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Italics = thinking

"Ahhh!" yells Hinata as she is rolling down the hill.

"Hinata!!" yelled Shino and Kiba. They run down the hill. They reach the bottom of the hill, to see Hinata laying on the ground.

"Are you alright Hinata?" asked Kiba. Kiba and Shino helped her up.

"Y-yeah, I-i am f-fine."

"Maybe you should go home and rest." said Shino.

"A-alright." said Hinata. Hinata leaves to go back home.

Hinata's house

Hinata was walking to her room when she heard her father talking to her sister. Hinata stops and listens.

"Hanabi, you should have been the one that born first."

"Why is that father?"

"You would make a better heiress than Hinata." Hinata did not stay to hear the rest, cuz she ran off with tears in her eyes. She ran past Neji. "Man, why is she crying now, she is so weak."thought Neji. Hinata did not have to be a mind reader to know what he was thinking, she finally got to her room. She laid down on her bed. "Lets see, everyone thinks I am weak, even my own team."


Hinata was waiting at the training grounds waiting for her team. She turned to see them and she was about to wave, when she saw that they where to busy talking to see her. She got closer to hear what they where talking about.

"Kurenai-sensei, I don't think Hinata is fit to be a kunoichi" said Shino.

"Yeah" replied Kiba. Hinata was about to cry after she heard this. "Come on Kurenai-sensei, stand up for me please." thought Hinata.

"Yeah I think you two are right." said Kurenai-sensei. Hinata heard this and was holding back her tears, she ran to where she was sitting, to act like she never heard a thing. Her team finally arrived.

"Hey Hina." said a happy kiba.


End of flashback

Hinata was sitting on her bed when she got an idea.

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