OK i have never seen True Blood im going off of what i have been told and read in fanfic so the story takes place in Nevada please r&r please dont be to harsh

OK in this story you have to pretend that Carson City, Nevada is only a small town because I dont know any of the town names in Nevada are. But anyway in this story Bella moved to Carson City after waiting 6 months for the Cullens to come back. Well they didn't. She moved to Carson City to have a fresh she met Sam and Sookie......Sam owned his own Diner Sookie practically became Bellas best friend when she started working there. When Bella first moved she was still pretty messed up from the Cullens leave.

Well now it's about four and a half years later. But before I tell you anything about the present lets go back about three years because Bella did the stupidest thing ever.


Once Bella got over the fact that the Cullens were never going to come looking for her she started looking for them so she could at least say goodbye to everyone she never got to say goodbye to when they first left. Well of course Alice had a vision and called Bella (Bella wasnt home) and left her a voicemail and in that voicemail Alice said goodbye and that no matter what she at some point would try to make contact with Bella. Then everyone else except Edward said goodbye. Well when Bella got home and heard the message she wanted to die. And she knew that she wouldn't see Alice because Edward would never allow her to go.

But instead of being smart, Bella had the number traced by one of her friends that is a cop, his name is Quil, and found out the number. Well when she called Esme answered, Bella was shocked that the number even worked.

This was the conversation:
"Yes who's this?"
"The one person who will always and forever as long as I live will keep your familys secret even if I never see you. But for the record the Cullens were my family. Goodbye."
she didnt't hang up right away 'cuz Esme went completly silent.
But there was no answer because Bella hung up. After she hung up she started crying. That was one of the hardest things for her to do.

OK now lets get backk to the present. About a year and a half ago someone made a drink called True Blood. True Blood is for vampires so they don't have to feed on humans. True Blood can quench the thirst for bllod just like human blood or animal blood. Once this drink was made the vampires went public and so did some werewolves and shape-shifters. Sam is a shape-shifter.

When True Blood first came out Bella wasn't very happy because now vampires are in her life again. But so far in this little town of Carson City not a single vampire has come yet.

But now since you are caught up to date....wait you don't even know what year it is....It is the year 2014....Bella is twenty-two and a half. OK now since you are caught up to date let's start the story with Bella already at work. She is a waitress and just for future purposes she was in gymnastics for a little over a year after the phone call to Esme.

OK LET'S GO!!!!!! (it's in Bella's POV).

ok I told you I have never seen True Blood so please throw ideas at me if you want.