Greetings from the Shadows.
This is my NarutoXStarWars Crossover. Hopefully it will be interesting for my readers. Now redone without Spacing Problems
Enjoy the Fic
Naruto knelt on a beam, high above the streets and houses, watching the villagers run through the stormy night. His clothes melded seamlessly with the night, rain water running down the folds. Lightning flashed behind him, causing his silhouette to appear briefly, his black robes shimmered faintly before disappearing once more into the night sky.

~Remember when you were attacked? Remember how you were?

Naruto grimaced at the thought.

Yeah, I remember
... he thought as he leapt off the beam into the streets below.

Naruto was walking through the streets, avoiding the crowds like a plague. They always attacked with more ferocity on this day: the day of the Kyubi no Kitsune's defeat. The day of Naruto's birth, fourteen years ago.

Naruto darted across the street, trying to make it out of the light filled path to hide out of sight of the drunken villagers.

He had been working on his speed, but when someone is looking in that direction, no amount of speed will help you.

"There he is!" shouted one of the less drunk villagers. The others in the mob turned to see Naruto's blond hair flash through the light. "After him!"

Ohh, shit! Though Naruto as he threw himself into a sprint, running as fast as he could. He ran through the alleys and streets, jumping over trash and other pieces of refuse, listening to the angry mob behind him crash through the alley.

Okay, left, left, straight, right, straight, straight, right again... or is it left? Thought Naruto pausing at the T-split in an alley. He couldn't remember which way passed through Inu's patrol route and which led to a dead end.

uhh... uhh... uhh... left! Thought Naruto as he heard the self-proclaimed avengers came closer and closer.

Naruto darted down the alley, jumping over the many garbage bins. He turned the corner to find...

A dead end.

~Funny how that phrase is quite appropriate, wouldn't you say?~

"Who said that?"

The only sounds of response were the crashes and bangs from the alley behind him. The villagers came around the corner to find Naruto staring back at them. They smiled as they looked past him, seeing the wall behind the blonde.

One villager chose this moment to hurl a sake bottle at Naruto with astounding accuracy, considering he was half drunk.

The bottle arced towards Naruto, aimed at his head. He thrust forward a hand to block the bottle, rather injure his hand instead of his head. For some reason he felt that something flowed through him, energizing his entire body.

The bottle immediately changed direction; flying at such a high speed the villager didn't even see the bottle until it shattered, hitting him right between the eyes.

He wavered for a second, trying in vain to regain his equilibrium, before passing out.

The other villagers looked from the unconscious villager to Naruto and back again.

Naruto looked at his hand for a moment before looking at the villagers, a smile forming on his face.
He thrust both hands forward, focusing on the same feeling.

Some form of power flew through the air towards the villagers, scattering papers and other pieces of garbage before it. It threw the villagers into the air, sending them back the way they came.

Naruto looked at his hands once more. They seemed normal to him.

~Of course they seem normal, you baka, they're your hands!~

Naruto spun around, searching for the voice. The alley was empty; the only movement the fluttering papers tracing patterns through the air.

"Where are you?"

A flash of light exploded in his mind. Naruto stumbled back, falling to one knee, hand in front of his eyes.

The first thing he noticed was the water that was all around him.

He lowered his arms, looking around. Pipes and hallways were everywhere, twisting and turning as far as the eye could see.

"Come," said the voice.

Naruto's head snapped up at the sound of the voice. He followed the echoes of the voice to one large antechamber. A gate separated the room in half, a piece of paper with the kanji for seal acting as a lock.

"Where are you?" asked Naruto, peering into the darkness behind the bars.

A man stepped out of the darkness, wearing a cloak so red it was almost black. His eyes were hidden in the shadows of his cowl, yet Naruto felt their weight.

"I am here, within your mind," said the cloaked figure, gesturing around at the sewer like room.

"This is my mind?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, this is your mind. The water is your unshed tears," said the figure.

Naruto stepped closer to the bars, the cloaked figure moving with him till they were nearly face to face, only the bars separating one from the other.

"What are you?" asked Naruto.

