Author's Note: I liked the Christmas part and tried my hand at a New Years Eve one, and it failed miserably, mostly because there isn't really a plot at all and it's just me writing a bunch of random things that I always like to read in fics. It's stupid, but I wasted time on it, so what the hell. I'm posting it anyway. Meh.

Life flies by, so you have to embrace it
Forget the past, cause you cannot erase it
So live the dream, and learn to chase it
And when you can almost taste it
It all comes alive

"Have you talked to your parents yet?" Ashley asks as she reenters the living room with the bowl of popcorn she was sent out to make.

"Earlier, yeah," Spencer answers, lifting up her legs for Ashley to slide under, putting them on Ashley's lap when her girlfriend is back in place. "I called from home when I went to get a change of clothes. I figured I should at least pretend that I've been staying there so my mom's head doesn't explode."

Ashley can't help but chuckle a little bit, still surprised that Spencer was able to talk her way into staying behind by herself, especially over the holidays. "Did you tell them that we're back together?"

"I told my dad," she confirms, grabbing some popcorn. "I knew that if I told my mom she'd be on the first plane back to supervise us, so she can just find out when they come back."

"I better not be there to greet them, then," Ashley comments, already picturing the death glare she'll receive from the older Carlin. If she's lucky, that's all she'll get. "I'm just finally growing that patch of hair back."

"Don't be so dramatic," Spencer laughs, instinctively reaching back to play with the other girl's dark curls.

"But then I wouldn't be me," the brunette says with a cheesy grin. "And you wouldn't want me any other way, right?"

"I wouldn't mind a few improvements," Spencer teases, not really meaning it. Sure, Ashley could be a bit more mature, and less of a smart ass, and more open with her feelings, but Spencer learned how to love Ashley just as she was, with every single one of her flaws.

"That sounds like a segway," Ashley comments, leaning into Spencer's touch and turning her head to look at her. "Are we gonna have The Talk now?"

"Not yet." She definitely wants to have it before her family and Kyla come home, knowing that her and Ashley have a knack for getting interrupted, no matter what they're doing, but she doesn't think now is the time. "It's already pretty late."

"Okay," Ashley agrees simply, willing to let her girlfriend set the pace. She'd be lying if she said that she was looking forward to having this long overdue conversation, but she knows that it's needed and she knows that she owes Spencer more than a few explanations and she wants to give them to her. She won't have a lot of the answers that she's sure the younger girl is looking for, but she'll give her all of the ones that she does have. "Can we have it before New Years Eve? I kinda wanna start the new year off fresh, you know? None of the old drama weighing us down."

"I think that sounds like an excellent idea," the blonde beams, pulling Ashley's head towards her so she can kiss her. When they pull apart, Spencer lays her head on Ashley's shoulder and stares at the Christmas tree that is still sitting in the living room, days after Christmas is over. "Do you think I should make Sean come back and take this away or just wait for Glen to come home and get him to do it?"

"When are they coming home?"

"My dad said they were probably staying a few extra days than planned," Spencer says, absentmindedly playing with her girlfriend's slender fingers. "So probably like the fifth, I think."

"Just wait for Glen then," the brunette decides. She likes looking at the tree, knowing it was something that Spencer had done for her. She can't remember the last time she had a Christmas tree up in her house, and it makes her feel normal. She feels Spencer nod against her shoulder, and she gently removes her hand from the blonde's grip, bringing it around her shoulder and pulling the girl closer to her side. "So that means I've got you all to myself for almost another week? I like the sound of that."

"When does Kyla come home?"

"I don't know," Ashley laughs. "I don't really listen to her when she talks. She's at least staying in Baltimore until New Years."

"Does she know we're back together?" Kyla had been a pretty good friend to Spencer this whole time, despite being Ashley's sister, and she knows that unlike her mother, the girl would be extremely happy to hear the news.

