Title: In the Eyes of God
Summary: Being a sister-in-training means devoting your entire life to God and giving up your humanly desires. Had Seira known how much it would hurt to lie to her admirer, she would have pleaded God to further help her from falling in love.

Not many fanfictions have Seira romance. And, really, they can't. Unless she gives up her sister-ly ways, bah. So here's an angsty oneshot/drabble just for Seira.

Sawatari often ranted and raved about a woman's elegance and beauty. When he fancied one particular woman, he became almost obsessed. He flattered her nonstop, tried to make her swoon with his manly charms, and put on his best face in hopes of gaining her affections. He was constantly in and out of puppy love, and he knew it to be just that.

Between all the compliments and flattery he handed to his object of fondness, he never once used the elementary words "I like you" or even "I love you." Those were much too serious – too real. And Sawatari, a romantic at heart, pledged to only say those phrases when he truly and completely meant them.

After school, as Seira made her way to the church to change and help stray people regain their faith, Sawatari intercepted her. Only months after Haneoka's betrayal – after Asuka Jr.'s kidnapping – after Saint Tail's disappearance – had Sawatari accepted this newfound, bubbling feeling to be love. It was terrifying and beautiful, and he never wanted to let it go. He wanted to tell everyone, show everyone, gloat to everyone. But she came first, and so he clasped those pale, soft hands within his own.

"I love you." His face was serious, desperate, hopeful. Within his eyes was unmasked adoration and anticipation. Seira recognized this to be no joke. This was real, and it send a pang through her heart.

Through all his quirks and habits, Sawatari was a good guy. He could get out of hand when it came to something he loved, whether that be charming girls or publishing newspaper stories. But he was kind, gentle, compassionate. He rarely lost his temper, and if he did it was virtually never with a lady. He was polite, humorous, handsome, and loveable.

The words resonated within Seira's mind and felt her heart sing. Then Seira took in his anxious expression and faulted. She was a sister-in-training, and that meant the only love she was to harbor was the love of God, the love for God. He was to be the only man in her life. Seira was a young, lively girl, though, and was incapable of blocking this new, mirthful feeling from entering her soul.

She could, however, keep it from growing.

"I am flattered, Sawatari-kun," she said with the same polite, quiet tone she always used. "I don't return your feelings, though. I'm sorry." Her words were gentle and light, but they burned his soul. Limply, his hands let go of hers, and with one final look at his broken expression, Seira continued toward the church.

With her back turned, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. She idly, painstakingly, wondered how the booming "I love you, too" echoing in her mind was unable to reach his ears.