I don't own eragon, I'm just playing, this is my charitor out side differnt peoples houses.

You can't just sneak into Oromis's house and steal a dictionary!

He can hear you

And why not? It's not like-

He has a watch dog- dragon who can squish you!

He can hear you.

So what? We just wait till he falls asleep!

And what? Bring Gleadr a big bone and say here dragon, dragon come on like he's a baby or something?

He's looking at you.

So? It could work.

You don't have a big enough bone for that

He's coming over hereā€¦

Yea right I'll just walk up and say, "Hey Oromis I know you're busy and all but would you mind sleeping at 2 in the morning and sending Gleadr off so that we can sneak into your house in the dead of night just to steal your dictionary?"

Instead of just asking him for his dictionary nicely?

He's right behind me isn't he?


Does he look like he's gonna kill me?


"I don't mind.