"Nah," Ashley answers, grabbing a hand full of popcorn with her free hand and popping a couple of kernels in her mouth. "Then she'd know that her little advice or whatever helped get us back together and I'd never hear the end of it. No, she can find out when she comes home and never know the exact details." She sees Spencer smirking. "She doesn't hear the details, got it?"

"Sure, sure," Spencer promises, holding her fingers up to show Ashley her crossed fingers. The brunette just rolls her eyes and lets it drop. She does kinda owe her sister for getting her girl back, so she can't be too mad. "What should we do tomorrow night? We've been cooped up in here for three days straight."

"Is that you complaining?"

Spencer knows she's just joking, but she plays along with a sweet smile, grabbing Ashley's chin and shaking gently. "Never. But I kinda feel like showing you off."

"Make our big debut as a newly reunited couple?" Ashley asks with a big smile, more than happy to let everyone in the LA area know that she had managed to win the best girl in the world back. "I could go for that. Ego?"

"Kay." She has only ever been there once, and it didn't end too well, but she's more than willing to go back with Ashley and erase that memory. She can't help but smile a bit as she remembers how protective Ashley got when she told her what had happened that night with Carmen.

"You coming over for dinner tonight?" Spencer asks as she starts gathering her homework that was spread over Ashley's bed. She had starting coming over to the loft to do her homework and just hang out after school about a week ago, still finding it hard to be alone in her house without Clay, since everyone else was at work. "My dad's making his famous chili that you love."

"Didn't he just make that the other night?" Ashley questions from her position at the foot of the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"You caught me, we're having left overs." The blonde shoves her last textbook into her bag and places it on the floor, sitting down on the newly cleared bed. She notices that Ashley doesn't seem like herself this afternoon. She reaches over and gives her thigh a playful slap. "Come on, I know you're not exactly picky. Is it the company? You sick of me already?"

Though she's currently preoccupied, Ashley manages to lock eyes with the other girl and smile sincerely at her. "Never happen, Spence."

"So you're coming?" Spencer asks, blushing slightly from the intense look the brunette is still giving her.

"How come Carmen is never there?" Ashley finally asks, voicing the thing that's been nagging at her for a while. At first she was just thankful that Spencer's little charity case wasn't there, but after being over there almost every night for the past week, she was starting to get curious. "Isn't it a little weird to have your ex-girlfriend over for dinner instead of your current one?"

Spencer shifts uncomfortably and sighs. It looks like they were finally going to have this conversation. After that night at Ego, and their subsequent make up, Ashley hadn't mentioned the other brunette at all, and Spencer felt weird just randomly informing Ashley that she was no longer seeing Carmen, thinking it might come off like she was expecting something to come of that. Ashley, who is watching the other girl intently, notices her discomfort and sits up.


"Carmen and I aren't together anymore," Spencer whispers, hoping that will be enough, but knowing it won't be. No way will Ashley just leave it at that. "We weren't even ever really together in the first place. We barely went on a couple dates. That night at Ego was like the third and last time we hung out."

"You guys broke up that night?" Ashley asks, surprised by this news. She thought Spencer would have told her something like that, but after thinking about it, she understands why Spencer didn't. Spencer nods, biting her lip, waiting. "Not to sound all egotistical or anything, but … It wasn't because of me, was it?"

Knowing that she's not good at lying to anyone, let alone Ashley, Spencer decides to just tell the truth, "Kinda, yeah."

"Did she hear what I said?"

"I guess so," Spencer nods, trying her best to keep her emotions in check. She knows that in comparison to how things could have turned out, what happened wasn't really that bad at all, but it still hurts her to think about.

Ashley watches as Spencer pulls at her fingers, and she gets an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She reaches over and covers the girl's hands with her own, stopping her nervous habit. "What happened?"

"We went back to Chelsea's studio, and she was asking who you were," Spencer retells, getting the strength she needs to continue when Ashley squeezes her hands. "I just told her that you were my ex, trying to play it down because she sounded angry enough, but when she started trashing you, I had to defend you." The uneasy feeling in Ashley's stomach is starting to get worse as she listens intently to Spencer's story. "That made her really angry, and I tried to calm her down, but … But, she wouldn't listened and she ended up pushing me into the wall pretty hard."

