I have Definitely been neglecting my writing duties of late. I ve been getting ready for university and all that jazz. But I m back now and I hope that I haven t lost my touch.
Buffy stood at the top of the stairs the lead to the lobby. Everyone was staring rather intently at a group of five girls, which were sat on the round couch in the middle of the room. There was nothing special about the way they looked. They looked the same as any teenage girls. With more make up and attitude then they had sense. She sighed and walked down the stairs, just as Giles appeared from the kitchen carrying a tray off tea. Buffy had to smile at the familiarity off it. She then wiped the smile clean off her face and put on her authoritative voice.
What do we have here? She asked walking up next to Angel who passed her five pieces of paper. Each an official, typed letter, and each baring the stationary of the new council of watchers. Buffy groaned and rolled her eyes, Angel smirked. You couldn t really expect them to stay out of this could you? Buffy sighed again and re-read each of the letters. They were all identical, each addressed to her and Angel. They told them the girls names, where they had come from and the extent their training had reached. She also noted that the postmark was dated two days before the phone call they had received from London. She was so angry she crumpled the letters with one hand and threw the creased mess into the waste paper basket by the desk.
Anyway. She turned to the five rather anxious looking girls and tried to calm the anger she was sure was all over her face. I m Buffy and this is Angel. She motioned to him. He nodded his head slightly in their direction in way of acknowledgement. I know that this set up is a little less then ideal. But for the time being we ll all be staying here. The girls looked around them appreciatively. One of them, a small girl with black hair and a thick southern accent stood up and held out her hand,
I m Laura. This is Hannah, Jade, Georgina and Kelly. Buffy shook the girl s hand and then eyed their suitcases.
Xander, could help the girls upstairs to their rooms. Me, Angel and Giles have some things we need to talk about. She looked to Angel who nodded and lead her and Giles into his office behind the desk.
Buffy sat on the edge of Angel s desk and stared through the glass in the door as Xander carried bags up the stairs, chatting happily with the girls as he went. Once Giles shut the door she turned to him.
I don t even know where to start. Giles smiled weakly at her and Angel sighed.
I think that was their intention. They want you to admit you made a mistake and for you to turn to them for help. Angel paused, then continued. Eventually we are going to end up with more girls then this place can hold. But until then, I suggest we get a system going. A routine. Buffy nodded, glad, as always for his cool head. Giles also seemed to agree.
It s clear that these girls need training, but many of them are also going to need basic tutoring if they are ever going to get along in society. Buffy nodded again.
That s were Fred and Willow would be handy. As for the training I think that between me, Angel and Faith we have the physical side down and you and Wes can deal with the book side of things. Both men in the room nodded. Angel rose from his desk.
If I give Fred a broken down list of things that need to be covered she ll easily come up with a timetable by the end of the week. We should be up and running by Monday.
That evening, Buffy had Andrew cook up a fantastic meal, so she could properly welcome the new girls to the group and apologize for her hasty exit earlier. A tall, statuesque Blonde, who introduced herself as Kelly smiled.
That s OK. We heard what happened in Sunnydale and we know you must be under a lot of pressure. Not to mention probably tired, hungry and under bathed. All in all, totally acceptable. Buffy nodded at the new found acceptance and turned her attention back to Angel, who was sitting next to her.
I don t know about you, but after the sun goes down I could use a little action, you got sewer access here? It was only when she noticed everyone staring at her oddly that she realised what she had said. Not that kind of action, the vampire and demon beating kind of action. She didn t know why she felt the need to explain herself but Angel looked unflustered regardless.
Absolutely. I ll go get changed. Buffy smiled at him,
I m right behind you. She gave Cordy a quick look, to make sure she was OK with them going out together. She rolled her eyes and nodded quickly.
Go already. Buffy ran up the stairs to change into something a little more appropriate. She was part way through changing her top when the door to her bedroom opened.
Sorry I should have knocked. Angel said turning his back to her immediately.
That s OK. You can turn around now. Buffy said pulling a black T-Shirt over her head and moving to her closet to find a jacket. So, She added trying to relieve the awkward mood that had fallen over the room. Where do you keep you re pointy things? If the intention had been to distract herself by killing things she failed. The sewers and the usually busy areas of the city were all deserted. There wasn t a scale or a fang to be seen. Angel laughed at Buffy s disappointed face as they re-entered the hotel.
They must have heard the slayer was in town Buffy stifled a yawn as she stored her broadsword back in the cabinet.
How do they fin these things out anyways. And it s just plain rude not to allow me a little bit of stress relief don t you think. She barely finished her sentence before she yawned again.
Angel sniggered and caught her just before her exhaustion caused her to fall flat.
I think what our big brave slayer needs right now is sleep. You ve got fifty eager new recruits arriving in the morning and I don t think I can handle that many hormones by myself. Buffy smiled weakly leaning back onto his arms, causing him to support her whole weight. They took three steps before her legs gave out entirely. She laughed sleepily as he lifted her up.
Guess I ve had a busy couple of weeks. She said letting her head fall against his chest.
Did you sleep at all leading up to that fight? He asked juggling her weight as he started up the stairs. She shook her head lightly. He looked down at her to say something else to find that she had fallen fast asleep. Her hands wound into tight fists into his sweater.
He Carefully opened the door to her room and laid her down on her bed. He tried in vain to get her fingers to loosen from his sweater to find that it was totally impossible. He sat for a few minutes on the edge of her bed watching her sleep before pulling he covers back and slipping them both under the sheets. She would have to let go sooner or later, until then, he was more then happy to lie with her.