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Forests of Hi no Kuni…

"How did he and Sakura know we were out here?" asked Naruto, carrying Kakashi over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He leaned him against a tree and lowered the unconscious jonin into a sitting position, the one-eyed ninja's head lolling loosely on his shoulders. "Did you say anything?"

"May I remind you that I was asleep when you came to pick me up from the complex?" asked Sasuke, sarcasm heavy in his voice. Naruto threw him a look as Kyubi started laughing his ass off.

~He's got you there, ya blonde idiot.~ chuckled the demon fox, an image of the yellow eyed, red haired human form appearing in Naruto's mind, his shoulders shaking with contained mirth.

"True… we'll find out when he wakes up," said Naruto tiredly, rubbing the bridge of his nose. This should not have happened, Kyubi, he thought, placing a hand on the scroll at his belt. The scroll now contained the body of Haruno Sakura, a girl who died before her time.

~Kakashi shouldn't have called out like that... stupid idiot.~ growled Kyubi, his mood turning grim as he began to pace in Naruto's mindscape. ~Furthermore, they never should have been here in the first place. There was a reason we didn't approach him or Sakura: Kakashi would go running to the Hokage and Sakura didn't have the experience for this mission.~

It's still my fault, thought Naruto, shaking his head slowly.

~We'll have time to mourn later, back when we're in Konoha and Hinata is safe.~ said Kyubi. ~By the way, ask Sasuke about his fight. I want to hear about his experience fighting the 'ex-Jedi.'~

"Hey, Sasuke? What did you think of this 'Haku's' fighting ability?"

Sasuke thought back to his fight as he applied iodine to the puncture wounds in his chest, wincing at the burn of the disinfectant before wrapping the injuries with some bandages.

"She was very good… very, very good…"

Sasuke's fight…

Sasuke charged, putting his hook swords through a figure eight as he charged. His Sharingan blazed red between the flashes of mirror like steel, the oinin directly in front of him in a ready stance with senbon glittering between her fingers.

The woman flicked her arms in his direction, unleashing dual handfuls of senbon needles, trying to perforate the last Uchiha, aiming to hit points on his body that would limit his movement, making him easier to kill. Damn Knights, she thought, dodging as he deflected the senbon and slashed at her. Two months since we left the Temple and they're still after us!

Sasuke growled as he threw himself into an aerial, narrowly dodging more senbon that streaked to where his shoulders had been. He landed softly, almost catlike, before rolling forward at his opponent, trying to stab the woman with his razor sharp blades, his eyes allowing him to pinpoint where she would end up before she moved there.

The oinin cursed as she dropped three of the senbon she was holding in her right hand, using the single steel needle to block the stab, redirecting it past her to hit nothing but air.

Sasuke put pressure on his blade, trying to change the failed stab into a swing. His eyes widened as she resisted his attack, holding his blade at bay with a puny senbon. The sound of steel grinding filled the air as the two combatants fought to overpower the other.

"Not bad for a Knight," she spat, pushing his blade back an inch. "To bad you won't survive to report back to the Masters!"

"Not bad for an oinin… but you forgot my other sword!" growled Sasuke, smiling.

He whipped his arm around, aiming to split the oinin from crown to sternum. He could split the training logs back home with a little effort, so using a large amount of force would probably break a senbon in twain.

Shit, thought Haku as she raised her other hand to stop the blow before realizing the action was pointless. Her senbon would not withstand an assault of that magnitude. Making a split second decision, she thrust out her palm, invoking the Force to hurl the red eyed Knight into the air.

What the fu…went through Sasuke's mind as he slammed back-first into a tree, his swords slipping from his numbed fingers. He twitched in pain from his recent encounter with the natural fauna as he pulled himself into a crouch, casting his gaze about to find his swords. She's got the same powers as Naruto. I wonder if she's got the same weapons…

His musings was cut short as a trio of senbon impacted his chest, their points digging into his right pectoral. His blades were out of reach, several meters behind him, so he had little choice: he had to pull out his new weapon.

