I ran through the stone hallways, under marble arches, past priceless awe-striking tapestries, feeling nothing. I ran for one reason: Renesmee. I could see her beautiful face, her eyes so like mine and Charlie's, her long bronze ringlets just likeā€¦

STOP!, my brain commanded me. I couldn't afford to think about him right now. I had to focus on getting away. Getting home, back to Renesmee. Her face in my mind alone kept me moving forward.

I found myself in the Dungeon of the horrid place, and considered the irony. Trapped prisoner of the ancient royals, only to be set free at their death.

There was a vicious laugh behind me, and I turned to find the Guard had cornered me. They closed in, all with hate in there eyes and evil in there sneers. And I found that I didn't care.

Renesmee's face flashed through my mind again and I could hear my promise I had made to her to come home. But I knew I needn't worry about her. She had Jake and her family. She would be safe.

The last few months passed through my mind, the pain, the loss, the numbness I had felt for much too long. The thought of being set free sent a spark of emotion through my veins that I hadn't felt for so long; happiness. I let one last agonizingly painful thought drift through my mind.

I love you, Edward.

I smiled, coaxing them forward, and waited for death to encase me.