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Princess of Sin:Alternate Universe Fic. Haruhi Fujioka, the First Princess of Kaishen, was sick of everything in her life. The emotionless palace guards, the high expectations, the fake smiles. All of this was engraved into every memory. All of her life, Haruhi had only one salvation from this cold princess life, and that was Sir Morinozuka Takashi, her childhood friend. The moment that she set her eyes on him at the age of 8, she knew that he was the one, her knight in shining armor. He promised to her his love, and his soul, but when he leaves her behind to join the Royal Army, she was heartbroken. Haruhi then vows to never let love rule her heart and joins the army in disguise, as a man. While in army training camp, she meets Tamaki, Honey, and the Hitachin twins. Everyone thinks that she is a guy, including Mori. When General Kyouya Ootori sets his sights on the "male" Haruhi Fujioka, hell breaks loose. What happens when she can no longer bare the moments that they are apart, when she slowly finds herself desiring her "gay" general?



The innocent laughter of children erupted from the palace walls. Her royal highness, Haruhi Fujioka of Kaishen, merrily skipped around a beautiful pond in the courtyard. The pond had been specially made in celebration of her birth. Only the best could be presented to Princess Haruhi. That's been the story of her life. Everyone trying to impress, showering her with extravagant gifts.

Haruhi, although only ten, understood the false affection and she was so sick of it. She was sick of everything: the flirting court ladies, the lying ton, the expressionless guards, the prison-like palace. She wouldn't have been able to live through all this if it weren't for him.

Him, her knight in shining armor and the subject of her adoration. It was a fateful night two years ago when she had escaped from the palace to adventure around the city for the first time. Unfortunately, some greedy boys saw that she carried around alot of money, so they decided to bully her and take the money.

It was then that she first saw him. Morinozuka Takashi. He had gallantly saved her from them and brought her safely back to the castle.

Ever since then, he's been living in the castle. They became best friends after that. As time passed, she realized that he was the only "real" thing in her life. He was never afraid to laugh at her faults or scold her for her mistakes.

Haruhi looked at Mori, eyes filled with adoration. The 12 year old was sitting cross-legged on the courtyard floor, covered with the daises that she had showered him with. He looked up as she walked towards him.

"Mori, are you happy here?" Haruhi asked, slowly sitting down beside him.

"Yes, I believe so." Mori answered. "Why?"

"You will stay by my side right, forever and ever." Haruhi asked sadly.

"Of course." Mori said, not realizing the importance of the question. Haruhi smiled at his answer and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"I like you best." Haruhi announced as Mori blushed bright pink.


Over the next few years, Haruhi and Mori stayed the closest of friends with only their dreams , which they kept a secret from each other, separating them.

Mori had hopes in becoming one of the seven Royal Knights of Kaishen. The Royal Knights held the highest position in the Royal Army. They strategized and had compete reign of the army. He was willing to give anything to become one.

Haruhi, on the other hand, wanted to become a memorable queen. She would rather have people love her for the things she did than the things she was born into. Her father, King Ranka, decided that she would take over the thrown on her 18th birthday, and he would be her advisor. In preparation of becoming queen, Haruhi secretly learned various forms of fighting. King Ranka's motto had always been, "A person's best weapon is the one no one expects."

Haruhi had always held on to that promise that Mori made to her and she had always believed that they would get married, but Moris had other plans.



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