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Chapter One

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Oh, just look at you sitting there, completely unaware that I haven't been able to keep my eyes off of you all morning. Hell, I'm not even sure if I've gotten any work done so far. Tony thought, tapping his fingers thoughtfully on his desk while gazing over at McGee. You know, we've worked together for all of this time and yet we haven't gotten the chance to really talk about much of anything important. Although there was that one time we went out to grab a cup of coffee, but even that ended up being only a twenty minute chat. There always seems to be something getting in the way or coming-

"Tony!" Ziva snapped, breaking Tony out of his trance. He jumped slightly in his chair and blinked, looking up at her frowning face. Breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn't Gibbs, he said, "Oh, hey Ziva. What's up?"

Ziva held up a single envelope and smashed it down onto Tony's desk. "The idiots in the mail room put another one of your letters into my mail slot." She shook her head, and threw her hands into the air. "I am sick of them putting the 'DiNozzo' mail into my 'David' slot!" Turning around, she continued mumbling to herself about what she would do to the people if another one were to turn up in her slot.

Tony watched her as she walked off, and then he glanced down at the now wrinkled envelope that lay on his desk. He picked it up and looked at the return address. "A law firm in Minnesota?" He said to himself in surprise, grabbing a nearby letter opener and slicing the seal open. Tony carefully removed the papers and unfolded them, reading over what each one said.

Rich old Uncle Clive died? He thought, his brow furrowing. Apparently he left me something… He read on, his eyes growing wide as he read even further. He left me a home in the mountains of Montana?!? Holy shit, its four and half thousand square feet! That's five times the size of my apartment! Tony's jaw dropped, and his fingers moved onto the next page.

Huh, that lawyer cousin of mine included a note. His eyes skimmed over the words typed on that page, and then Tony's mouth shut itself.

That Uncle of mine had been sick for awhile and had been unable to visit the home in over three years? How come nobody told me he was sick?! Especially since he thought enough of me to give me a house like this! Tony rested his face on his hand.

P.S. All of the furniture is still inside the house. However, you may want to run by and clean it up first, because it has lain untouched for just over three years.

Tony chuckled softly to himself and shook his head. There's always some sort of catch, DiNozzo. He told himself, glancing over at McGee once more. Suddenly his eyebrow rose in question, and a wide grin grew across his face. Unless someone were to come along and help me clean it all up. Then this inheritance just might end up being my golden ticket! Tony thought excitedly, leaping to his feet and stepping towards McGee's desk.

Timothy McGee looked up from his computer screen, finding Tony hovering intently over his desk with a stupid grin on his face and some papers in his hand. Tim raised an eyebrow and stared at him, asking, "So, what's with you today?"

Tony swayed back and forth slightly, replying, "I just inherited a huge home nestled in the mountains of Montana."

Tim shrugged. "Not surprising. Your family is pretty wealthy."

Although Tony kept his gaze on McGee, he turned his attention back to his monitor and busily clicked away at the keyboard. Glancing around to be sure Gibbs wasn't nearby, Tony leaned even closer to McGee. "You know, the place hasn't been visited in over three years." He added, lowering his voice. "That means it's pretty dusty inside."

McGee looked up at Tony once more, knowing that he was not one to go into details about many things. "What's your point?"

"In case you have forgotten, McSaver, you still have over five weeks of vacation stored up that you can use at any time. I, however, have only three."

McGee sighed. "Oh, great. I have a pretty good guess as to where this is going."

Come on, Timothy…work with me here! Tony thought, widening his eyes and gently biting down on his lower lip, forcing it to tremble softly under his teeth. "Please, please, please will you take three weeks off for vacation and fly out to Montana with me to clean up this house?" He asked. "I'll even cover your airfare and food if you'd like. All you have to do is come with and do your share of the job."

McGee laughed, glancing away from Tony before responding, "There's no way Gibbs will let both of us off for three weeks straight! What if a case comes up?"

"That's what they've got replacements for. Plus if I were to tell Gibbs now, he would have plenty of time to find two suitable people."

McGee sighed at Tony's point, and then asked, "We really need three weeks to clean up a house?"

Tony paused, not having fully contemplated his plan. "Uh, well, it is a rather large house…it's supposed to be four and a half thousand square feet, not including the added indoor pool in the back. Besides, I'll probably just end up selling it in the end, so I want it to look perfect when potential buyers come through." He mentally crossed his fingers, hoping that he could convince McGee to travel out there with him for all that time.

McGee pushed his chair back slightly and clicked the mouse on his computer a few times. He glanced up at Tony again, whose eyes were still glued to McGee's face. "I'm not so sure it will be safe to go right now. It's going to start snowing over there sometime next week, and winter in the mountains is even more dangerous then the ones we have around here."

Tony sighed, and then distracted himself with the letter in his hand. A second later, his finger flew onto the page and he exclaimed, "Aha!" Tim twitched from the sudden noise, and Tony continued, "What do you know, there's even a heated feature in the pool. Plus there's a fancy library he built four years back. Ooh, there's even three fireplaces! Looks like you don't have to worry about getting cold, Probie."

McGee sat back in his chair and began stroking his chin, mumbling, "An all expenses paid trip out to Montana, you say…"

"Uh, to help me clean." Tony added, reaching up and straightening his tie to distract himself from looking at McGee's cute pondering face.

Within a few moments, he was nodding his head, then shrugging. "What the heck. I could use some time away from the office."

Tony's face lit up with another huge smile. "Great! I'll go let Gibbs know that we'll be leaving next Friday for three weeks. That should be enough time for him to call in some replacements." He turned around and was about to walk off, then he added, "And McGee?"

Tim looked up at Tony. "Yes?"

"Thanks. I can really use your help out there." He winked at McGee before turning back around and heading off in the direction of Gibb's office.

As Tony walked briskly down the hall, Tim found himself still fixated on the back of Tony's head, his eyes soon wandering down his spine and stopping on his butt. He stared there for several seconds before realizing what he was doing, and then he blinked rapidly and forced his eyes to wander elsewhere. Shaking his head, he looked back down at his computer.

McGee, what have you gotten yourself into…

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