Ashley sits completely still beside her, letting her words wash over her. She closes her eyes and swallows the rage she feels growing inside of her. "She did what?"

"She pushed me," Spencer repeats quickly, seeing that Ashley is incredibly tense. "I hit my head and my back, and I still have a bit of a bruise on my elbow, but I'm okay, Ash, it's not a big deal."

"Not a big deal?!" Ashley finally explodes, jumping off the bed and standing in front of Spencer, staring at her incredulously. "Are you insane? This is a huge deal! She fucking pushed you! Nobody should ever be treated like that; especially by someone they're dating, especially when that person is you! You would never hurt anyone; you're sweet and you're perfect. You're my …" She wants to say girlfriend so very badly, but she can't. Spencer isn't her girlfriend, but Ashley loves her like she is, and the thought that Carmen had hurt Spencer fills her with such an overwhelming rage she really has no idea what to do with herself. "Urgh, where does she live? I'm gonna kick the shit out of her!"

"Please calm down," Spencer says quietly, reaching up to grab Ashley's hands and bring her back down to sit beside her. She didn't expect Ashley to react any differently, remembering that conversation they had after the incident on Club Day, but she doesn't want her ex-girlfriend to get all worked up over something that really wasn't a big deal for her anymore. "I know you're angry, but I ended it with her the next time I saw her; we're over. She left town and it's just over. Please don't make a huge deal out of this."

"I just …" There are so many emotions whirling around inside of Ashley's head and heart, and she can't seem to just pin point one and stick with it. Eventually, her intense love for Spencer overpowers her intense hatred for Carmen, and she gently takes the other girl in her arms. "I'm so sorry, sweetie."

"It's not your fault."

"It is," Ashley says sadly, running her hands through Spencer's hair. She tries her best to hold back her tears. "All I've done since I met you is hurt you, Spence. But I swear I don't mean to. I would never hurt you on purpose, especially not the way Carmen did. Never, ever, ever."

"I know, Ash," Spencer promises her, turning her head to give the older girl a kiss on the cheek. "I'm not gonna lie, you've done your fair share of hurting me, but this one isn't on you, okay?"

Ashley doesn't believe her, but she's not about to argue with her. Instead, she just nods and hugs the girl again, gently bringing them backwards to lie down on the bed. Her mind won't stop spinning, and she still feels the rage in the pit of her stomach, but when Spencer lays her head on her chest and wraps her arm around her waist, she tries her best to let it go, for now.

That afternoon had been a turning point in their relationship, as far as Spencer was concerned. Sure, they had been hanging out more and were already friends again, but it was after sharing that with Ashley, and having Ashley handle it just the way she needed her to, that Spencer felt they were best friends again. It was as if they had some kind of silent agreement that things were officially getting better between them. They were sharing the important stuff again and it wasn't just superficial.

"What do you think about Grey for New Years?" Ashley asks randomly after a moment of comfortable silence. "I haven't talked to Kat in a long time, though I sure as hell could have used her advice a few times."

"I think that sounds absolutely perfect," Spencer agrees, many pleasant memories of the club filling her head. She doesn't mind going to Ego with Ashley, but she much prefers their old hang out for New Years. They say that how you spend your New Years is how you'll spend the rest of the year, and she's hoping to start it off right.

"My head is killing me," Spencer groans as she and Ashley enter the loft sluggishly, tired from a night of dancing. "That music combined with those lights was a bad idea, me thinks."

"Aw, poor baby," Ashley coos, slipping off her heels and bending down to help Spencer out of her's. She's not as sore, more used to a night out at Ego than her girlfriend, but she's still pretty tired.

"Thank you," the blonde sighs once her feet are freed. Both girls shrug off their jackets and immediately move towards Ashley's room, completely bypassing the still Christmasfied living room. "Mmm, you're bed has never felt more comfy."

