A/N: Just a little one-shot about Adrian and Ricky's wedding.

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I Definitely Do

Adrian sat there as Grace played with her hair, twisting it, pulling it, teasing it, just trying to get it the way it was a few nights ago. Grace caught a strand that slipped from her grasp and pinned it back with a crystal flower hair pin that her mother had in her wedding to her late father.

"Almost…done…and…There!" Grace shouted in triumph, stepping back to check out her handy work.

"Wow, Grace. You really out did your-self." Adrian was stunned as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her shadowed curls were sitting in what seemed like a messy bun atop her head. Her side bangs pinned to the side with more flower pins, a few pieces of hair fell and, not to be full of her-self, she looked drop dead-

"Gorgeous." Cindy Lee- Enriquez breathed when she walked into the room with Adrian's wedding dress in her arms. "You are simply gorgeous, Adrian." Adrian smiled, knowing from her mother, more than anyone else, that it was genuine.

"Thanks Mom." Adrian whispered. Grace and Cindy helped Adrian with her make-up and putting on her dress. Both stood on either side of her, both holding onto an arm and squealing with glee.

Adrian was in a strapless ivory A-line taffeta gown. It had a ruched bodice with beautiful intricate beading along the ribcage, giving her a sparkling look. A chapel length train and lace up back topped the beautiful gown.

Tears slipped out of the women's eyes as they watched Adrian follow the pattern of beads with her finger tip. A knock at the door and the creak of it made all three females whip their heads around. Rueben Enriquez peaked his head in and saw that she was dressed and moved his body the rest of the way in to show her baby sister, Avery, on his hip. Cindy rushed over to him, took Avery and settled her on her hip.

"We're ready." Rueben told them. Grace and Cindy nodded and left, looking back to catch Rueben looking at his oldest daughter.

"You look so beautiful, Adrian. You really do."

"I'm so nervous." Adrian confessed to her father. He chuckled.

"It's okay to be nervous. Ricky is a wreak."

"Really?" Adrian rarely got to see Ricky nervous and hoped she could see it. As if reading her mind, he smirked.

"I got pictures, as did Ben and every other person who thinks it's funny to see him lose his cool." She nodded and grabbed her flowers and father and daughter went out the wide door way.

The music started up, cuing her time to go and the guests to rise to their feet. Double doors of the church opened and Adrian saw everything. Grace and Jack were the maid of honor and best man, than a friend from school and Ben and the flower girl was Avery and the ring boy was John.

At the very end of the rolled out carpet, was Ricky, her high school fling, or more commonly, her sex buddy. Standing there in handsome tux, wearing a grin when he saw her. Her father walked her down the isle, kissed her cheek, and shook Ricky's hand.

Ricky took Adrian's hands in his own, and waited for the priest to start.

"Who gives this woman to this man?" Reuben jumped from his seat.

"I do."

The End