Haku's eyes widened behind her porcelain mask as the Knight before her pulled a saber hilt from his ninja pouch. Damn… he wants to play rough, she thought as she replaced her senbon.

With a snap-hiss, the hum of Sasuke's red lightsaber filed the air, the mist crackling as it brushed against the blade. He smirked as he glanced at the blade, thinking he had the upper hand. He looked back and rolled his eyes, knowing that he'd just screwed himself.

Haku smiled as she pulled her own saber from her belt, tossing the comforting weaight from her left to her right. She flicked the activator, igniting the pale blue blade that joined the hum from the Knight's crimson saber.

Sasuke charged with his blade in the one-handed Makashi style. It was his favorite, despite his amusement at the names, as it was made for single combat. Sasuke preferred to fight one on one whenever he had the chance, though that was rare.

He stopped in mid charge, however, as the oinin touched a second activation switch, igniting the blade on the other side of the handle. Eyes huge, he stared at the blue saber staff with a shocked look on his face.

What he was feeling was summed up with two words: "Oh, damn…"

Haku smiled as she began to spin the saber, making it hum and crackle dangerously as both ends trailed through the mist. This duel is mine, she though as she knew most Jedi had little experience with a double-bladed saber master.

Double-bladed Juyo was the hardest of the seven forms to master, resulting from the added danger of a second blade. Practitioners would start off with a staff to learn basic moves, evolve to the use of a training saber, and then finally build their own saber staff. This kept inexperienced users from losing a limb or two, as the saber staff was twice as dangerous as a normal saber.

Sasuke swallowed nervously. His Sharingan would give him an edge in the fight, his dojutsu allowing him to see the moves before they happened, though he was wary of the new development. Naruto mentioned that there were many unique types of sabers… never thought I'd see one first time out!

He raised his blade and attacked, slicing toward her head with a quick overhand slice, using the tip of the blade to strike rather than the rest of the blade since both parts cut the same way. This tactic allowed the user to launch attacks from extreme range, keeping him or her from harm by keeping them out of reach of their opponent's blade.

Haku blocked easily before countering with a savage underhand blow, making the Knight scramble to avoid the lethal edge of the other half of her saber. She pressed the attack, pushing him back against a tree as she continually used both sides of the saber staff.

Sasuke cursed as he raised his blade overhead, angling the blade down to put it parallel to his back, blocking a slash at his back. His momentary triumph was short lived as the oinin quickly performed a one-eighty and struck at his front with the other side of her saber staff, forcing him to move quickly to bring his own blade to block.

Their sabers flashed and crackled in the mist, throwing out bursts of light as the energy blades tangled and locked. Sasuke was hard pressed to defend himself, having to block twice as many attacks as the oinin twirled her saber staff with precision and skill.

Damn… if Naruto didn't show me these forms, I wouldn't have lasted this long, thought Sasuke, ducking a strike at his head.

Thinking quickly, Sasuke faked an overhand before twirling the saber into an upward arc, slicing the saber hilt in half, making one half short out and die. He grinned as he successfully executed one of the harder marks of contact Naruto had told him about.

Haku was surprised, to say the least, as she looked at the severed handles of her saber. The bastard pulled a sun djem! Damn it! I spent two months building this thing, she thought as she held the broken handle in her left and her still functioning blade in her right.

Her musings were cut short by a turning back kick to the stomach, giving her a small amount of airtime before she went slamming painfully into the ground.

Sasuke leapt over her in an almost aerial flip, twisting in midair to slash at the prone opponent. He frowned as his slash was blocked by the remaining saber the oinin held, forcing him to attack again as he landed.

Haku kip upped, avoiding the strike aimed at her neck. As soon as she was on her feet she threw herself forward, putting some space between her and her opponent. She heard the Knight growl as she felt rather than saw his crimson blade pass within an inch of her neck as he spun and delivered a second strike.

My leap forward kept my head on my shoulders, she thought as she turned to fight the Knight, who was already charging, his saber held in both hands now.