"Just wait until I get in there." She strips off her fancy club clothes and crawls onto the bed, playfully collapsing on top of Spencer. The blonde giggles accordingly, and rolls the girl off of her, turning on her side to look at her.

"So," she starts, sounding a bit unsure. "Aiden was weird tonight." Ashley was waiting for this, so she isn't surprised or uncomfortable; she simply shrugs.

"I don't know what that boy is thinking," she says truthfully. She hasn't really talked to him in ages. She isn't even sure if they ever made up after the fight that finally ended the huge mistake that was their little arrangement. The couple had simply been sitting at their table, leaning close together to whisper over the music, occasionally sharing kisses, when they had spotted Aiden staring at them from across the room. Before they could even think to wave [though neither of them knew if they should or not], the boy had abruptly turned around, pretending he didn't even see them. "And I don't really care. I haven't talked to him since we … Uh, you know."

"Broke up?" Spencer supplies for her. She isn't uncomfortable talking about this, but she's not entirely comfortable with it either.

"We would have had to be a couple to break up," Ashley scoffs. She sees the way Spencer is looking at her and can see that she's serious. Looks like they're going to have The Talk now, or at least part of it.

"You weren't?"

"Despite what he seemed to think and hope, hell no," Ashley responds bluntly. "That first night, I was totally heartbroken and vulnerable and he took advantage. I'm not trying to put all the blame on him, I knew what I was doing, but … You know me, Spence, I'm all about self destruction. Like I said, I was heartbroken, and lonely and I have abandonment issues and I let it happen."

"And after?" Spencer flashes back to that morning when she saw Ashley get off of Aiden's bike and it breaks her heart all over again.

"I fell back into old habits," Ashley explains with a guilty expression. "Before I met you, I didn't do relationships, I just had sex. I guess I was trying to convince myself I could just go back to that, you know? And Aiden, he was there, and he wanted me, and he was familiar, and I was lonely, and I used him. We just had sex; that was it. I know that for someone like you, sex is a huge deal, but for someone like me, it isn't. I mean, obviously it is with you, because I'm in love with you, but meaningless sex is, well, meaningless to me."

"Did he know that's all it was?" Spencer feels sick at the thought of her girlfriend and Aiden sharing something that she thinks of as the ultimate form of intimacy, but she tries her best to get passed it. It's in the past, it's over now, and she just keeps reminding herself that it didn't mean the same to Ashley, and Ashley's feelings on the subject mean more in this case.

"He wanted it to be more, but I was pretty clear that it wasn't," she answers, deciding that it's best not to get into any kind of detail, like the fact that Aiden didn't get the job done once, not that it was much of a surprise – he never could. She isn't really sure if it's because he just sucks in bed or if it's because she isn't the least bit attracted to him, but it never happened. "It wasn't even a friends with benefits thing, I was just blatantly using him, but he was too pathetic to care, I guess." She can see that Spencer is amused and she sighs. "Look, I'm not proud of it, Spence, but I'm trying to be honest here. I didn't have feelings for Aiden, not when I was with you, not when we broke up, and if I'm being honest with myself, not even when I was dating him. I was just being stupid and immature and running away from my pain. I said I'd never stop trying, and I guess it just seemed so impossible when I really realized what I had done and how much I had hurt you, that I gave up before I even started."

"When I saw you guys together that morning," Spencer begins, avoiding Ashley's gaze and focusing on the bed spread beneath her. "And heard that you guys were back together … I started to think that maybe it's what you had wanted all along, but you just didn't want to hurt me. Like you had just been waiting for me to break up with you. That's why you went to Europe, knowing that'd be the last straw or something."

"No, no, no," Ashley immediately chants, shifting forward to wrap her arms around Spencer and hold her tightly. It makes her almost physically ill to know that she made Spencer think that for even a second. "God, no, baby. I promise you, that couldn't be further from the truth. There hasn't been a single second since I met you that I wanted anyone else but you. I just sucked at showing it. Me leaving for Europe was just me running away from all of our issues, all of your issues. I was just plain stupid and selfish and that's the only reasoning I have. I wish I had a better excuse, but I don't. I swear I'm not like that anymore, though. I know that I was far from the perfect girlfriend, and I took you for granted, but it's going to be so different this time. I'm going to treat you like the princess that you are."

