Gregor and the Prophecy of Betrayal by: AnnabethandPercy4Ever

Rating: T
(Violence and "Suggestive Themes" and Some Language and Teen Angst)

Chapter Dos (Warning: Characters get veeeery OOC. They may stay that way the entire story.)

"Luxa! I'm-I'm here!" Gregor's panting voice rang throughout the High Hall. "Big...problem."

"Gregor? You're back? How did you come? Is your family with you?" Luxa broke the awkward silence.

"Slipped... through... laundry grate. Ran... all the way... here. Very... tired."

"Why are you here?" She sounded really curious!

"Mrs. Cormaci... planning... kill... everyone... here... in... Underland..."

"What?" everyone in the room gasped.

"I'm not joking!" Gregor took a few deep breaths, and soon his heart rate was back to normal. "And I found this, Luxa, in the hallway." He put a hand in the backpack he was wearing and retrieved a small stone plaque engraved with a few paragraphs. It seemed like a poem.

"Oh, no," moaned Ripred, who Gregor realized was standing directly behind him. "I thought we had all of them!"

"What, poems?" Gregor asked flippantly.

"Did you... read it, little ex-warrior?"

"Uh, no, I needed to warn you guys about my crazy neighbor! Hello, I didn't have much time!" Gregor finally looked carefully at the plaque. Words were chiseled on it. He had noticed that before! But... he recognized the handwriting.

"Sandwich!" Howard cried, coming into the room.

"Yeah, Sandwich wrote it!" Luxa said.

"Who wants a sandwich?" Everyone noticed that he was carrying a platter of sandwiches.

"Come on!" Ripred complained. "Anyway, read the prophecy, Overlander!"

"Okay. I'll read it." Gregor cleared his throat and began to declare as if he was reading Shakespeare,

"The Prophecy of Betrayal

The warrior is back
He gives warning of attack
None ever saw it coming
The siege that has been humming
The world is turning black

You need a plan to thwart
The attackers in their fort
One can solve the mystery
Of the terrifying history
They are your last resort

The princess, she does not return
Although you may rather yearn
For her aid in solving trouble
And rebuilding of the rubble
She is none of your concern

The queen will make a choice
She must speak up her voice
Or all will be extinguished
In the world of those distinguished
All under will rejoice."

"Ooh, creepy," said Howard.

"Very creepy!" Luxa said. "Very creepy indeed, Howard!"

"Another prophecy!" Gregor laughed. "And to think that it was just lying there outside the prophecy room!" Everyone glared at him. "What?"

Luxa said icily, "You found what you thought was a poem just lying outside the prophecy room and didn't read it?"

"Well, no. As I said, I had to warn you guys."

"The warrior is back/He gives warning of attack," quoted Mareth, leaning against a wall.

"I thought we were done!" Ripred yelled at the ceiling, gnashing his teeth. "I thought there were no more prophecies about Sandwich's beloved warrior!"

"Obviously there is one," Gregor said, sounding very self-satisfied.

"Way to point out what we already know, genius."

"Quiet!" Luxa said. "We need to solve this prophecy!" Suddenly, she ran at Gregor and squished him in a big bear hug. "Gregor, I'm so glad that you're back! Are you here to stay?"

"Yeah, I think I am this time."

Ripred sounded disgusted. "Spare me, please. See you at dinner." Shaking his furry head, he left.

"Oh, Gregor!"

"Oh, Luxa!" The two began kissing.

"Gregor..." Howard said forbiddingly.

The lovebirds pulled apart. "What?"

"Luxa. Is. Off. Limits."

"No, I'm not!" Luxa interrupted. "And stay out of it!"

"Gregor. Come here. I want to talk to you." It was later that evening, and Howard was acting really suspiciously.

"Why?" Even though Gregor orally protested, he still followed Howard into a hallway.

"Um, Gregor?" Howard looked nervous as he scooted close to Gregor. Gregor involuntarily inched away. What was Howard up to, and why was he acting so weird?

"Yes. what do you want, Howard? What is it?"

"Well, I'm not exactly sure how to put this." After Howard said that, Gregor rolled his eyes. He guessed that he was in for another "Luxa's off limits, so stay away!" speech. Boy, was he wrong! "I believe that I... like men."

Gregor was floored! But he forced himself to appear nonchalant. Somehow, he even managed to make his voice sound normal. "So, you're gay?"

Howard tilted his head and pondered it for a moment. "I do suppose that members of the male species give me a certain joy, but-"

"No no no no no! In the Overland, if you like men, then you're called gay." Gregor was feeling more uncomfortable by the second.

"Oh. So... I'm not alone? There are more people called 'gay?' Like girls, for instance? Like Luxa? She likes men too, you know."

Of course Gregor knew that. "Uh, no. You're only called gay if you're also a guy. Girls that like girls are called lesbian."

Howard nodded. "Oh, alright. I just wanted to get it out in the open. So there are others like me?"

"Oh yeah, tons! Especially famous people. Yeah. Of course."

"That is all. I didn't want it to come in the middle of our friendship." Before Howard walked away, he thumped Gregor on the back. Gregor shuddered.

Gregor walked back to the museum to meet Luxa. His face was contorted so horribly that Luxa shrieked when she saw him. Then she calmed down. "Oh. Oh sorry, Gregor! What has happened? Are you okay?" She waved a hand in front of his face.

"Uh, I'm not so sure." Gregor felt really really really disturbed.

"Do you want to tell me what is wrong?"

"I just had a chat with Howard about his sexuality."

"Oh my Sandwich."

"I-I don't want to talk about it."