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As You Wish It

Harry though disappointed when he couldn't have a party was surprised at how many presents he received on his birthday, he loved them all, especially the new boom he got from his godfathers, much to Misty dismay and Kaito's amusement.

He spent the whole day flying around, doing dangerous stunts that gave the maids heart attacks and had the guards and male staff edging him on. When the sun was beginning to set, the little fox stuffed himself with cake, and the rest of the evening was spent with the whole household chasing the sugar induced child, until said child literally dropped to sleep in the middle of the hall.

"You just had to let him have that last piece" grumbled Maxis, the head of security. Kaito chuckled as he lifted Harry into his arms.

"I'll ready him for bed" he said to Misty, who nodded a smile on her face, when both the masters disappeared down the hall she turned to the rest of the staff with her.

"Well party over, time to clean up and don't let me see you sneaking cake again Jessica!"

The maids giggled while Jessica pouted.

"Well hop to it, and Maxis I think I saw Brock and Jones gambling"


A few days later after Harry's birthday, a gift from Albus came, after a very intense checkout from security, Kaito reluctantly gave his kit his gift.

"Oh my" Misty gasp, when the Harry showed what he got

"Well I'll be damn" Maxis whistled

"I'm going to kill that man" Kaito groaned rubbing his temples.

"Papa?" Harry looked at his Caretaker, while holding his gift.

"I think I should hold onto this for a while kit" the man then said


Kaito decided not to answer, instead he said "Wanna go to the park?"

Harry's ears lit up at the mention of going outside the house, he shook his head eagerly, present forgotten.

"Go get dress"

Harry scampered off and out his Papa's study, not before giving the man his gift

"I wonder what he has planned" Misty mused once Harry was out of hearing range

"Nothing good, I can tell you that much "Kaito said getting up from his desk, he handed the Invisible Coat to Maxis.

"Put that in the vault" Kaito said

"Yes, Kaito-sama"


Kaito looked a Misty expecting gaze then sighed "We'll leave Albus alone for now, but if he harms Harry in any way you have my permission" Misty nodded before leaving to help Harry prepare for the outing.

Kaito watched her go, once alone he was left to his thoughts.

Summer went by fast, and the Kaito house-hold found themselves ready the young master for his departure once again. After making sure everything was needed, Harry scurried into the car with his Papa, Misty wouldn't be able to see him off this time.

They made it to the train station fifteen minutes early before it was schedule to leave.

"Do you want me to wait with you until the train is about to leave my little Kit?" Kaito asked once they passed through the wall, Harry glanced at the train and students bordering, his tail wagging when he saw the familiar head of blonde hair.

"No" he told his Papa, "I'm okay by myself"

"Alright, I'll help you with your things"

Kaito help load Harry trunk, then kissed his Kit goodbye.

"Behave, and stay away from the catnip, I don't want another letter, telling me you're terrorizing the school again"

Harry giggled but nodded, kissed his Papa and headed into the train to look for Draco.

Draco and Blaise looked up when the door slide open.


A black furred blur tackled Draco, causing him to fall off his seat and onto the floor.

"Hello Harry" Draco said dryly, while Blaise chuckled.

Harry purred and nuzzled his friend, before tackling and doing the same to Blaise.

"How was your summer?" Blaise asked when he was able to dislodge himself from the happy Kit.

"Really good, thanks again for the toys" Harry said, curling up next to Draco.

The rest of the train ride was spent talking about their summer.

Lucius's eyes locked onto the fox ears in the crowd of students, his lips turned up into a smirk, when he thought of how the little Kit would have looked in the Kimonos he had given as a birthday present He had personally picked them out.

"Careful Lucius, you're drooling" said a silky besides him.

Lucius gave Severus a mock glare, before chuckling.

"I suppose it can't be helped, he is so adorable" the blonde said

"That he is" Severus agreed, "though I don't think the rest of the staff would approve of their feet covered in drool"

"I suppose your right"

Severus was about to comment when the first years came falling in, and the start of the second year began.

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