Spencer laughs, liking the sound of that. She sniffles, but doesn't start crying. After a few more moments of being held, Spencer pulls back and holds Ashley's gaze, seeing all the regret, guilt, and most of all, love there. She smiles softly and presses their lips together, hoping it tells Ashley that it's okay now. She doesn't want to talk about it, doesn't think she can find the right words, not without crying, so she settles for this kiss.

"Hey, Ashley," Cat greets her favorite customer with a smile. It's a big surprise to see her after all this time, but it's a happy surprise. "Long time no see."

"Hey, Cat," Ashley smiles back, leaning over the bar to give the older woman a brief hug. She suddenly realizes how long it's been since she's been to her old hang out, and she feels bad. "Can I just get two Cokes for now?"

"No problem," the blonde nods, grabbing two glasses. She looks behind Ashley to see if she can see who the girl is with, but the place is pretty packed and she can't see through the bodies. While Ashley hadn't been there in a while, she had seen Spencer there a few times, and was saddened to see her without Ashley, leaving Cat to assume that they had broken up. "Who are you here with?"

"Spencer," Ashley confirms with a bright smile, knowing that's exactly what she wants to hear.

"Good!" Cat laughs, holding both glasses under the machine as it fills them with Coke. "Are you two back together?" Ashley thinks about asking her how she knew they had broken up, but decides that Cat just always seems to know everything.

"Yeah, we got back together on Christmas."

"I'm glad. She's really good for you," Cat comments, placing the full glasses in front of the brunette. "Why did you guys break up?"

"It's a long story," Ashley sighs, recalling the rest of the conversation she had with Spencer the other night. It had gone on until almost five in the morning, and there were a lot of tears, and even some yelling, but she knows that it was necessary, and they both feel much better now. "I fucked up big time, but I matured, we worked through it and we're together again. Better than ever."

"I'm happy for you, Ash." Cat had always been one of their first supporters. She knows all about Ashley's past and her issues, maybe better than anyone since she witnessed a lot of it, and she had always felt kind of protective of her, and she's so glad to know that Ashley has finally found someone that will help her be the person Cat has always known she could be. "Don't go messing up again, though. I didn't like seeing your girl with her wounded puppy face on for the past couple months."

"Believe me, I won't let it happen again," Ashley promises, holding up two fingers in the universal sign of scout's honor. She sees people at the other end of the bar trying to get Cat's attention, so she picks up their drinks and gets ready to leave. "I better let you get back to work, but we'll come back over to talk more when you're not as busy, okay?"

"Okay, and happy New Year!"

"I definitely prefer Grey to Ego," Spencer declares as the couple makes their way from the dance floor back to their table.

"I couldn't agree more, Spence," Ashley huffs, out of breath from the show they put on for everyone. She slides into the booth and holds up her arm so Spencer can cuddle into her side. "I'm already pooped and it's just after eleven."

"You're getting sad in your old age," Spencer teases, poking Ashley in the stomach. She's equally as tired, but she figures they just need a breather and they'll be up for another round or two of dancing. "Let's just rest for a bit, maybe until midnight, and then we can go back out there and show these chumps how to do it."

"That's why you're the brains of the operation," Ashley comments, using her free hand to tilt Spencer's chin up and give her a kiss. "I think we need refills to cool us down. More Coke?"

"I wanna remember tonight, so yeah." Ashley gives her a series of quick kisses on her lips, nose and forehead, before slipping back out of the booth and making her way back over to the bar. Cat is really busy at the other end, so she sits on a stool to wait. Not a minute later, she feels a tap on her shoulder and she turns around to find Aiden staring down at her.

"This seat taken?" he asks, gesturing towards to the empty stool beside Ashley.

