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Chapter 1

Rob Wilco was tired. 14 hours typing numbers into a computer was enough to put anybody to sleep, not to mention piss them the heck off. He grabbed a "Pow" soda from the fridge and gravitated in the general direction of the TV. Bucky was sitting on the couch writing on a piece of paper. "Move your shag butt over, in want to catch the Si-" he broke off. The last time Bucky was writing was... "Bucky" Rob said slowly. "Are you writing another musical about your life?" "Uh, no, Pinky" Bucky replied. "It's an autobiography. Can you proofread the end fight scene? I'm still working on the part where I feast on a monkey." "Oh, Good Lord... alright, I'll read it." Rob picked up the manuscript which appeared to have chowder all over it. "Oh, yeah" Bucky said. "I dipped it in your chowder to make it smell good while I wrote. Happy reading, Pinky." "Bucky, Your handwriting is really terrible. I'll try as hard as I can."

The following is an excerpt from Bucky's autobiography:

It is me that is be kill yoo say handsome bucky cat oh bad is say feret that is evil fowl insayn filthy cheeting lying baby smacking beevr huging liberel medea

"Bucky" Rob said, peering over his glasses; "This ferret insult list is offensive to everyone from Spongebob Squarepants to Condoliza Rice! How the heck did you come up with this?" "Robbo, I watch the box with moving pictures. It tells me what I want to know."

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