Is he using… she trailed off as the Knight made an attack, he launched himself overhead, bypassing her readied blue saber to land behind her.

The oinin spun, bringing her lightsaber up horizontally to stop the heavy blow Sasuke was delivering. They locked sabers, Sasuke slowly pushing his saber towards her throat as she resisted. Sasuke, being of greater strength and height, slowly drove the oinin's saber back, bringing his closer to her throat.

In a bold move, one that Zabuza would have disapproved of, Haku took one hand off her hilt and thrust it in front of the Knight's face, using a Force push to launch him backwards. He rolled a few times, smacking his head hard before landing face down in the dirt beside one of the many trees, his deactivated saber hilt just in front of him, its kill switch shutting off the lethal blade.

"Not bad, Knight," said Haku, walking towards the downed warrior, her saber raised to deliver the final blow. "I'm sorry it had to end this way."

Sasuke smirked, his head still down as if stunned. Her mind is focused on the fight, not the fact that I'm planning an ambush, he thought, thinking back to a time when Naruto had sparred with him.

Sasuke thought his friend was crazy when he went as far as to blindfold himself, though somehow the blonde always knew whenever Sasuke was playing possum with him, despite his lack of vision.

Naruto explained that his control of the Force was good enough to allow him to sense intentions during a match, giving him something akin to a sense of battlefield omniscience. Even when Sasuke confronted him with various hidden kage bunshins, Naruto had known were every single one of them were, using the Force to give him a view of the battlefield uninhibited by camouflage or illusions.

Sasuke blanked his mind, as he did when Naruto had run out in the middle of the night, leaving to meet up with his Niwashi partner. Naruto hadn't sensed him that time, so Sasuke hoped it would work for her as well.

Haku raised her saber in both hands, preparing a strike to slice off the Knight's head. Before she could begin the downswing, she felt a disturbance in the Force.

Half turning, she looked over her shoulder, wondering why her senses were tingling, to find a gigantic Force push approaching at high speeds.

Shit! thought Haku as she dropped her saber in surprise and hastily summoned her own Force power to counter the push.

Sasuke watched grimly as the oinin was shot through the air for an instant before slamming into the tree he laid by, the force of her impact shaking a few leaves loose from the branches above. Thanks, Naruto, I owe you one!

He got back to his feet, brushing the dirt from his clothing as he hooked his foot beneath the metal cylinder that was now his favorite weapon. A flick of his foot had the saber hilt flying up to shoulder level, allowing him to snag it out of the air.

Sasuke smiled as he held the warm hilt and thumbed the activation switch, unleashing his crimson blade once again. He turned to the oinin, preparing to finish the battle with what Naruto called a 'sai cha.'

The oinin struggled to pull herself into a sitting position, the impact on unyielding tree leaving her very dizzy, likely suffering from a concussion. Her mask fell from her face, the chakra she had been circulating to hold it in position now gone as her control was lost.

Sasuke froze as he looked upon her face, halting his saber in mid swing. Long black hair framed a delicate face, her brown eyes at half-mast. Her lip was bleeding, a trail of blood running down to her chin.

Sasuke couldn't complete the swing, something stopping him from ending the woman's life. He was confused by his reluctance, so he settled for deactivating his saber and pinching a nerve cluster in her neck, a move Naruto had shown him should the fan-girls overwhelm him.

The girl slumped, her breathing peaceful as she fell unconscious.

Sasuke wondered why he felt this way as he tied the girl's arms together at the wrists and elbows, just as his brother had taught him. I'll have to speak to Naruto about this…

Present time…

~He's feeling the Force. Well, to a small extent, anyways…~ said Kyubi through his mental link with his container. ~That's why he didn't kill this 'Haku.' It'll take a while for his power to fully manifest itself, though I sense he will be powerful, almost like you.~

Naruto grinned as he relayed his info to Sasuke, whose eyes widened at the new info.

"I could do what you do?" he said in an awestruck voice, looking at his own hands with a inquisitive eye.

