shades of grey. He loved it, it was if the day was showing him sympathy and he found the effect quite beautiful. "Pretty" Jojo thought to himself as he continued on to the town square.

Being still 6:30-7:00 AM, the square was still pretty much quiet and empty. Jojo liked it better this way, he was never really fond being in the center of large crowds. Still, he looked to continue his morning walk alone. So he set off for the alley on the opposite side of the square. Before the observatory and the Symphonophone, this alley is where he came to find peace and serenity as a child. He would have gone to the observatory, but he wanted to get fresh air today. Jojo continued down the descending alley, lost in his thoughts. "Cough"

Jojo whipped around startled, towards the source of the cough. There it was, sitting against a depression in the alley wall. A young Who not much older than himself. He looked quite similar to Jojo; He had shaggy layered jet black hair a bit longer than his own, black and charcoal (instead of grey) colored fur on his body, and he had very pale cream colored fur on his face and hands but it looked white on this colorless morning. However unlike Jojo, he was a little taller. He was also more of a physically stronger looking who than Jojo was, although still somewhat scrawny. The difference that really stood out though was his eyes. Unlike Jojo's which were auburn, this who had very, very fair irises, upon closer inspection, they were white! The mysterious Who was listening to his Whophone's music while doing something else with it. He must have noticed Jojo looking at him because he looked up and they're eyes met for a moment then the other who looked backed down and texted something on his phone. He then held it up to Jojo, "Am I in your spot?" read the phone.

Jojo shook his head,

"I wonder why he didn't just ask me…Maybe he's mute or something." Well, if this was how the who wanted to communicate he punched in his own phone number on the who's phone. The who gave a very slight smile as a thanks then went back to his phone. After a moment Jojo's phone vibrated in his pocket. He pulled it out and sat down on the depression opposite to the other Who. The text read, "Thanks this is much easier than holding my phone up 2 u. And I know u must think this is weird and if that's the case, get over it. I apologize if u wanted 2 B alone here in silence, but I just got to Whoville and this spot seemed nice to hang in." Jojo eyed the text then the Who, and proceeded to write back.

"Its fine it is quiet cuz u don't speak. Yea this is weird but interesting, how come u don't speak?" The other Who wrote,

"I don't speak because I choose not to. And quite frankly that's none of ur business, I didn't ask u did I? …What's ur name dude?" Jojo read the message over.

"Sorry, ur right that was messed up. My name's Jojo and how did u know that I don't speak either?" The mysterious who gave him a cocky sort of look before writing,

"Are u kidding? I'd know that look on ur face anywhere. I don't care y u don't speak so don't tell me if u don't want to. Jojo is it? Cool name, I'm Noctus. It's a self bestowed upon name but u can call me Nox 4 short. Well it was cool to meet u but I gotta go register for school. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other there. ttyl dude" Nox stood up and gave Jojo a curt nod and then left.