A Roxas/Namine drabble. Based on an idea that the two only exist in their other halves dreams. Obviously based after KHII.

Disclaimer: Roxas and Namine belong in their respective game Kingdom Hearts.

"Sora's sleeping too, huh?"

The voice was familiar and by now, he'd become so used to hearing it and yet he felt his heart leap every time. Pulling himself off the black abyss, Roxas spun on his heels and gave the girl a smile. "Did you wait for me?"

"Of course." She smiled in return, her hands clutched behind her back. "You think I'd forget about you?"

Roxas was silent but not because he thought she was lying. Glancing around him, he gave a sigh. "It's always here that we seem to meet up."

"Well, Kairi and Sora are connected and so, this is really the only place we can meet up anymore." Though the comment sounded lonely, Roxas knew she hadn't meant it as such. She was thankful, just as he was, that he hadn't completely disappeared. She was thankful for being able to talk to someone instead of having the other half open their mouth and nothing they wanted to say come out.

He was thankful he could still stare into those blue eyes and not get them mixed up with Kairi's. "I wonder if we'll be like this forever ..." He mumbled softly, more to himself then his female companion.

Bringing her hands before herself, she grinned widely. "You always find some way to make this sad, don't you?" It wasn't a jab. It was a hopeful remark that he'd realize his mistake.

And he did. "Sorry, habit." Rubbing the under side of his nose, Roxas glanced around again. "You'd think the dream world would have more to it. Like color."

"Well, this place is based on imagination and intention." She explained, moving closer to the other as to stand beside him. Reaching over, she hooked her arm around his and grinned. "So what you make of this place is up to you. If you want to see color, then color you'll see."

Glancing to the side, Roxas gave a half hearted chuckle. "I've long since given up trying to fill this place up. It's just another piece of Sora. That's his job."

"And that doesn't make you lonely anymore?" She questioned, plainly curious. This was the first she'd heard of such talk.

The blond shrugged. "Not as much as it used to." He was quiet a moment before he continued. "It took a while to figure out but ..." Looking over at girl, he gave a slight, awkward smile. "I think it's because you're always here when I wake up, Namine."

Giving his arm a slight hug, she chuckled. "I'm so glad you finally noticed."


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