The Tainted one

Kingdom Hearts 2 montage:

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. The only one that does is Soraxess. But please enjoy this. This explains the back-story on how Soraxess was came to be inside the world of desire to be more powerful than Sora and Roxas together, this will be my first time to ever write a story based off my own.

Chapter 1: Soraxess is born

Destiny Islands:

Sora was standing at the edge of the beach watching the waves shore kiss the sands while looking at the sunset.

"Hey, Sora." Riku said coming behind him. Sora turned around. "Hi Riku." Sora said in response to his friend's hello. "Kairi wants to know if you would like to have a picnic with us on this calm sunset?" Riku asked.

"Sure!" Sora said while running up further than Riku. Riku laughed and thought of racing Sora to get to Kairi.

They both raced down towards the house where the raft and Kairi waited for them. They both made it to her at the same time.

"Best 3 out of 3 huh Riku" Sora said with a laugh knowing that he had gotten faster than he was along time ago. Riku laughed with a smile.

"Uh huh. You've improved a lot Sora." He said giving Sora a playful tap on the shoulder.

"Let's get going towards the island shall we?" Kairi said to her friends. They both nodded and started to push the raft towards sea.

Sora and Riku rowed the raft towards the island that they all wanted to go to explore one day and they finally got to see what it was like for once.

Sora got off the raft and helped Riku push it ashore. They both sat down a bit tired from rowing. Kairi giggled. "You guys aren't too tired to eat are you?" she asked looking down at them holding the basket.

Sora and Riku both sat up. Kairi sat down placing the basket of food for all three to eat. She pulled out some sandwiches, cookies, fruit that they got from their home, and some juice for them to drink.

The three enjoyed their good meal and decided to relax until the moon came up.

Sora stretched his arms out before lying down to watch the stars appear out into the sky. "Sora, can you watch the place while me and Riku go put the basket back at home?" Kairi asked. Sora sat up and looked at her.

"Sure, Kairi." Sora said. He got up and saw them leave to go back home. The moon reflected off of him as his shadow stretched out onto a boulder.

"I think this was a good idea Sora." Roxas said appearing from the boulder.

"You think so, Roxas?" Sora asked his nobody.

Roxas nodded. "Yeah…It's good once an awhile you and Kairi be together and have some fun." He said to Sora.

Sora smiled. "Yeah."

Roxas walked over to Sora and smiled at him. Sora did the same and then felt a sudden rumble on the ground.

Suddenly a strange light appeared through the sand. Sora and Roxas covered their eyes from the bright light. Sora tried to see through the light and saw a strange shape come out from the brightness. A huge creature came out with its massive mouth, claws, wings, and medium sized body.

"A heartless?" Sora said in shock. Roxas pulled out his double key blades and was about to fade back into Sora. The creature impaled its self into Roxas's ghost figure before entering Sora. Sora felt a slight impulse of some sort and fell to his knees. The creature pushed its self out of Sora's chest and transformed into dusk ready to attack. Sora saw the waves become fierce and took the dusk away.

Sora stood up and saw that the night sky had became a storm.

"Oh no…" Sora said seeing that the waters were too harsh for Kairi and Riku to get to him.


Kairi saw that the waters were to rage that it was impossible for her and Riku to get Sora off the island. "Oh no…Sora's still out there Riku." Kairi said with worry. "Its seems that we have to pick him up tomorrow Kairi." Riku said comforting her to bring her inside.


Sora went into a near by cave to stay dry from the howling winds and roaring rain. Roxas appeared again sitting down next to the fire. "What was that attacked us?" Roxas asked Sora. "I don't know…" Sora said in an unsure tone of voice. Roxas noticed something was up with Sora. "Hey…Sora, you don't look so good." Roxas said. Sora looked a bit pale in the face and a sick look in his eyes. Roxas made a tiny joke to try and cheer Sora up. "You look white as a dusk." He said with a laugh. Sora laughed with him but he didn't feel so good in his stomach.

Roxas was starting to feel the same way that Sora was feeling. Sora held his stomach as he had a bad cramp. He fell to his side cringing in pain as if something was burning inside his chest.

Roxas fell onto his stomach feeling the pain.

Sora Rushed quickly outside to go puke something out from his mouth. Roxas heard Sora coughing and aching in pain. Sora hurled out some odd black gooey stuff out from his mouth and cleaned his mouth up with a hanky that he carried in his pocket in case of a sneeze. The black ooze became a dark faded of darkness of sharp thorns and went away. Sora walked back to the cave holding his stomach feeling very tired. Roxas looked as white as a dusk was and saw Sora was a bit the same.

Roxas went back into Sora and Sora tried to go forward towards the sand to wait for his friends to show up, but he finally fell forward towards the ground and went to sleep in a sick expression.


The next morning:

Riku and Kairi made it back to the island and they saw Sora on the sand sleeping. "Looks like Sora waited to long for us to come huh." Riku sort of chuckled seeing Sora sleep.

Kairi run up to Sora and bent down to wake him up. "Wake up sleepy head." She said playfully shaking him to wake him up. She waited for Sora to wake up. "Come on Sora, wake up." She said again shaking him again.

Riku walked over to wake Sora himself. "Come on…We brought you something good." Riku said poking him on the forehead. But Sora didn't bough. Kairi gasped seeing that Sora wasn't moving at all.

"Sora? Sora!" Riku called out seeing that his friend wasn't moving. Riku got up and tried to look for something on the island to wake his friend up.

Kairi placed her head on Sora chest to try and hear his heart. She heard a strange sound coming through his heart. It sounded like something was clogging it. Sora started to gain some willing to move. He slowly opened his sick eyes and saw Kairi's face. Kairi looked up and saw Sora awake.

"Sora." She said in relief and hugged him. Riku showed up with something to help Sora awake but he saw that Sora was awake. "Sora!" Riku shouted with relief to see his friend up.

Sora looked pale and smiled at his friends. "What happened to you?" Kairi asked.

Sora tried to get up but he sort of lost his balance. Riku helped Sora up and stood him up.

All three of them started to walk back to the raft. Sora took a few steps more forward and the stopped to puke again.

Sora hurled out the same stuff he had coughed up last night. "Sora!" Riku and Kairi both shouted seeing him Puke again.

Sora stopped puking and continued to try and moved more forward, but then he stopped as he felt a painful burning inside his chest.

Sora's friends wanted to help him out, but they didn't know what to do.

Sora roared in pain while he fell to his knees and holding his heart.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" He shouted in pain. Sora cried in more pain while coughing out some of his blood.

A huge aurora of Darkness came out from Sora's heart. Sora moved his head back as something was coming out from his chest. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sora screamed in anguish.

A strange screeching sound came out, it sounded like Sora's cry while to headed for the ground. Sora was catching his breath from that painful burn of giving birth to the new form of darkness.

Riku carried Sora towards the raft and they went back home.

Riku turned his head back towards the island where Sora had released the strange being. He saw it was taking form of a shape that was like Sora. The creature formed Sora's figure in one of his forms. It chose Sora's Halloween look and opened its heartless type eyes.

"I am…Soraxess!" Cried the heartless nobody in an echoed tone. He let out a cackle that echoed through out the whole island. Continues to laugh to finally be able to live inside the world of the destiny Islands and cause many deaths of everyone.

-End of chapter 1-

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