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As You Wish It

It was early October morning, the sun peeked over the neighborhood of Privet Dr , at the house with the number four, a woman was getting out of bed. Petunia made her way downstairs, making little sound as possible as not to wake her year old son or husband. She opened the front door to get the milk, she gave a startled cry at what she found. There sound asleep on her doorstep was her year old nephew, she lifted the babe and gently took the envelope out of tiny hands, opening and unfolding it she read it, gasping at the words. Her sister was dead, gone from this world.

The babe in her arm made soft cooing sounds indicating that he was awake.

"You don't belong here" she said softly to him her heart heavy, "you belong with your caretaker"

She then went to the kitchen where the car keys were, she grabbed them left a note and headed out in her bathrobe, and nephew in arms. She drove far until she came to a Japanese shinden-zukuri style house surrounded by a wooden gate, the gate opened and Petunia drove in, the woman wasn't surprised to see a young man in his late twenties with long black hair and blue eyes waiting at the front of the house.

"Petunia" the man said as the women got out of the car with the babe.

"Kaito" she said, " Please come inside" once into the guest room Kaito took hold of Harry.

" It's wonderful to see you again Kit" he said as the two sat. "And you as well Pet"

"It's wonderful to see my caretaker again" Petunia said with a smile.

"I've heard what happen to Lily" Petunia bit her lip and her eyes stung with tears "I already knew this would happen you know this" Petunia nodded "So you know why I'm here then, I mean it's only proper that you teach Harry. After all you are his caretaker"

Kaito nodded "Yes, yes don't worry your nephew will be in good care as always"

Petunia smiled, "Thank you" she said "I know but, I 'm more worried about you Pet" the Caretaker said "you know it's never to late find a new master"

Petunia shook her head "No, I-I don't think I'm ready yet" Kaito sighed then gave a gentle smile.

"Alright I won't push you".

After saying goodbye to her nephew Petunia left, Kaito ranged for a servant.

"Have the nursery ready by noon and have Dr. Juno come to my room" he said when the servant entered, the servant bowed and left. Kaito then turned all his attention to Harry.

"It's been a while since I've had a baby to care for" Harry just pulled on his caretaker's hair and cooed happily. Kaito smiled.


"Harry-sama! Harry-sama! Where is that child?"the head maid Misty made her way to the gardens in hopes of finding the young master.

"There you are" black fox ears perked up at the maid's voice ..

"Misty!" the little boy got up and went over to her, black fox tail wagging happily "Misty look at what I found" the little boy showed the women the bright yellow flowers.

"You think Papa Kaito will like them?" he asked.

Misty nodded "Of course he will, now let's get you cleaned up, your lesson started thirty minutes ago!"

Misty rushed Harry to his room and into the bathroom where she cleaned him off and dressed him in a white kimono. Afterwords she led him to the study where his lessons were held.

"Here he is Kaito-sama" Misty pushed the little one inside.

"Thank you Misty" Harry bounced over to his caretaker, yellow flowers in hand

"Papa! Papa! Look at what I found!" Kaito chuckled, "There very nice Kit" he said. "Do you know what they are?"

Harry looked at the flower in his hands with a mixture of curiosity and thoughtfulness, "Ummm, daisies?" he said.

Kaito chuckled. "No, but good try" Kaito lifted and sat Harry on a chair, "Now then, let's begin with transformation", Harry nodded and closed his eyes hard in concentration.


The black smoke cleared and a little baby fox was sitting were Harry once was, the little fox looked up at his caretaker

" Very good Harry, keep it up a little longer"


"I'm sorry" Harry whimpered his ears dropping..

Kaito petted him on the head "It's okay, you last longer than last time" Harry smiled his tail wagging.

"Alright let's started with your reading, grab a book" Harry slipped off the chair and went over to the library to grab a book, once he picked one he went back to his caretaker and showed him the book, Kaito gave him a nod, the little one climbed onto his lap and they began reading.


Harry was a Jisuru, a special and powerful breed of creature that took on the forms of half-human, half-animals. They lived to serve their chosen masters and were trained by their caretakers, who cared for them, taught them the basics needed to serve and protect their chosen masters. Harry was a special breed, the black fox.

"Pardon me Kaito-sama"

Both Harry, Kaito and the head chief looked up, when Misty entered the kitchen, "I'm sorry to bother you but you have letter that was delivery and is marked urgent" Kaito frowned, he didn't remember expecting a letter.

"Alright, Kevin finish up here with Harry I'll be back in a moment"

"Yes Kaito-sama"

Kaito left and went to his room where Misty had put the letter, he found it on his desk, he unfolded it and read it. His eyes grew cold at each word he read, once done he sneered, ripped the letter and threw it away. He took calming breathes before making his way back to the kitchen; he smiled when Harry trotted over to him, a plate of cookies in his hands.

"Papa look at what I made!" Kaito kneeled.

"They look delicious" Harry smiled proudly "Kevin said they taste good too" Kaito smiled before pulling the little kit into a hug, Harry's ears twitched when he sensed a sudden change in his caretaker.

"I won't let him take and use you Kit"

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