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Chapter two

Making Plans

"Yo Sasuke whats up!" Naruto waved to his long time friend who merely shrugged and went on helping a new student.

Naruto pouted and decided to wait until Sasuke was done to tell him his idea. They were going to go out and party with Neji and Rock Lee to a new club that had just opened up downtown. Naruto really wanted to get Sasuke out to do something since the Uchiha spent all his time with some chick he didn't know which was strange since Naruto knew every girl that crossed Sasuke's path. Anyway, in his opinion she must be something special for Sasuke to cancel their Super Bowl Sunday last week. Sasuke finally finished with the student and turn to Naruto, his self-proclaimed best friend.

"What do you want dope?" Sasuke asked dully as he organized the papers on his desk.

Naruto pouted at his coldness but then brightened when he noticed a silver barrette on the Uchiha's desk. Naruto picked up the hair ornament and examined it much to Sasuke's distaste.

"Put that down." Sasuke sighed but Naruto only gave him a smug grin.

"This must belong to that chick you've been hanging out with lately!" Naruto grinned and Sasuke just turned his back to him.

Sasuke knew that he should tell Naruto about Hinata and the writing thing but he didn't want to hear Naruto bitch and moan about nerds. He would never hear the end of it! Plus he kind of liked spending time with his student, she wasn't stupid like his other students and he could actually hold a conversation with her. What surprised him the most though was that Hinata was wise beyond her years and it unnerved him when she knew when he was lying. He didn't notice that he was so lost in thought until Naruto waved a hand in front of his face.

"Earth to Sasuke! Are you there?" Naruto asked and Sasuke just pushed his hand out of his face and grabbed the barrette.

"C'mon Sasuke tell me who she is! Is she hot? I bet she has big boobs! You are always a boob man, remember Karin?" Naruto smiled lecherously as he tried to imagine the girl.

Sasuke clenched his fist in his pocket as he tried not to punch Naruto for talking about Hinata like that. Granted the blonde didn't know who she was but still!

"What do you want Naruto?" Sasuke asked begrudgingly.



"C'mon Hinata! You know I can't go to this club with out you!" Ino pleaded with her big blue eyes and Hinata almost gave into her requests.

"N-no! I could never do something like that! Father would kill me!" Hinata said through a mouth full of granola bar.

"He won't find out! Just tell him you're sleeping over at my house." Ino whined and Hinata felt like banging her head against a brick wall. "If you don't come with us I'll tell your father what you're really doing everyday after school."

"You wouldn't!" Hinata gasped but Ino only nodded.

"I will."

Hinata sighed her father was so demanding. He wanted her to study, study, and study some more. He wanted her to take over the family business like Neji had. But recently Hinata realized that her ambition was to become a famous authoress, something her father found distasteful and Ino knew this well. Plus Hinata didn't want to give up anytime she had with her sensei.

"Fine I'll come with you guys." Hinata resigned but wasn't prepared for the glomping hug Ino gave her that sent both of them falling to the ground.

The whole incident caused both girls to break out into a fit of giggles.

"Oh thank you Hina! You won't regret coming!" Ino said happily. "I'll call you after practice is over so you can come to my house!"

Ino then got up and helped Hinata up as well before dusting herself off.

"Well I gotta get to practice! Thos balls don't bat themselves!" Ino said and waved goodbye to her raven-haired friend. "See ya later Hina!"

Hinata waved goodbye to her friend as well but even as she did that nervousness was setting in. What the hell was she going to do? Hinata touched the side of her head absently and was surprised to find her barrette missing from it usual spot. She frantically ran her fingers blindly through her hair to see if she could find it but came up empty handed. The only place she could remember touching it was in the English classroom. Hinata bit her lip nervously and hoped that her sensei wouldn't be mad at her for being so absent minded.


"Yes! This is going to be so awesome!" Naruto cheered as Sasuke rolled his eyes, an action that Naruto didn't miss. "Good lord Sasuke. Stop being so mopey. You're a twenty seven year old man who still hasn't had a steady girlfriend."

"Its not my fault my relationships never work out. Whys it to you anyway?" Sasuke asked as he leaned against his desk.

"I'm just concerned is all. Its not healthy for you to be alone all the time." Naruto shrugged. " You're not gay are you?"

"No. Stop asking me that." Sasuke glared.

"Whatever Sasuke I'm only-" Naruto smirked but was interrupted by a petite girl with long raven hair and was trying hard to catch her breath.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at her and then glanced at Sasuke who had stopped moping on his desk and was now walking towards the girl.

"What are you doing here miss Hyugaa?" Sasuke asked and the girl immediately became flustered.

"I-I-I forgot my barrette." She said nervously as she blushed and looked at her feet.

"You mean this thing?" Naruto interjected, holding up the silver object, and the realized that he was in the room as well.

"Y-yes!" the girl smiled happily and took the hairpiece out of Naruto's hand gratefully.

"T-thank you!"

"Whats your name?" Naruto asked and the girl looked at him curiously with her large lavender eyes before answering him.

"H-Hinata Hyugaa sir."

"Hyugaa, Hyugaa. Hey you're Neji's little cousin aren't you?" Naruto smiled and Hinata nodded.

"Y-yes you know Neji-niisan?" Hinata asked, surprise evident on her face.

"Yes I do! He's awesome when he gets that stick out of his ass!" Naruto joked and Hinata nervously giggled.

Sasuke's eye twitched at the interaction between them, not liking it one bit. Strange.

"You need to be getting home miss Hyugaa." Sasuke stated coldly and Hinata wondered what she'd done wrong.

"Okay sensei." Hinata said reluctantly and bowed respectfully to both men before leaving.

Naruto smirked and turned his attention back to Sasuke.

"So that's the little minx." Naruto grinned lecherously.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Sasuke retorted defensively but Naruto just chuckled.

"Whatever you say buddy. Whatever you say. Just remember to be ready by eight." Naruto smiled brightly as he left the room.

When Naruto was gone Sasuke sank to his desk chair and put his face in his hands. He had a massive headache. He opened his desk and pulled out a bottle of aspirin and popped two. He stared blankly at the bottle before placing it in his pocket. He had a feeling that he would need this tonight.

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