The cloaked figure threw back his hood, revealing black as night hair, yellow eyes set in a piercing face, and a smiling mouth.

"I am the Kyubi no Kitsune, Lord of Demons, Destroyer of Mountains and Creator of Tsunamis! Cower before my might!"

Naruto just stared at the demon lord. "Right… Why the hell are you in my mind?"

This statement brought the Kyubi up short. "Uhh… you remember what happened fourteen years ago?"

"Yeah, you attacked. But you're supposed to be dead. The Yondaime Hokage killed you," said Naruto, his brow furrowing in confusion.

"A human cannot defeat a demon king. Namikaze Minato only sealed me away into you," said Kyubi, feeling a wave of nostalgia sweep over him.

"So, you're the reason I get beat up all the time?" asked Naruto, face growing angry for a moment.

"Hey not my fault!" shouted Kyubi, his face growing angry as well. "Somebody wearing a Konoha hitai-ate and smelled like snakes attacked me and my family and ran like a coward. I merely followed him. I had to make sure he wouldn't attack my family again."

"Well, that's one for the history books, no?"

"Haha, funny little human… but anyways, we're not here to talk about me. We are here to talk about what you just did to those villagers. I've only met two others like you and you have the most potential out of all of them."

"Potential for what?" asked Naruto.

"Shihai no chikara. Mastery of the Force," explained Kyubi.

"What's the force," asked Naruto.

"It's the mystical bond between every living thing, it surrounds us and penetrates us and binds the galaxy together. There are those who can channe the Force to affect the world around them. They can use it to push, hold immobile and pull objects or people. They can use it to influence the mind and create illusions. They can the Force to crush and hurl lightning bolts at their enemies. The Force can also be used speed up, both physically and mentally, allowing you more time to make decisions. Some could use the Force to heal themselves or others. Some could even catch glimpses of the future while meditating," said the Kyubi, remembering all the chats he had with friends of long ago.

"So… I could do all of that?" asked Naruto.

"Probably… I can sense the power within you, you only need the training."

"COOL!" shouted Naruto, his voice echoing off the walls. Kyubi winced as his ears flared in pain.

"Okay, time to go out into the world," said Kyubi, sending a burst of energy at Naruto.

Naruto came out of his mindscape and blinked. Nothing had changed. The papers were still floating to the ground, the sound of the villagers still picking themselves up off the ground around the corner.

"What the hell?" asked Naruto.

~Our conversations only take a millisecond in your world.~ said the Kyubi.

You can talk through my mind now?

~No, I'm talking through the person next to you.~


~No. Now we have to leave.~


~You want to train to learn, control and strengthen your abilities, do you not?~

Well, yeah, but what about the academy? What about Ojiisan? Inu? My friends?


Haha… funny.

~We are leaving now because Inu and your Lord Hokage will try to keep us here. We need to go and find the last lair I know of where my old friends were staying.~

Okay fine. What should I bring?

~Well, since you have little training in ninja skills as well as Force skills, we might as well bring all your ninja tools… On second thought, leave them. They are of a such low quality, they wont last longer than a day or two.~

So where are we going to get new ones?

~Easy answer: we steal what we need then send the Hokage the bill.~

Sounds like a plan, lets go.

Naruto left the alley, stepping around the villagers who had crashed into walls and were still unconscious. He reached the mouth of the alley and stuck his head out, looking for any other villagers who wanted to kill him. Finding none, he snuck towards the shinobi section of the market quarter.

He snuck into Higarashi weapons shop, since weapons were first on his and Kyubi's required items list. The locked door did not deter him, as he bypassed it to enter through the air vents on the roof above. He popped open the vent, giving him a view of the dark inside of the shop. He dropped to the floor, waited a moment to make sure no one heard his entrance, and then grabbed a leather bag off a rack.

~Okay, first: grab a few sets of senbon, shuriken and kunai. We'll need them for shinobi training. Second: Grab a zatoichi stick sword. We'll use that for training in the Force.~

Why do we need the sword? All the abilities I've used so far are weapon-less techniques, thought Naruto, stopping as he reached for a fourth pack of senbon.

