Rachel's POV

I sat there on the patio, watching those brats talk. Anna was probably telling them how I ran away from her earlier today. I was so glad she didn't see the notebook…

Anna's POV

"So what? We've known she was a crazy nut job ever since she moved in here." "Yeah but now we have proof for dad." Alex looked at me with wide eyes. "Dad? We are not going to tell dad anything about this." "Then what are we going to do about this?" Matt said curiously. "What are we going to do? I will tell you what we will do." I said answering his question, then I continued "We are going to find out what Rachel Somers is up to. And who she is." Alex smiled that devious smile.

One hour passed before I said it was time to make a plan. We managed to come up with a seemingly great plot. But knowing Rachel, this would be harder then we took it for. Matt left on his boat, and me and Alex ran up the dock to the house.

This was going to be a great day. I just knew it.

2 hours later

"Okay, Alex they are gone." I said as I watched my dad's new SUV pull out of the driveway. "Perfect, now lets go look into Ms. Somers room." I looked at her with unconvinced smile. "Alex, We're going to get caught." "That's why we waited until they left to do this." "Right." Alex walked down the hall and into Rachel and dad's room. I followed, still skeptical of her plan. Well my plan.

"Alex, we need to get out of here, obviously she has nothing that can prove her of doing anything, plus gross in here." I made this conclusion after we saw the tons of lingerie in Rachel's closet. Alex just rolled her eyes, as I knew she would. "Come on, Anna. Rachel wouldn't just leave a piece of evidence in the open for people to take." "Fine, you look and I will just keep watch for them. Because they are going to be home soon." "Fine."

30 minutes later

If she hadn't found anything by now, obviously there was nothing. Maybe Rachel was just weird. "Anna.. I think you should see this.." Alex said, I heard the worry in her voice. "Coming!" I yelled as I ran to the room.

Alex stood there with a journal in her hand. I looked at her then the journal, puzzled. "Alex, it's just a journal.." she cut me off. "No no, look inside." she said, not taking her focus off of the journal.

I opened it slowly, afraid of what would be in there. I began reading.. There seemed to be names of people in there and then dates. It had the birth date, then the death date. This could mean anything, I mean Rachel was a nurse, but why would she keep the death's of a journal in her own home?

I continued reading. And then noticed the cause of death column.

Julie Claus- Birth: Jan. 16th, 1991. Death: Jan. 16th, 2009. Cause of death: Poisoned

I read on, and was even more scared then the time that I almost drowned in the lake. "What could this mean?" I asked, Alex took a deep breath. "Rachel Somers is a murderer." My eyes widened. And I dropped the book. I was now hyperventilating, we lived with a murderer?! She was going to kill us! "No, that cant be." Alex picked the book up and looked at the last page. "Or maybe it can. Anna I don't remember us dying." "What are you talking about?" and I looked at the page, and saw three names written in red ink large and clear. They read, me and Alex's name's and Matt's. "You don't think…" "I don't know, Anna. But I do know, we found our first piece of solid evidence that she is an insane psycho wench." "Alex, this could mean anything really. She could just be waiting until we die… Oh what is the use we are living with a murderer!" "Look, Anna. We absolutely cannot tell dad about this. I've seen shows about people like her. And when they get discovered, the last option is to kill, violently." I looked at her. "Dad would never believe us, Alex. He thinks we just don't like Rachel, that may be true. But he doesn't know how she is, how she acts when he is not around." She nodded and walked out of the room, I bent down and picked up the journal. This was the last stand. Rachel Somers was going down, and there wasn't a thing in this world that was going to stop me.