Chapter 28- Epilogue

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Bella's POV

200 years later.

Today it's been 200 years since Charlie's funeral. We're back in Forks for a couple of years before we leave again for Rochester.

We come back to Forks for a week this time each year. We visit Charlie's grave as often as we can. The Volturi replace Charlie's headstone whenever it's necessary which is lovely. They visit us often as well as us visit them.

Jake and Rensemee are still going strong. They're now parents which was a big shock. Quarter wolf, half human and quarter vampire. They have two boys and two girls. All twins. The boys, Charlie Edward Black and Billy Carlisle Black are 160. They take after Jacob and are more wolf then anything else. They themselves are married and their wives are vampires.

The girls, Renee Esme Black and Julie Isabella Black are more vampire then anything else. They are 150. They're married to a couple of nomads that we came across about 70 years ago.

Carlisle and Esme are still as much in love as they were when I first met them. Emmett and Rose are still the same but have adopted a little girl, Natalie 4 years ago. She's gorgeous.

Edward and Alice are still together. They joined the Volutri on a voluntary basis and only go on a couple of missions. They're not an exclusive member of the guard. Jasper and I are great, we're so happy with each other. We've gotten married another 6 times, and managed to complete our first honeymoon a couple of moths after Charlie died.

Angela and Ben are the perfect couple. They took to our lifestyle well and are now professors of English, Medicine and Anthropology. They do everything together and the perfect couple like I always thought they were.

We all live together occasionally. Other times we live apart only as couples but we all live close enough that we see each other every day and go on days out either hunting, shopping, or just doing whatever we want to do.

Holiday's for us all are perfect. Isle Esme is used as often as everything else. We go there 3 times a year and it's also used for honeymoon's. The Volturi also use it whenever they fancy a change of scenery which isn't very often.

We keep in touch with all the covens that helped us with Renesmee when she was first born. We have a reunion with them every 50 years or so at the Forks house.

We have all gone to school a million times, went to college 40 times and I now have degrees in Psychology, Sociology, Forensic Science, Medicine, Architecture, Business, Childcare, Teaching, Art, Maths, History, Italian, French, Spanish, English, and so many more. I have 50 books published. All under different names. They're mostly romance books or fantasy books, which have vampires and werewolves in it. I also wrote my story. It was an international best-seller. All my books have been made into films, which is great. Living forever is great. I'm so happy.

The Cullen Free Hospital worked out really well that we have built hospitals all over the world. The Volturi still being our sponsors and they even changed their feeding habits and are even doctors and the hospitals in Italy, while nothing exciting is happening throughout the vampire world.

We got into some trouble about 100 years ago with Maria. She wanted Jasper back. Lets just say that Alice saw it a couple of weeks before it happened, and managed to get the Volturi here before it happened and now she's dust. Literally. The vampire wars in the south are completely over and life altogether is quiet. It's been a busy forever so far, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

I miss Charlie so much, and visit him as often as I can. Carlisle and Esme are just as much as my parents as Renee and Charlie ever were. They're great and I'm happy that they will be around forever just like me. I have a family. I have sisters, brothers, a daughter, a son and grandchildren.

Life is great. What did I get out of eternity?

Well I got A New Love, and A New Life.

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