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Math is another word for medieval torture.


Three hours later

Harry closed the book on pure blood history Draco had given him earlier.

It turns out that Draco did know Regulus. Regulus A. Black was Draco's mother's cousin.

Apparently Regulus had died of mysterious causes, the body was never found.

When Harry had asked for more details, Draco dug into his bag and simply gave Harry his book and told him to look it up himself.

And he did; unfortunately, the only thing he could find was Regulus was the younger of two brothers, was in the Slytherin house, had three female cousins, and was something called a seeker for Slytherin. Not much information at all.

Harry sighed and rubbed his forehead, this was going to be hard, he could already tell.

An idea hit Harry like a brick wall. He quietly pulled himself up from the bed, careful not to wake his roommates. He tip-toed to the trunk at the end of his bed and graphed the lid, as quietly as possible he pulled open the trunk. He reached a hand inside and pulled out his bag.

Harry grinned in victory. He tip-toed back on his bed and pulled the sapphire blue comforter over his head.

Now that he was hidden he reached into his side pocket and pulled out a flashlight. He flicked the flashlight on and pointed it to his bag. He reached into the bag a pulled out his laptop.

Harry pulled the top of the laptop open and pressed the power button, still no good.

This didn't stop Harry. He pulled something else out of his bag, this time it was a small screwdriver. He flipped the laptop over and started to unscrew the screws.

Another three hours later

Harry held up his laptop in victory. The screen of the laptop gave off a glow from the screen.

Harry J. Potter had made a laptop work in Hogwarts, the school of no electricity and little understanding of natural human behavior.

Harry felt obligated to rub it in the old pedophiles face; but he was just way to nice for that.

Harry lied the laptop down on his lap. He moved the mouse across the screen to the internet connection, the little red X stood in front of the two little computers mockingly.

Harry frowned; he forgot that this place would not have the internet. How could he over look that fact?

He sighed and closed the laptop; he placed the laptop back into his bag and placed the bag onto the floor.

Harry pulled a hand through his hair before lying back down on his bed. His mind was racing with ideas of how to find the internet here. Maybe he could get the pedophile to install it somewhere in the castle.

Harry dismissed that idea immediately, he didn't was to be within ten feet of that old man and his kidnapping minions.

Another idea hit Harry: maybe he could use his 'magic' to create his own version of the internet. The problem was how he would do it. Did he need a crystal ball or something?

Harry stood back up in determination; it was time to give the 'Wizarding world' a taste of a more modern world.

A Wizard style modern world that is.

And all it would take is learning who Regulus Black is first.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Harry dressed into his Egyptian outfit and rope like sandals. He placed the silver ornament around his head (1), grabbed his bag and made his way out of the room; quietly so as not to wake up his still sleeping roommates.

He hopped down the spiral staircase one at a time. He walked across the blue common room and made his way out into the hallway.

Harry pulled the watch out of his bag; he had to meet Draco in ten minutes. He sped up his walking pace. He made special care not to run into that ghost, Peeves was it?

After about another five minutes he was standing before the doors of the great hall, he tugged at his bag nervously. Gathering up his courage he walked through the doorway.

The whispers of the students all stopped abruptly, all eyes landed on him. Harry took a deep breath, the nervousness returned to him with a harsh revenge. He reached a hand into his bag a patted Rin's head for comfort. He took in a deep breath and made his way to the end of the Ravenclaw table.

He sat down quietly and waited for Draco to arrive in the Great Hall. But until then Harry decided that he could read through his many get well notes from his trip to the nurses' office.

Several of the notes had come from some girl named Ginny Wesley; these notes were very, very disturbing and several of the things she wrote had hints of stalker-ish behavior. Harry made note to avoid her when she came to this school next year.

Another note had come from Ron, the boy who yelled at him on the train, and apparently Ginny's older brother. He wrote an apology for his performance on the train and wishes to be his friend. Harry probably would have agreed if the letter didn't include sever bashing of his friends in Slytherin.

Harry opened another letter from Cho. It simply told him to get well soon. Cho also wanted to know the name of his wolf cub.

Harry went through several more notes, some from his friends others from teachers. Finally there was only one more note left.

This note caught his interest. The envelop was dyed a sky blue color and a smell came from it. Written in a darker navy blue ink was the name Luna Lovegood.

Harry broke the seal and pulled out the letter. The letter was made up of regular paper rather than parchment. He stopped for a brief moment, keeping the surprise off his face. He slowly began to read.

Hello Harry Potter,

As you probably understand from the front of the envelop, I am Luna Lovegood.

I'm not going to Hogwarts this year, but I will be next year. I heard about your fainting through the sources of the daily prophet, the wizard news paper.

Harry paused his reading. He was in the news paper? Why would the news paper want to talk about him fainting at dinner on the first day of school? Didn't they have something more important to talk about?

He sighed and continued reading.

I am very sorry about your fainting; I had thought the Fainting Pansies had caught you when I read about it.

Harry stopped again. Fainting Pansies?

Fainting Pansies are pixie sized creatures that fly into your brain and mess around until you faint. But don't worry, a bit of popcorn should keep them away.

Harry nodded, that was…interesting.

I just wanted to make sure you were alright and if you had a history of fainting because of the Fainting Pansies.

So dad and I went to do research in the muggle world about your life.

Harry almost dropped the letter at that line. The idea of being stalked again raced through his mind.

Your aunt and uncle have been really worried about you and your health. Your cousin has also been worried and said you weren't responding to his E-Mails.

Harry almost felt like he would cry. It wasn't his fault they didn't have the internet here.

Your aunt really is lovely. She makes good tea.

I also wanted to speak with you about something. This autistic thing you have is really fascinating.

Harry paused again. So wizards really didn't know what autism was?

At first I thought the actions your aunt described were due to the Changing Manger. But as she went on I realized that it was not the Changing Manger, it was simply you.

There was no outside stranger causing this, it was just the way you were and the way your mind worked.

Harry paused yet again. This Luna, she sounded like she was trying to figure him out.

That is right isn't it? You think in a different way right? You like to see things others refuse to acknowledge, in ways others don't see them. You like to see the world differently. You judge a man not by what he gained, but by what he gave (2). Not by his words or promises but by his actions. Am I right?

Harry nearly dropped his letter again. Luna somewhat understood. She was trying to understand.

Something warm built up in Harry; though he did not notice it.

I think I understand you just a little Harry. I believe in things that others don't believe in, sometimes they call me Loony, but they just don't see the things I do.

I know what it's like, to see the things others just refuse to see. I understand views that others don't understand.

I would like to understand you to Harry Potter.

Your Friend,

Luna Lovegood.

P.S. I don't think Frollo is that evil at all.

Harry nearly dropped the letter again. That wasn't what he expected at all. Maybe he should write Luna back.

Harry glance at his watch Draco was ten minutes late.


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