~There are styles of swordsmanship that are superior to anything the ninjas can teach you. The stick sword will replicate the blade we'll use later on… when you build it that is. Grab some ninja wire and a piece of cloth.~

Right, thought Naruto, grabbing a matte black coloured stick sword off a rack of other swords. He picked up a piece of cloth and tied it to the sword before slinging it on his back. He looked around for a moment before he sighted the circles of ninja wire hanging on hooks near the back. He grabbed a pair of rings and added them to the small assortment of weapons in the bag.

Okay, I got the weapons, now what?

~We get you some new clothes.~

Naruto walked towards the door, passing through the shadow filled room.

~Wait!~, shouted the Kyubi, causing Naruto to jump through the roof.

What?!?!, though Naruto, try to calm his racing heart.

~How are you going to lock the door from the outside?~

Hmmm… good point. I'll just go back the way I came, thought Naruto, turning back to walk towards the air vent. As he passed the counter, he remembered to leave a note for the owner.

He walked to the area of the floor underneath the open air vent. He looked up at the opening, about five feet above his head.

~Feel the power flowing through your legs, breathe in, and then jump. Jump lightly though~

Naruto crouched down and concentrated on his legs. He immediately felt the flowing, energizing sensation he had felt before in his legs. He took a small breath and jumped…

And nearly brained himself on the top of the air vent.

Holy crap! I just jumped almost twelve feet in the air!

~What did I say? Jump lightly. Does he listen? No, of course not. I'm just the lord of all demons and immortal. Why would anyone listen to me?~

Oh, shut up, thought Naruto as he climbed through the air vent.

Naruto emerged from the air vent, covered in dust and carrying his bag of stolen weapons. He looked up into the sky, watching the stars. By his reckoning, he had about five hours before the sun rises. He would have to be gone by then.

You done complaining now? Asked Naruto in his head, since the Kyubi had been complaining, in many different words that you would hear in any bar after twelve a.m., about the lack of brains Naruto had displayed in his escape from the weapon shop.

~Not by a long shot. But until later, we must resume our rather dubious means of acquiring items we will use on our trip.~ replied Kyubi, smirking.

Where to next? asked Naruto, looking around at the moonlit market district. The place had a calm feeling around it when there were no people bustling through it, throwing him hate filled glares and rotten produce at him in attempts to drive him away.

~Enough remembering, we need to hit the clothing shop across the street. Your friend Haruno's parents own it, if I'm not mistaken. We need some new clothes. Once we're out of here, we are burning that hideous jumpsuit.~

Hey, they barely let me buy this thing at five times the actual price, let alone anything else! And another thing: Sakura is not my friend! She hates my guts!

~I know, I know. She hates your guts 'cause I'm sealed in them. Enough chat, let's go, jump to the next building, across the street. Use the Force again.~

Naruto jumped again, soaring through the air to land five feet in on the opposite roof. I will never get tired of this, thought Naruto, as he walked towards the air duct opening.

He opened the duct and climbed in. He slid down the vent and crawled to the grate into the opening to the store, bypassing the grates that opened to the different apartments above the shop.

~Okay, once you get down there, grab some dark grey shirts and pants, a mottled black hooded cloak, and a wide black belt, about four inches wide. Grab a few shuriken holsters and pouches as well. Also, grab a sewing kit and some material the same color as your clothing.~

Naruto searched around, going through the racks and shelves of clothing to find the required items. He picked several mottled grey t-shirts and pants as well as a black belt with attachments to hang pouches and other tools on. He had to search around for a little to find a cloak that was the right color and size for him, but he finally found one near the back. He found the sewing supplies and material right behind the counter. The pouches and holsters he found in the shinobi section, right where he saw them when he would wander the marketplace after class at the academy.

He left a note on the counter and made to leave.

~Okay, lets go.~

Naruto used the Force once again to access the air vent and made his way to the roof. Anything else? He asked, looking at his loaded bag of stolen items.

