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Renesmee Cullen

Holy crap. I was shitting my pants when I glanced at the clock and realized it was six o' clock. I wrung my wrists and bit my lip. I felt like a total idiot and I almost when home…almost.

I pulled at the bottom of Jacob's huge football jersey that rested mid-thigh on me. I felt like a twig in this jersey, but hopefully I looked really hot to Jacob. I ran my hand through my hair and closed my eyes. Jacob would be home today from work at six thirty, just like every other day. The only difference?

Today was his birthday and I was going to give him a gift he would never forget.

Jacob and I were in a serious relationship. We didn't throw around "I love you" like other couples did, we meant it. We were both virgins and I pretty sure neither of us had any idea what we were supposed to do when the clothes were off. Billy, Jacob's dad, was out of town and Jacob was turning the magic seventeen today. I heard the front door creak open and I lost my marbles, right there.

My hands immediately went to the light switch in his room and I waited, the dark felt like a freaking tomb as I waited for Jacob to walk in. I convinced Jacob to give me the spare key to his house, many months ago, planning for something like this.

Jacob's footsteps got closer and I shook my head and flung it back and forth, looking for a wild "sex hair" look.

Jacob walked into his room and I swear, no one's footsteps had ever made me so nervous. I leaned on the windowsill, sitting down on the bench underneath it and crossing my legs. Jacob flipped the light on and dropped the glass he had in his hand.

"Holy- Renesmee?" Jacob yelled as the glass slipped from his hand.

"Hey there birthday boy." I tried to sound seductive, but came up sounding like a drag queen.

"Renesmee, you scared the crap out of me." Jacob panted. "What are you-whoa." Jacob's jaw dropped and I nodded, feeling like an idiot, but glad he was taking the bait.

"Happy birthday Jacob." I found that I sounded a lot more like a drunk man than a hot chick.

"Oh, well uh," Jacob smirked and walked up to me, lifting my leg and hitching it around his hip. "This might just be the best birthday present I've ever gotten." He smiled and kissed up my neck. I laughed one of those creepy, breathy laughs and melted in his arms.

NO! I was seducing him not the other way around. I licked Jacob's ear and he moaned. "That's my goal." I decided to whisper, that way I sounded a lot more like a girl.

"Renesmee, what is exactly is your goal for tonight?" Jacob chuckled seductively into my ear. Dang, has he done this before?

"Well, I was thinking we could have a little fun…play around a little…whatever you want." I continued to whisper into his ear, letting my lips brush against his neck and ear. He trembled and I gave myself a mental high-five for the goose bumps I was raising all over his body.

"I think that might be a good idea…the um…outfit, you are wearing might have caused me to do some very naughty things without your permission." Jacob laughed and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Well, say the word, and you'll get what you want." I smiled and backed away slowly, beckoning to him with my finger. Jacob licked his lips and stalked towards me. I laid back on his bed and Jacob hovered over me, kissing down my neck and back up. I weaved my hands into Jacob's short, choppy hair and kissed his mouth seductively, sucking on his bottom lip as we usually did when we made out. Jacob grinded against me and I could feel the hard bump in his jeans against my thigh. Jacob leaned back and he slowly lifted his shirt over his head. My eyes glazed over Jacob's amazing body and I looked back up at his face.

Jacob unbuttoned his jeans and I just watched, feeling the drool pool in my mouth. He slowly slid his jeans off and hovered back over me. I knew what I was about to do was going to take all of the strength I had. I grabbed the tops of Jacob's shoulders and pushed to the right until I was on top of him. I panted with the effort and Jacob laughed.

"You could've just asked me to roll over." He smiled and I rolled my eyes, kissing down from his neck to his navel, all the while looking up to watch Jacob's expression. Jacob licked his lips and bit down on his lower lip. "Renesmee you're torturing me." Jacob whined. Good. I thought to myself. "Shirt, take it off." Jacob growled.

I smiled as seductively as possible and got up, teasing Jacob by pulling his jersey slowly up my body. I stole Alice's frequent buyer card from Victoria's Secret and bought a red bra and panties lacey number especially for tonight.

"Renesmee." Jacob moaned his eyes were half-lidded and glazed over with he had a lazy grin on his face; I backed up, slowly lifting my shirt. I backed towards the doorway so I could take off the shirt and run into Jacob's lap.

I screamed at the top of my lungs when the sharp shards of glass form Jacob's glass before penetrated my foot. "OUCH! Mother fu-Get it out!" I screeched. Jacob hopped up from the bed, his hands trying to figure out how to get me to the car , he settled on grabbing the tops of my shoulders.

"I'm taking you to the hospital." Jacob muttered to mostly himself as he grabbed his keys and threw me over his shoulder as we headed for his car. Jacob shoved me into the passengers seat. I cried out in pain praying that I wouldn't need to much to be done…and oh my god, if my dad found out… I began to sob, thinking of how many ways my dad could possible kill me if he found out.

Jacob sped towards the hospital before he looked down and cursed to himself. "I forgot pants!" Jacob yelled. We stopped in front of the hospital and Jacob threw me over his shoulder and ran me into the ER. "Someone help her!" Jacob screamed as we entered the ER. A doctor was already in the lobby, talking to a nurse when he looked over at us.

"What the hell?" He muttered as he reached for his cell phone. "Yeah, it's doctor Hanno, get Dr. Chin in here, we've got a couple of horny teenager's gone wrong." He ordered into the phone. I felt my face grow red and I realized with the way Jacob was holding me over his shoulder, everyone could see my panties. "Yeah, we're going to have to alert the parents." He shook his head as he continued his conversation on the phone.


This would definitely be a birthday gift Jacob would never forget.

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