I hope this a good chapter I know nothing is happening really so far but this is only the first chapter so there is much more of the story line, I love the uninvited, and I would have changed the ending if I were directing the film. So here's the story. Please feel free to review, Give me some ideas for the following chapters. Enjoy. P.S. just so you guys know, Alex is not dead in this story, neither is Matt.

It had been just nine months since my mother died in a brutal fire. It had been just nine weeks since dad started dating Rachel Somers. I hated that name, I hated her. Who was she? Who was she trying to take my mom's place? She would never do that, She might have my dad convinced that she was 'just helping' but I knew ms. Somers had her eyes on much more.

"Hey Anna, what are you going for a swim?" I heard Alex say as she walked down the dock to where I was sitting. "No, just… thinking." She rolled her eyes and sat down in front of me, "Your always thinking. Take a break from thinking and go swimming, I mean, we have this whole lake in front of us and you sit here 'just thinking.'" She was constantly pestering me when I was at peace. But I wouldn't want to be in that house with Rachel either. So I guess I should just get used to not thinking so much anymore.

I removed my bathing suit cover up, and dove into the water. Alex smiled, "I'm always right." I splashed water on her. "Oh Alex, Oh my, oh my Its matt! What should I do?" she hit the ground with her hand, so that told me to get up and sit beside her to wait for Matt.

Seconds later, Matt docked his boat and stepped out, "I missed you Anna." I hugged Matt, I can't believe that it was a whole month since I saw him. Had he forgotten about Rachel? Of course not, Who could forget the witch. " I missed you to, Matt."

"Was I invited to this party?" Rachel walked down the dock smiling that same smile that she uses to try to act like we like her. "Hello Rachel." I said after the moment of silence. "Anna, Alex, your father Is looking for you, He has a gift for you." Alex and I just stared at each other and began walking to the house. "Coming Matt?" "Ah, No I will see you guys at the party tonight." "Bye Matt."

"Oh a party? You never told me about a part, Anna." I just smiled. "She didn't need consent from you to go, We got it from our dad already." Alex said, making Rachel walk faster. "Alex, I don't care for the way that you speak to me. You know I try with you." "No, You try with our dad." I nudged Alex to tell her to stop, Rachel got mad when someone mouthed off to her.