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Begins after the birthday party, Edward leaves Bella claiming danger not knowing she already figured out the real truth behind his leaving. Alice and Jasper stay in the same house but don't speak except out of courtesy and no one knows what happened between them. Emmett and Rose are having problems as he begins to see her for who she truly is and because of that she does not love him anymore. Bella feels betrayed by her best friend Alice for not telling her; unsure if she wants to forgives her as she realizes their relationship will never be the same, stops listening to her talk about her visions and how they are supposed to make people happy in the end. Carlisle and Esme want their family back together but don't want to interfere, also realizing that trust has been broken and must be rebuilt. Then we found out who we truly are together, The Captivating Trio whose bond kept them together and burned up anyone who tried to break it.


Edward must really think I'm stupid and oblivious to not have figured out the truth, boy was he an idiot. I guess it takes one to know one, because I am a bigger idiot than he was to believe his shit all this time. That thought alone made me wonder what I ever saw in him, ah yes my self esteem booster.

Jasper would never have attacked me if Edward had not hurt me in the first place. I know it in my soul and Jasper also showed me that night as I watched him step back when I looked directly at him. I never saw bloodlust in his eyes just lust, longing and love while I did see bloodlust in everyone else's eyes, except Emmett's. He was stuck between worrying about me and worrying about Jasper, whom he did not want to hurt in protecting me. That's the night I realized that suspicions were correct, that Jasper is not given the due amount of credit that he so deserves and that Emmett is taken for granted simply because he loves to joke around.

The two oddballs out, Emmett and Jasper, it was also because of them that I fit in so well as the only human amongst vampires.

No, I place all the blame at Edward's feet, he should not have ran away if he loved me so much. Isn't love something to be fought for and won, was my love not worthy of being fought for? I always knew I was not considered his equal, but I loved him and he made me feel wanted. Coming from someone who always felt plain and simple, it was a change that my self esteem craved for years. I always knew it was too good to be true, he just finally showed me that during his time tearing my world apart in the woods.

I knew while he was destroying my world that my birthday party incident was just an excuse for the real cover story. I was just too numb at the time to mention anything, too numb to react properly and be pissed; too numb to do anything but take the shovel of bullshit he was feeding me, too numb to realize that it had all be a scam in the first place, too numb to scream that I knew the truth and be able to walk away with some of my dignity left.

Instead, I let him shred what little peace of mind I have left to bits leaving me stumbling after him begging him, "Please don't leave me. Please Edward I love you."

As the days went by my pain would turn to rage that he could be so selfish, self centered and conceited thinking that he could do that shit to me and not feel some remorse at the condition that he left me in. That he would not care enough to come back and check on me to see that I was doing alright, that him nor any of the other people who claimed to be my family never came back to take care of Victoria. What happened to them loving me like family and taking care of our own, what happened to them being there for me, protecting me from their world?

It didn't help that I still kept my grades and appearances up at school, but I started spending time with Jessica, Lauren and Linda turning into something I never wanted to be. I started acting out, hanging with the wrong crowd, getting into trouble, smoking, drugs and alcohol. I was smart enough not to lose my virginity although there was several times that it almost happened. I believe my behavior contributed to the deaths of my loved ones even though I was not there, sick person that I am I wouldn't listen to anyone tell me otherwise.

Neither Billy nor the rest of the pack blamed me, but I blamed myself. No one could make me believe otherwise until the two oddballs came back and convinced me to believe in myself. They helped me with my rage and showed me that I am loved, appreciated, beautiful and worthy.

Even thought they had their own problems they helped me with mine and I in turn helped them as well. The bond that formed between us went beyond physical, beyond emotional, beyond mental to the very essence of our being.

The longer we spent together the closer that we got, and soon we discovered that a love blossomed between us that are as hot as the supernovas that we love watching. Our love burned hot and bright, God help anyone who got in the way.