"I guess not," she mumbles half-heartedly, glancing back towards Kat and willing her to hurry up. "Happy New Year."

"You too," he replies, trying to suppress a smile at seeing her. "I saw that you're here with Spencer?"

Ashley fights the urge to slap him for bringing her up. Instead, she settles for letting out a frustrated breath, hoping that Aiden might be able to take a hint for once in his life. "I am."

"You free for a midnight kiss?" he asks bluntly and Ashley cannot believe her ears. She whirls around and finally faces him fully.

"Are you kidding me?" she exclaims, the anger apparent on her face. Aiden's expression doesn't change and she rolls her eyes. "For you? No. I'll be a little preoccupied with Spence, thanks."

"So you two are back together?" he deduces, his right eye twitching slightly as he says it. She can easily see how much that bothers him and she smirks at him.

"Sure are," she confirms, hoping to rub it in. "Just as we should be and I've never been happier. So just get lost, Aiden." She turns to leave, deciding that drinks aren't worth this crap, when Aiden grabs her arm and spins her around. She rips her arm out of his grip and folds them across her chest, waiting for him to say whatever stupid thing he has to say so she can leave.

"Ash." She cringes at his whiney tone, already knowing she isn't going to like what he's about to say. "Look, I know I hurt you when I dumped you, and that you're just trying to get back at me, to get me to notice you again, but Spencer is a nice girl. You shouldn't be dragging her into our drama and toying with her just to make me jealous. If you really want to, we can talk about us again, and I might think about taking you back. But you shouldn't be settling for Spencer and getting her hopes up like this when you're just doing it to try to get back with me."

Ashley stares at him, eyes wide and mouth agape, completely blown away. She just looks at him blankly for a moment, trying to decide where to even begin telling him off for everything he just had the nerve to say to her. He had to be doing it just to piss her off, she refused to believe that he could possibly be so fucking stupid.

"Did you seriously just say all of that to me?" she finally spits out, no longer shocked, but extremely enraged.

"I hate to be blunt, but if there's anything I've learned from being shot in the heart, it's that you can't beat around the bush, Ash," he tells her, stepping towards her. "Life is too short to be playing these games. I should have died, Ash."

"Oh my God," Ashley exclaims, narrowing her eyes. "You seriously believe everything you just said to me, don't you?" Aiden furrows his brow in confusion and nods, scratching the back of his neck. "I don't even know where to begin … Okay, first; you are a fucking moron. I don't want you and I never wanted you. Sleeping with you again was pretty much the biggest mistake I have ever made in the entire 18 years of my life." Ashley pokes him pointedly in the chest, right where his stupid scar is. "I don't know what gave you the impression that you were anything other than a distraction from my pain over Spencer rejecting me, but that's all you were. And you weren't even a good one, because you suck in bed!"

"Ash," Aiden begs, pained by her words and near tears. Why would she lie to him like this when he was just trying to give her another chance?

"Last year, after I lost my dad, I realized that you were pretty much the only male left in my life," Ashley says, trying to claim down and get her point across maturely. "I mistakenly tried to transfer my affection and relationship with my father onto you, by creating this made up deep friendship and connection with you, but it was all bullshit and all it did was cause me to hurt and lose Spencer."

"We do have a connection," Aiden argues, refusing to back down from that claim. "I'm your best friend."

"No, you're not," Ashley shakes her head. "If you really were, you never would have taken advantage of me the way you did that night, and you never would have put your own feelings above mine on prom night. I met you a year before I met Spencer, okay? We don't have some epic past together. If it weren't for Spencer, we never even would have started talking or hanging out again. After Spencer and I got together the first time, I thought that she couldn't be my girlfriend and my best friend, so I tried to convince myself that you held that position, and I was just so stupid. I'm sorry if I somehow led you on or something, I really am, but you and I? We're nothing, Aiden."

