Chapter X

The Twin Voices

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Part X

So after the whos impressive exit out the window, they continued down the road towards Whoville High. The morning was quite nice today the sky was nice and overcast so it sort of made everything look gray much like the day the duo met.

"I wonder what we missed out on yesterday." Nox voiced out breaking the silence.

"I dunno, but I don't think it'll catch up to us. I bet it was just a bunch of "let's get familiar with each other" stuff."

"Eh, true I guess so where did we agree to meet up again? The fountain right?"

Jojo nodded but kept shut as he was currently going over the events of the first day of school. He had gotten into a fist fight with Trevor and he was wondering what the ramifications of that would be. "Probably more ass kicking's…" Jojo though somewhat defeated.


The two teens turned around somewhat alarmed at the very loud exclamation. Nox had no clue what the hell that was about but Jojo on the other hand was all too familiar with it.

"Crap! Fan girls… C'mon Nox we gotta jet now!" said Jojo as he grabbed the other who by the wrist and pulled him along.

"JOJO!!! WAIT!! WE LOVE YOU!!!" The mob of fan girls cried as they chased the two teens down the road to the school.

"Friends of yours?" Nox uttered sarcastically as he was dragged along by the arm.

"Yeah right, those are the crazy fan girls. They just won't leave me alone!" The small who answered as he ran as quickly as possible to the small degree of safety the school offered.

"They're just girls that like you… why are you flipping out?"

Jojo let out a laugh and said, "Once I said hi to them and they squealed and ripped my shirt to shreds." Then he darkly added, "They all got a piece. I ran away before they could get my pants too."

Nox was laughing his head off at the story Jojo had just told him. The small who let out a breath of relief as he saw the school up ahead. Finally the teens reached the school and managed to elude the fan girls. The two boys went to their lockers on the second floor where the fan girls really wouldn't think to look next. "Alright, there anything else you gotta do before class starts?" Jojo shook his head and then grabbed his English book. "Good cuz we're running a little late." Nox finished as he grabbed his Whostery book and bagged it. "Till break then?"

"Yup, see you later." Jojo said and then they parted ways and headed to their homeroom classes.

Nox and Mandy were having a fun time "text" chatting in their homeroom whilst having trouble paying attention to the less than interesting lesson the teacher was giving.

"Noctus!" Ms. Lauriello called up to the back row, "Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class?" Nox shook his head quickly. "Then I suggest you place your attention at the board, you too missy." Mandy flashed a sheepish grin before looking at the front of the class. The rest of the period went without incident as they learned about some incident that happened many years ago.

Jojo's homeroom wasn't as pleasant however. While Trevor had not yet returned to school, his two buddies were there to take over the daily pestering that Trevor usually bestowed upon Jojo.

"Hey midget, you're gonna get it as soon as Trev comes back you know that?" Roy teased as he tossed a wrinkled up paper ball at the back of Jojo's head.

"Yeah, and we're gonna help too, even your little freaky friend won't be able to stop the three of us." Jerry taunted as he tossed his own paper ball. The small who simply ignored them as he really didn't want any more trouble. He was pretty sure that they wouldn't do anything without their leader present. Plus he was pretty sure that if Nox could kick their butts once, he could do it again without difficulty. So his friend was safe. The rest of class they uttered various taunts but Jojo just ignored them all till the bell rang. Science class for Jojo was more pleasant, Mandy was in it and since they had paired up as partners, the fan girls in there left him alone. Jojo somewhat enjoyed science class but not so much the biology aspects of it, thankfully they saved most of those lessons for further into the semester. Nox on the other hand was "head-desking" in his Algebra class. The teacher was uber monotonous and extremely boring. Math was never something that interested him but he knew he had to just suck it up and get it over with. Today was easy; the teacher was still more or less quizzing the class to see how much they already knew.

"Noctus, can you tell me what pi stands for?" Nox looked up at the teacher bearing an "Are you serious?" expression and walked up to the chalkboard. He wrote "3.14" but otherwise kept shut as he walked back to his seat at the rear of the class. He got a few funny looks from the students. "Are you feeling alright Noctus?" the teacher asked him, obviously from his unusual form of answering the question. He nodded and the teacher left him alone. The class went on with the most exciting part just over Nox was glad to hear the bell ring thirty minutes later.

True to their earlier arrangement, the three whos made their way to the main quad's fountain for their fifteen minute break. This was no easy task as the halls of the school were packed with students either trying to get to their lockers or trying to get a snack. After the tread through the sea of students Nox found himself at the fountain with Jojo and Mandy waiting for him.

"So how were your classes' guys?" Nox asked his friends. Jojo gave a thumbs down indicating they sucked.

"Well you know about homeroom, you were in it. As for second period, that was ok. What about you?"

"Second period Sucks, my instructor is so boring. And Ms. Lauriello always seems to catch the students who aren't paying atten…" Nox noticed an underclassman staring wide eyed at Nox. Probably because he was using his death voice, the silent staring went on for a few more seconds before Nox uttered, "Boo…" The freshman fell of his seat on the fountain and scampered away. The Who gave an almost unintelligible laugh before he continuing talking to his friends. Ten minutes later the bell rang and they hastened to their next class.

