Gregor and the Prophecy of Betrayal by: AnnabethandPercy4Ever

Rating: T
(Violence and "Suggestive Themes" and Some Language and Teen Angst)

Chapter Uno

"Luxa!" Gregor mumbled. "Luxa!" He was tossing and turning in his room, trying to sleep. "Luxa!" He thought he heard a rustle of something in his doorway, so he bolted upright and hit his head on his headboard, which caused quite a noise. "Ow... Luxa?" He peered around in the semidarkness. "Oh, yeah. I'm in New York. Right." He punched his pillow, and then laid back down. "Luxa..." He looked out his window, at the cars honking at each other in the early morning duskiness. "Luxa..." Footsteps. Was it Luxa? Gregor sat up again and pulled his blanket over his smiley face boxers. Luxa wouldn't want to see that. Or would she?

"Gregor honey? Are you awake?" His mom, Grace, walked over to Gregor and smoothed his hair from his forehead. "I heard a thunk in here, so I decided that I'd see if you were okay." She started rubbing the purple scar on her cheek.

"Mom, were you awake?" Gregor asked blearily.

"It's nearly eight." Gregor looked out the window again. It wasn't nearly light enough to be 8:00 AM! "At night."

"I've been sleeping this entire time?!" It was the second day back from the Underland, and they had all gotten to bed late. But Gregor had been sleeping for nearly twenty-two hours! His stomach growled menacingly. "I'm hungry."

His mom ruffled his hair. "I bet you are. Mrs. Cormaci stayed late tonight. Want some pot roast?"

"Yeah. Be there in a sec." His mom smiled at him, which made the purple scar on her cheek bend. Then she steadied herself against a wall and hobbled out. Gregor shook his head after she was gone. His mom was so weak- a shadow of her former self. Whenever Gregor looked at her, he felt it was his fault that she was still not very healthy.

He threw on a shirt and some shorts and padded into the kitchen for "breakfast."

"Goodnight," Lizzie laughed as he walked past. He ruffled her hair.

"Yeah, whatever. Maybe people are supposed to sleep at night, Liz."

He sat down at the table and Mrs. Cormaci smiled at him. "Hello, mister. You slept in for awhile, now didn't you?" She dug in the fridge until she found the pot roast, which she, in turn, put in the microwave. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." Gregor could tell that he said it too quickly.

Mrs. Cormaci's eyes narrowed. "You're not thinking about going down there again, are you?"

"No! Why would I- Why would- Why-"

"You are not going down there! You almost got yourself killed dozens of times! You look like a scratching post right now! The Underland is too dangerous for you!"

Gregor's temper flared. "Yeah? How would you know?! You've never been down there! You don't know them! They need my help! The Underlanders need me! In fact, I'm going now! I'm going to go back down right-"

DING! "No, you're not. Now eat." A plate was shoved in front of Gregor's face.

Gregor's dad walked into the room. "Is everything alright? I heard yelling."

"He's just tired. Don't worry." Mrs. Cormaci smiled at his dad.

"Okay. Careful, Gregor. Don't go yelling at everyone."

"I won't, Dad. I lost control," Gregor said miserably between mouthfuls of food.

"Don't lose control," Mrs. Cormaci said firmly.

"Gregor, go to bed. It's three in the morning." Grace seemed barely conscious.

"No, Mom! I'm not tired! I just got up at eight last night, remember? I'm wide awake!"

"Gregor. Your mutterings are waking us all up. Go. To. Bed." She gave a huge yawn.

"Fine. Good night." Gregor didn't want his mom to strain herself.

"Night." She left his room.

Gregor looked at his dilapidated ceiling. It looked like it was about to cave in. Suddenly, his temper flared again. It wasn't fair for his family to have all the problems! They were poor! Both of his parents were sick! His sister was very fragile and was prone to panic attacks! His other sister went around talking to bugs and undesirable creatures and told outlandish stories about things that weren't supposed to exist! He himself had an uncontrollable killing sense that came up whenever-

"Like now," Gregor whispered to himself. It was true. He felt the familiar buzzing. To take out his anger, snarled quietly and threw his pillow at his closet. He still wasn't satisfied. "I need to get out of here!" He crept into the kitchen.

A voice came from outside their apartment door. From the hallway. "-and kill the creatures down there!" What?

"How do you know they even exist, Cormaci?" The second voice he heard had a slight Italian accent. "Have you ever been to the Belowland?"

"Underland." Gregor's heart rose into his throat. There was no mistaking Mrs. Cormaci's voice. "It's full of terrible bloodthirsty animals that want to invade this here Overland." What was she saying?! "They need to be extinguished, along with all of the uncivilized humans down there." Luxa! He needed to warn her! "Send your boys down to my laundry room. We'll end the Underland once and for all."

"I still don't believe you. Why do you even want to get rid of them?"

"It's for the good of the world, Mr. Di Rocco. You'll believe me once you see what's down there."

"Should my boys bring weapons?"

"Yes! Have all of them bring every single weapon they own!"

Gregor sidled away from the door, mortified. What had just happened?! Mrs. Cormaci, their nice neighbor who helped them out in their biggest times of need. Yeah, right. One thing was for certain.

Gregor needed to get down there, and fast.

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