~Nope, we're good. Head for the gate and go north. That's where I last remember the hiding place of the last two people to manipulate the Force like you do.~

Naruto ran across the rooftops, heading for the gate, using the Force when needed to launch himself across streets, his bag of pilfered merchandise bumping into his back at every landing.

~Keep an eye out for those ANBU who patrol around here. They catch us, we get thrown in jail.~

I know, thought Naruto, looking around for any sentries.

~Don't depend on your eyes.~

How the hell am I supposed to see then?

~Use your other senses. Including the Force. Reach out with your mind and sense for others.~

Naruto stopped for a moment and closed his eyes. He slowly began to sense energy forms in the tapestry of the Force. He felt three moving forms, all three walking along the rooftops.

~There, you see? Or rather, you don't see? You can feel people through the Force, since the Force connects all living things. With training, you will be able to sense people and intentions unconsciously.~

Okay, the ANBU are patrolling the streets ahead. Any idea how to get past them?

~If you had the training, I'd say influence their minds. Since you can't do that, I would go through the sewers.~

I hate the sewers, thought Naruto, jumping down to the street level. He was about to lift the manhole cover, then got an idea.

He took a step back and lifted his hands to point them at the cover. He concentrated on the cover and let the Force flow through him again. He slowly lifted his hands and, to his surprise, the manhole cover lifted as well. It rose as he lifted his hands higher. He kept his hands pointed at the lid as he walked forward and jumped in to the sewer. He landed with a splash, ankle deep in sewage. He slowly lowered his hands to once again let the cover settle back into its groove.

I really hate the sewers.

~I heard you the first time. Get moving.~ snarled Kyubi.

Naruto slogged his way through the sewer, holding his breath as much as possible. He finally came to a dead end. He looked up to see another manhole cover above.

Tired of the sewer, the smell and the sewage he had waded through, he pushed the manhole cover with such force that it rocketed into the sky, nearly coming level with the archway on the gate. Naruto leapt out the sewer and caught the lid before it clanged on the street.

Naruto faced the gates, looking out at the trees that surrounded his soon-to-be ex- home.

~Well, they say 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Here's ours.~ said Kyubi, feeling Naruto's sadness about leaving his home.

Naruto looked back at the four heads adorning the cliff face. I'll be back. I'll be back and protect this village like you did, thought Naruto as he looked at the Hokages forever immortalized in the rock of the cliff.

With that, he turned and gathered the Force. He looked over his shoulder one last time before launching himself towards the forest.

His jump cleared most of the trees for about a hundred meters. He landed on a tree branch and looked from where he had jumped to where he was now. Now, that is cool!

~Concentrate. We are not out here to have fun we have to find that hidden dwelling of the other Force-users.~

Okay, okay, thought Naruto as he resumed leaping from tree to tree.

He continued to hurl himself through the air till morning, watching the scenery blur by, the sun rising in the east, and the animals that traveled on their own paths on the forest floor.

I wonder if Ojiisan got my notes yet.

The Hokage was at his desk, beginning his day with the enemy of all Hokages: Paperwork. On top of the pile were two notes from Naruto, one found in the Haruno clothing store and one in the Higarashi weapons shop. Curious about the contents of the letter, Hiruzen picked them up and opened them.

Dear Ojiisan,

I have left the village to pursue training in secret. I have unfortunately been forced to collect weapons and clothing by rather dubious means. From the Higarashi weapons shop, I have taken:

Four packages of shuriken

Three packages of kunai

Five packages of senbon

One Zatoichi-style stick sword

Four rings of ninja wire

Please see to it that these items are paid for. I will repay you when I return.

The old Hokage quickly looked to the second letter:

From the Haruno clothing shop, I have taken:

Four pairs of mottled grey pants

Four mottled grey shirts

One sewing kit

One mottled black cloak

Three meters of mottled grey material

One black belt

Please see to it that these items are paid for. I will repay you when I return.

Hiruzen sat there for a moment, rereading the letters. He set the letters and turned to face the windows.


Well, that's the start. Not much lightsaber or Force Lightning stuff yet, but we'll get to that later.

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