"Then why did you talk to me in Europe, huh?" He truly believed everything he said earlier, and doesn't want to believe what Ashley is telling him now. It would break his already damaged heart. It could take a bullet, but it couldn't take this. "You told me that you ignored all of Spencer's calls, but you picked up mine."

"Because you don't matter!" she yells, just as the music comes to an end. The group of people standing around them turn to look and can't help but snicker a bit at the loser getting dumped on New Years. "God, why would I care what I said to you? You got shot, I felt bad, I picked up. When Spencer called, I had no idea what to say to her, there was nothing I could say. I hurt her and unlike you, she has some pride, so she would have broken up with me. With you, even if I did care, you're so pathetic it wouldn't have mattered what I said anyway, you'd still be following me around like a puppy dog."

"So you're with Spencer and that's just it for us?"

"There is no us, Aiden! There hasn't been since sophomore year and there never ever will be again. Get that through your uneven head, God! I love Spencer, I'm in love with her, and I have been since the moment I met her. I felt more for her that first day we hung out than I felt for you the entire time we were dating." Completely done with this conversation and this guy, Ashley turns to leave without the drinks she came for. Stopping a few feet away, she turns back around, stomps back over to him and slaps him across the face, just for fun. "Never talk to me or Spencer again. Got it?" Not waiting for an answer, Ashley storms back towards her table, where her girl is waiting for her. Aiden watches her leave with a broken look his face. His hand comes to rest over his heart, which feels like it has been shot for a second time.

Cat watches him with a very satisfied smile on her face. She never ever liked that guy.

"You ready for the new year?"

"I've been ready," Ashley informs her, wrapping her arms around Spencer's waist and bringing her even closer. After her confrontation with Aiden, Ashley was suddenly more energized and had dragged Spencer back to the dance floor immediately. The DJ had selected a slow song as the last song of the year, and the girls were with all the other couples, swaying together and waiting for the last two minutes of the year to fade out.

"Hasn't been the best year, huh?"

"Started off pretty great," Ashley admits, running her hands up and down Spencer's back in reassurance. "Then I kinda ran it off track. But not this year, baby. This year is gonna be the best ever, I can feel it."

"I don't know if I want it to be the best ever," Spencer teases, tightening her arms around Ashley's neck. "I'm kinda counting on at least a few more years together, and I don't want it to be all downhill after this one."

"Okay, this'll be the best one yet," Ashley corrects her with a winning smile. "See, I'm already better at fixing my mistakes."

"You always were good at sweet talking your way out of a fight, though," Spencer reminds her. "Okay, there's one minute left. Any New Years resolutions?"

"I already told you I'm gonna treat you like a Princess, right?" Spencer laughs and nods, dropping a kiss on Ashley's cheek. "No more drama. This year is gonna be drama free, Spence. Just you and me, no other bullshit. Deal?"

"No bullshit," the blonde agrees, absolutely loving the sound of a drama free year. She can't imagine that it'll last very long, but she just hopes that when it does eventually pop up again, that they'll handle it better than they did before. "This time it has to be different, okay? We can't mess this up again."

"We won't," the brunette promises venomously. "I won't. This is it. I lost you once, and I'm never letting it happen again."

"Fifteen seconds, everyone!" the DJ announces over the loud speaker. Everyone suddenly quiets down, getting ready for the countdown. Spencer and Ashley tune all the other noise out and just focus on each other.

"Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven!"

"I love you, Ash," Spencer says, completely ignoring the chants around them. Ashley's eyes sparkle and she grins, dragging her arms up from Spencer's back to her neck.

"God, I love you, too." Not waiting for the countdown to finish, Ashley pulls the blonde against her, crashing their lips together in a kiss that neither girl will ever get tired of.

"Three! Two! One!" the crowd finishes, and everyone starts cheering and embracing, as Spencer and Ashley stand in the middle of it all, already engaged in a passionate kiss. "Happy New Year!"

Meh. I always wanted to write an Aiden smackdown, and it sucked. Same goes for Ashley finding out about the push from that bitch. Oh wells. Like I said, I liked the first part better and mostly just wrote this one for the hell of it, and it was random. Like I said before, this story was only two chapters, so it's done!