"Perhaps, given some training," said Naruto, chuckling as his brother attempted to use a Force push, imitating Naruto's movements from a demonstration he had given some time ago. "I said after some training, idiot. You're not going to use push or pull right away."

Sasuke opened his mouth to retort when a groan interrupted him.

Both Force users, experienced and not, turned towards their sensei, who seemed to be coming around, rubbing his head with one hand and his eyes with the other.

"Somebody get the number of that thing that hit me," he groaned, holding his head with both hands as his head began to pound. He looked up at his pupils, both of whom were glaring at the jonin. "What?"

"Why are you here, Hatake?" growled out Naruto, his eyes flashing red and his nails lengthening into claws as he walked over to the teacher.

Grabbing a handful of his teacher's flak vest, he pulled him to his feet, bringing him to eye level, crimson orbs boring into the one uncovered grey. "Why did you bring Sakura?"

Kakashi's eyes widened as he realized he didn't see Sakura among them, a quick look around confirming that. A feeling of dread filled him as he looked Naruto in the eye.

"Where is she?"

Naruto dropped him and pulled the scroll from his belt. Handing the scroll to him, he said, "She's in here."

Kakashi was silent for a moment before he slammed his fist into the tree he had been leaning against. A crack filled the air as one of the bones in his fist popped. As if pain did not affect him, he started slamming his fists into the tree, not reinforcing his limbs with chakra or limiting his power to protect his fists.

"Damn it!" he growled out as the skin on his fists was stripped away, blood flowing freely from his knuckles. A tear fell from his uncovered eye as he sank to his knees. "I should never have brought her along."

"Yes... you shouldn't have."

"Hello Kyubi," said Kakashi, nodding at the demon fox. He made as if to get up, though he quickly sat back down as his head started to throb painfully.

"Easy, Hatake. You're no good to us if you injure yourself further," said Kyubi, holding up his hand to forestall Kakashi's movements. "We'll give you some medical treatment once we're done with our interrogation."

At Kakashi's questioning look, Kyubi pointed to the two bound ninja. Kakashi raised his eyebrow as he recognized Zabuza, noting that he looked like he had been put through the wringer while his genin looked like they had gone through a stroll in the forest, although Sasuke had a little dirt on his clothing.

"Who fought the Kijin?"

Sasuke and Kyubi pointed at Naruto, who was whistling innocently as he leaned against a tree.

"Impressive..." said Kakashi, looking at Naruto with newfound respect. He opened his mouth to ask another question, but was interrupted by Sasuke.

"Kakashi-sensei, we have bigger issues than how Naruto took down Zabuza. We have to find out where they took Hinata."

Kakashi nodded as he stood, wincing as he brushed his knuckles against the rough tree bark. "You're right. Finding Hinata takes priority."

Naruto nodded as he and Sasuke walked over to the down shinobi. Kyubi dispelled himself, going back into the mindscape as to practice his forms for when he was needed.

Naruto delivered a kick to the nukenin's side, aiming just above his stab wound. The effect was instantaneous, Zabuza jerking awake with a shout filled with pain.

Haku awoke as soon as Zabuza screamed, throwing herself against her bonds in an attempt to defend her master. Sasuke ignited his saber and held the glowing blade at her throat, shaking his head in warning. She glared at him, her eyes filled with anger, but she stopped pulling at the ropes that bound her. Sasuke lowered his blade, thought kept it ignited. He hoped he didn't have to use it.

"Momochi Zabuza. Your reputation precedes you, Kirigakure no Kijin," said Naruto, pacing just out of reach of Zabuza's legs, his arms crossed with his saber hilts in hand.

"I would be lying if I said I knew of you, Jedi-scum," retorted Zabuza, conveying an anger-filled glare through his mask of bandages. "You're all the same, watching for that damned prophecy child."

"Ah, that prophecy thing my friends told me about. What exactly does it entail?"

Zabuza growled, straining his muscles against his bindings. Naruto raised an eyebrow as he heard the bindings groan in response. "How would you not know, Jedi? All Knights know of the prophecy."

