Summary: Heading to Chicago for the summer Julie didn't expect to fall in love, but Dean was hoping she would. The problem is she might be falling for the wrong Portman.

Author's Note: I stumbled onto this idea the other day. It's not going to take away from the littles, because nothing ever could, but I just couldn't help writing it! I hope you guys like it.

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Chapter 1

"I don't see why I can't go!" Julie said. Her mother sighed and looked at her.

"You're seriously asking me why you can't spend a whole summer by yourself in Chicago?" Mary Gaffney asked.

"I wouldn't be by myself," Julie insisted. "I'd be in a dorm, same as at school."

"Not the same as at school," Mary shook her head. "At school you're supervised, with other people your own age, not running amock in a college dorm with a bunch of older kids. You're only sixteen Julie!"

"Mom, this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity," Julie insisted. "I mean, you've always said that my music should be top priority, you're the one who put a violin in my hand when I was six!"

"I think Julie can handle it," her father said. Julie smiled. Mary glared at him. "Mar, she's choosing the violin over hockey, you're already getting what you want." Julie laughed.

"I'm not comfortable with the living arrangement," Mary said. Julie groaned.

"Well," Peter said thinking, "Julie doesn't one of you friends live in Chicago?"

"Yeah," Julie sighed. But she doubted her mother would be thrilled about that living arrangement either. But it beat not going at all. "Dean Portman's from Chicago. You've met his parents."

"Do you think you could stay there?" He tried. Julie nodded. She knew she could, when she'd gotten into the program at Northwestern Portman had practically exploded from excitement talking about all the fun they would have while she was in his city. That's what he'd called it, "his city." "What do you think Mary?" Her mother sighed as Julie looked at her hopefully.

"If it's alright with his parents, I guess," Mary said. "I am proud of you sweetheart." Julie smiled.

"I know," Julie said, "it's going to be so amazing, thank you Mommy!" She hugged her and ran upstairs to make the necessary phone call.

Two weeks later Julie smiled walking out of the airport. Portman was standing casually, a little too casually, against a car. He had been looking eagerly for her but once he saw her walk out the doors, he immediately slouched back, his old white tee shirt wrinkling as he shrugged off his leather jacket so that she would see his arms. She walked over shaking her head.

"What's new Cat?" He said taking a long drag.

"Seriously?" She raised her eyebrows. "The Fonz called, he wants his wardrobe back." He snorted.

"Good to see you too," he hugged her. "Get in, this is going to be good." She laughed and climbed into the car and they started driving. "So what is this thing exactly?"

"Midwestern student's orchestra," she said. "I kind of cheated, because I could apply to both this one and the east coast one, since you know I go to school in Midwest territory and live in east coast territory. But I only got in here."

"Sure," he said. "OK, so are you sure about this whole my house thing?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" She shrugged. "Besides it was the only way I could come at all."

"Yeah," he said, "and my mom's thrilled, trust me, first of all because it's you and you're 'a good influence' or something," Julie laughed, "and also because you're a girl, and the poor woman gave birth to six boys."

"Right," Julie nodded, she hadn't thought about Dean's five brothers. "I hope I'm not putting anyone out."

"You are but don't worry," he said. "Just me and Joey." She looked at him confused. "Joey's my older brother, you're in his room and he's bunking with me now. It's not a big deal. We used to share a room until our oldest brother Chuck moved out." Julie nodded.

"How old is Joey?" She asked.

"Eighteen," Dean said. "He just graduated, got a job. He's never around anyway, except to sleep."

"Oh," Julie said. They drove quietly for a while and he pulled in front of a house where two smaller boys were sitting out front. They looked like smaller versions of Dean, Dean as she'd first known him that summer in LA.

"That's Trey and Fisher," he said. Julie nodded. "My parents got pregnant hoping for one girl instead they got those two."

"Dean!" One of the twins shouted as they got out. "Mom said we can't go until we help her move her stuff in."

"So help then," Dean shrugged taking a suitcase out and handing it to him, "not a hard one there Fish." Fisher mumbled something and walked into the house.

"I can get it," Julie said.

"Dude, seriously, get used to it," the other twin, Trey, shrugged, "Mom basically told us that you don't have to do anything, cuz you're the guest." He took her other suitcase and headed inside.

"They seem," she looked for a word.

"They are," Dean grinned broadly. "Mom and Dad are working, but I'll show you where your room is. They walked in. The house had well worn homey feel to it. It was really neat, but it seemed unnatural that it was, since the twins had already left stuff on the floor and Dean just threw his jacket on the couch. "You're in here." He pointed to the door. She opened it, the room was small, but immaculately clean and the twins had already dumped the two suitcases on the floor. "Mom made Joey take all his shit down, so you can like hang girly stuff or whatever."

"Thanks," she said. He leaned against the door frame. "Um where's the bathroom? I want to shower."

"Right, yeah," he said, "down the hall, there should be like towels and stuff in the closet." She nodded. He hugged her again. "I'm glad you're here."

"Me too," she said. He smiled and walked out of the room. She looked around a little more. She noticed the faded spots of paint on the wall where Joey must have had posters. She did feel pretty bad that he was kicked out of his room for her. She stripped her tee shirt and jeans off and then her white panties and plain bra. She pulled a clean and fluffy white towel from the closet and wrapped it around herself. She walked into the bathroom and started the water she pulled the shower curtain closed climbing in. The water felt warm and perfect washing the day off of her. She lost track of time washing her face and hair and was shocked back to reality when the door opened. She jumped and came just short of shrieking.

"Seriously?" The a male voice groaned, "Jeez Dean, you've been in here for like an hour, I know your girlfriend or whatever's coming but," he pulled the curtain and Julie jumped, pulling it back as quick as she could. "You're not Dean."

"No," she said, "I'm Julie."

"Right," he said. "Um, sorry, I'll just," he pointed, but she could see the grin on his face. "I'm Joey, by the way."

"Yeah," she said, "I figured, thanks for the room."

"No problem," he winked and walked back out closed the door. Julie immediately turned the water off and wrapped herself up in the towel and headed back towards the bedroom.

Joey walked into his and Dean's room and flopped on the bed that had been set up.

"You're home before sundown?" Dean teased. Joey laughed.

"Saw your girlfriend," Joey said. "If I'd know she was that hot I would have stayed in my room." Dean clenched his fist.

"Julie's not my girlfriend," he managed to mumble.

"Yeah?" Joey said. "Cool, whatever." Dean saw him working out a time table in his head. Julie was here for three months, which meant he could only afford two weeks to get her to be into him.

"You're not her type," Dean said. Joey snickered. "Seriously man, she's into guys from our school, you know with trust funds and who wear Dockers and row boats."

"Hm," Joey said, "have any of them seen her naked already?"

"Um," Dean said. He wasn't sure Julie was a virgin, but given that she'd given Scooter Vanderbilt a black eye when he tried to put his hand up her skirt, he had a feeling she was. "Don't think so." Joey smirked. "You shouldn't talk about her like that."

"Stake a claim little brother," Joey stood up, "that's all I'm saying. You coming out tonight?"

"If Julie feels like it," he shrugged. "It's her first night here so,"

"If Julie feels like what?" Julie appeared in the doorway. She just had another pair of jeans on and now blue polo shirt.

"Nice clothes," Joey said. Julie rolled her eyes. "We usually head out to this hill, just to hang out with some people."

"It's really just Joey's friends getting high and drunk," Dean said. Julie nodded.

"So when are we leaving?" She smiled.

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