ETA: greensocks, since you replied without a sign in, so I can't reply to you, I'm doing it here, because I can't not say something. Aiden and Ashley were so far from epic and no way would they have still been together had she not lost the baby. The things that Ashley said to Aiden in this, while she would never say it on the show [because the writers are so far up Aiden's ass to admit he did ANYTHING wrong], were completely how I saw it. In S1, their past relationship was treated as if it wasn't that big a deal, and the only reason they would have lasted any amount of time was because Ashley was pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby [someone to finally love her, and someone she could love, unconditionally - aka, she wasn't in love with Aiden at all]. Then she lost it, and pushed people away, much like she did when her father died, and Aiden let her, and went and screwed Madison. How does that show he loved her at all? When she tried to push Spencer away after her dad died, Spencer didn't let it happen, because she loved Ashley. Ashley and Aiden barely acted as if they were even friends in S1, they had like two scenes by themselves, and that was only because Spencer couldn't be there or left. Then in S2, they're magically besties and have an epic history [when Ashley told Spencer in S1 that she had just met Madison in freshmen year, and Aiden in sophomore year], and Aiden is magically in love with her again, which he wasn't in S1. And if you'll notice, as soon as he was done causing contrived drama for Spashley in S2/3A, he had all of one scene with Ashley, where they talked about Kyla and money [and Ashley was annoyed by his presense], and they were no longer bffs. Sounds less than epic to me. You want to defend his behavior in S2, because he was just so in love and Ashley was acting like her whorey flirty self and it led him on? Fine. But what about in S3, when he took advantage of Ashley's broken heart after her break up with Spencer, and manipulated her in said heartbroken state, with his crap about how he should have died and whatever? Everything I had Ashley say about their 'relationship' in S3 was true, there was absolutely no love of any kind coming from Ashley. She was using him, and he was too pathetic to see it until 304, when he yelled at her about how she was acting, when he should have been taking his own advice - since all he cared about was himself, and didn't give a crap about the other people that actually died at Prom like Clay, or the people that lost people like Spencer, Glen or Chelsea. That scene with Madison, when they were watching a pregnant Chelsea standing over Clay's memorial thing, and all Aiden had to say was 'I could have/should have died' or whatever. Sorry, he gets NO sympathy from me, and I do not see his POV at all. I don't get the love for S1!Aiden, he was always a douche [not being there for Ashley when she lost the spawn, then going after her ex-bff Madison, only to start going after her new bff Spencer that she obviously liked, then tried to take advantage of Spencer when she was drunk [and would have if she didn't pass out], then tried to kiss Ashley while she was vulnerable and heartbroken about her father's death [exactly what he did in S3, when she was vulnerable and heartbroken over Spencer dumping her], then go out with Ashley's sister, and all the shit at prom, and everything I already said about S3]. So, sorry. Ashley had every right to say what she said to him in this, because I believe everything she said to him. S2/3A!Ashley was this bitchy, bi-polar, selfish lame Ashley, who wasn't anything like the Ashley we were shown in S1, and it can be argued that it was because of her dad's death, or it was because the network/writers were in love with Matt/Aiden and rewrote history [which they did], but by the end of 3A and in 3B, Ashley had somewhat smartended up and she was a bit closer to the real Ashley, and she wasn't hanging out with that loser anymore, so I can totally believe that if they writers were self aware enough to see how horrible their own character was, that she would have told him off. It was not all Aiden's fault, Ashley played a huge part in it too, but the difference is that Ashley faced the consequences of her actions by losing Spencer, and she knew she had fucked up, and she matured and changed and isn't gonna do that again. Aiden never got told off by anyone, nobody told him that what he did was wrong, he did not feel guilty about anything he did, etc. So this was Ashley doing what she and Spencer should have done a long time ago, but never did. PS: I do think Aiden is that pathetic, and I personally think he would have said everything he said to Ashley in this, and really believed it.