Loving You

Chad was at Taylor's house in her backyard swimming pool. Today was the hottest day in the summer. He was wearing a plain white shirt and some basketball shorts. He was glad that Taylor was alone at home. He smirked, this was going to be a good day for him. He watched as Taylor came out the house. She was wearing a red bikini.

"Baby, you are looking so sexy in that bikini," Chad said.

Taylor smiled. She got into the pool and Chad wrapped his arms around her waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Taylor moaned when she felt Chad's growing erection. She pulled away from him but he pulled her back to him. He pulled her into a passionate kiss then he kissed her neck.

Taylor managed to pull away from him and she got out of the pool and dried herself off. Chad did the same. Taylor put on a shirt that Chad gave her and shorts. Chad took off his wet clothes and put on some more. Taylor grinned seductively.

"I would rather see you without clothes," she said.

Chad smiled. He lifted her slowly bridal style. Chad carried Taylor inside the house and to her room where they landed onto the bed. Chad started kissing her down her neck.

Taylor arched back as Chad continued to kiss her. Taylor moaned at the kiss. Taylor flipped him over on his back. She continued to make out with him while her hand went under his shirt and breezed over his abs.

She softly kissed him. Chad wrapped his arms around Taylor as they continued with their make out session.

They were so wrapped up in their own worlds; they didn't even hear the front door open and close. It was Taylor's parents! Her parents were going up the stairs and headed to Taylor's room. Her mother opened her door.

"Hey Taylor, Chad" Mrs. Mckessie greeted.

Chad and Taylor sat back down on the bed and acted like they were watching a movie. Thought they were going to get caught, huh!?

"Oh hey Mom. I didn't hear ya'll come in," Taylor said. "How was work?"

"Same as always. How was your evening?"

"Perfect," Taylor replied, a little too quickly. Tayor's dad looked at her funny and questioned, "What did you two do exactly?"

"We were in the pool earlier. Then we decided to come in and find a movie, Chad answered with no hesitation.

Her dad was still in questioned.

Taylor smiled. "Nothing happened we were just relaxing. Chad was falling asleep."

"Alright." He began to leave the room but then he stopped. "Taylor?" her dad asked.

"Yes?" Taylor said.

"Never mind," he shook his head.

" Dad…"she pleaded.

"Alright, alright. I'll go," Mr. Mckessie laughed.

Taylor smiled as her father left and closed the door. Chad waited a minute and then got up and locked the door.

"You know I don't like lying to my parents like that but I mean I just don't want them to know about us you know….I just don't want to get that personal," Taylor said.

"Yeah I know what you mean. But they are your parents and they still think of you as their little girl," Chad said.


"Anyway, let's not think about that."

Taylor got on top of him. "Okay."

Chad kissed Taylor and his hands slowly traveled down her back and stopped on her ass.

"You know I like where this is going."

"Yeah I do, too."

"The only thing is my parents are here."

"The door is closed and locked. We can be quiet."

"I highly doubt that!"

Chad smiled and kissed her neck softly.

Till this day, he still can't believe that he is with the girl that he thought he hated. He loved her so much and he didn't want to let her go. All he wanted to do was make Taylor happy and be the man that she needed and desired. He wanted to show her that he has changed.

"I love you, Taylor. I really do."

"I love you, too," Taylor said kissing Chad passionately.