Naruto crouched in front of him, spinning his saber hilts through his fingers as he looked into Zabuza's eyes. "I am not a 'Jedi,' nor am I a 'Knight.' I don't know what you are talking about."

Zabuza was silent for a few moments, using the Force to ascertain the truth. Naruto allowed Zabuza's mental touch, though he kept himself ready should the Force user choose to attack.

"Your words… seem truthful…" said Zabuza, looking at him with questioning eyes. "Who are you?"

"I am Namikaze Naruto, Sunagakure no Kijin, genin of Konohagakure."

Zabuza raised an eyebrow…well, acted as if he did. "The Kijin from Kaze no Kuni, eh? I've heard of you:

'Enter stranger, but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed.

If you take what you do not own,

You shall pay in blood and bone.

If you don't wish for idiocy's cure,

Beware the Kijin of Sunagakure.'

Zabuza chuckled as he recited the little poem he'd heard in a Kusagakure bar when he was meeting a client. A pair of bandits had just arrived from Kaze and was relaying the message to all the other bandits in the tavern, telling stories of how a man who decimated bandit groups as they attacked caravans. His blades glowed red as his eyes, causing sandstorms with a wave of his hand and tossing A-rank nukenin around like nothing.

Zabuza had not given it much thought, thinking the men were still scared of every shadow. Frightened men were prone to exageration.

"That's you, isn't it?"

Naruto nodded the affirmative; chuckling to himself about the sad little poem he had created on the spot to scare the bandits.

Zabuza looked over to Haku, noting that she was trying to work her way out of her bonds. "Haku, we have no quarrel with these men any longer."

Haku nodded, ceasing her struggles, though she kept a glare on her face as she watched Sasuke.

Naruto nodded to Sasuke as he ignited his black saber, quickly slicing through the rope that kept Zabuza tied to the tree. Sasuke did the same, his blade a crimson arc as he freed Haku.

"We have no fight with you, Kijin, so we ask that you let us go," said Zabuza, picking up the blade of Kubikiri Hōchō and slipping it onto his back. He stuck the lightsaber hilt in his belt along with the small damaged section that would have connected blade to hilt.

"We need to know where they would have taken my friend," said Naruto, an edge to his voice as he glared at the nukenin. "Where would they take the supposed 'Child of the Prophecy'?"

Zabuza pointed north-east. "The Jedi Temple, about fifty miles that way. All the Knights live there, so don't expect a rescue mission to be easy, especially if they have the true prophesized one."

Zabuzae made as if to jump away, though stopped and turned back to Naruto. "The Jedi Knights were the protectors of Nami no Kuni for a thousand years. They have had years to refine their arts, master their saber forms, and control the Force. They are not enemies to engage lightly."

"We will rescue our comrade."

"Then may the Force be with you, Kijin." With a nod to Kakashi and Sasuke, Zabuza and Haku walked into the forest, heading north-west as to bypass Konoha.

Sasuke let out a sigh as the pair disappeared, breathing easy now that the two potential enemies were gone. "Well, we have our heading. What should we do now?"

Naruto sat down and leaned against a tree, drawing a whetstone and his chokuto. With a rasp of stone on steel, he said, "We need a plan. We can't just waltz in and demand Hinata back."

Kakashi nodded as he sat by Naruto, bandaging his knuckles. "So… what do we do?"

"I have an idea, if you're willing to hear it." said Kyubi, a plan springing to mind.

A minute later…

Kakashi took a few calming breaths before looking Kyubi in the eye. "You. Are. Insane! This will never work!"

Sasuke nodded, agreeing with his sensei's apt description of Kyubi and his plan. "This is suicide!" he added, flipping the saber hilt in his hand. "We can't possibly get that to work."

They both turned to Naruto, who was still looking at the plans Kyubi had drawn out in the dirt. He looked up with a small grin on his face, the details for amendments to the plan finally clicking in his mind.

Sasuke and Kakashi felt a shiver of fear as Naruto's grin widened, forming that feral smirk they learned to be very afraid of.

"Let's do it."

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