Third period was if nothing, at least mildly interesting for Jojo, seeing as language was something that captured his attention. He didn't really care why this was, but if he had to guess it would probably be dude to that fact that he hardly ever verbally communicated with anyone. The language in question here was Whopanese, and as Jojo soon found out it was going to be a long semester.

Nox was now in English class and he was somewhat enjoying the more enthusiastic teacher. They were starting off by reviewing the parts of a sentence and he was very good with the exercises. He figured it was quite ironic that he excelled in Language arts yet he hardly ever spoke a word out of his very small circle of those he could consider friends. Then out of nowhere a paper wad hit him behind the head. He whipped his head around to locate the dumb idiot ballsy enough to start trouble with him… He saw no one, "Cowards…" he said under his breath. He unrolled the paper wad and it said, "As soon as Trevor gets back you're dead meat Goth freak." Nox paid this threat no mind and went back to his work.

When the bell rang for the end of third period Nox and Jojo met up back at their lockers.

"How was class?" Jojo inquired unenthusiastically.

"Ok, except some jerk tossed a paper wad at my head. It said that I was gonna be screwed when Trev come back." Replied the other Who nonchalantly.

"Really? That sucks…"

"Not a big deal, I kicked his butt once and I can do it again." Jojo said nothing but got his book as Nox began to head to fourth.

"later then." Nox replied with a thumbs up he threw behind him as he left.

The teens' Science and Algebra classes went without incident, which was a nice change they figured and the much awaited lunch break was upon them.

Jojo quickly dropped off his books and headed down to the cafeteria. Unfortunately when the small Who got in line he noticed they were serving the same crud as two days ago. "Screw this." He headed off to a less noisy section of the dining room in the back.

Meanwhile, Nox was trying to navigate the crowded halls of Whoville High when he succumbed to his impatience and decided to walk the long way around. He was making his way behind the bleachers of the who ball field when he was stopped by some gigantic form.

"Hey there… I hear you were the one who put Trevor in the hospital." Said the very tall and broad who in a Scandinavian accent. "Firstly, I must thank you as he was the biggest pukari* in the yard. Now it is my turn… So, here you go…" Nox did not expect the short introduction to be followed by a strong punch in his stomach. The short who doubled over, vomited and was sequentially kneed in the face. "Name's Bazie, how'd you like that?" Nox's surprise wore off now and was naturally replaced with anger. The dark who kicked himself to his feet and readied himself. "Ah so I go again kyllä*?" Bazie taunted as he charged at Nox. The latter reacted quickly and used Bazie's momentum against him as he grabbed the outstretched fist and swung him over. The large boy crashed down on the bench in the dugout and Nox followed landing feet first on Bazie's chest. The bully grunted in pain and was quieted by a swift punch to the nose bridge. "Why did you assault me!!!" Nox bellowed at the Scandinavian in an unwhoish voice. Bazie glared at Nox before saying, "Because you are too weird and unusual, and I cannot stand that." Nox growled and threw him back to the floor. "I'm sorry, I underestimated you. However, I may defeat you next time, till then." Bazie rose and vacated the area.

"Bastard…" the other who uttered under his breath as He picked up his book bag and left to join the others. Deep in thought as an odd inspiration had nestled itself in his being.

Later the afternoon…

"What took ya?" Mandy asked Nox somewhat bubbly.

"I hit some serious traffic in the halls." Mandy nodded and looked to Jojo who was doodling in a notebook.

"Whatcha got there?" The girl asked Jojo trying to comprehend the writing on the paper. Jojo shrugged, his standard answer to those questions he couldn't answer with a nod or shake. He held up the notebook before Mandy so she could see. "Ah cool, sheet music. What's it for?" she chuckled a little and said, "oh wait never mind, I guess I'll find out later huh?" the boy nodded with a slight smile.

"What are they serving us today?" Nox asked

"Crap, same as usual" Mandy answered.

"Oh, I guess its' just as well, I'm not very hungry anyway."

"So what do you guys have next period? I have English next and then I go out with music class."

"Nice, the three of us have the same sixth period. Jojo and I also have the misfortune of attending Gym next."

"Ooh, tough break. I had that class third and the coach is super strict. You'd think he had a thirty-nine and half foot pole shoved right up his…" RING!!! The bell sounded and the trio got up and said goodbye to each other for now.

On their way to the Gymnasium a scrawny looking Who boy ran up to the duo.

"Hey guys! You're the two that beat the daylights out of Trevor and his friends right?" Nox nodded in reply. "Awesome! Well me and a bunch of people are throwing a party this Friday. You guys should totally come over. Here an invite, I hope to see you guys there."

Jojo and Nox watched the boy leave, "odd…" He looked and Jojo and said, "Shall we think on it?" He nodded. And with that they continued up the steps to the Gym.


* "Kylla" means "yes" in Finnish.

* "Pukari" means "bully" in Finnish.

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