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Hinata met Amaya and Snow. Amaya told Hinata that she could help Hinata reach her goal to become stronger within the 4 years.

Amaya, Snow and Hinata were travelling for about half the day, when Hinata stopped on a tree branch.

"Hmm, what is it girly?" asked Amaya while she stood next to Hinata.

Hinata looked at Amaya in her blueish-black eyes and said, "I-i need t-to write a letter to s-someone." Amaya knew that this 'someone' was important, so she let Hinata go ahead.

"Alright, we need to set up camp anyways, Me and Snow will do that and you can write that letter." replied Amaya. Hinata nodded and Thank Amaya. Hinata started writing her letter.

Dear Hokage-sama,

I thank you so much for doing this for me. Please when you get this letter, tell the rest of Rookie Nine and my so-called famliy that I have died. I am doing great, I have met his girl named Amaya and her pet fox named Snow. I will write to tell you my process of my training, and please please do not letter anyone find this letters, until I come back, but save them and put them in a safe place.

~Hinata Hyuuga

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Hinata looked up from her letter and she saw how quickly Amaya had set up camp. Hinata thought that she moved with such grace and beauty, "Maybe, I could be just like her." thought Hinata. Hinata folded up her letter and walked over Amaya and Snow.

"A-amaya, may S-snow take this letter to my village?" asked Hinata.

"Sure, girly anything for you." Hinata handed the letter to Snow, and Amaya said, "Ok Snow, you know what to do." Once that was said, Snow disappered in a puff of smoke.

Amaya looked at Hinata and thought to herself, "She has the power to do anything she wants, but she has to unlock it first and with my help that should be no problem." Amaya soon spoke, "Alright Hinata lets work on how to speak with courage." Hinata looked up and Amaya saw how bad she wanted to show everyone that she was not weak, "Just like me." Amaya and Hinata worked all through most of the night on Hinata's courage. Once Amaya thought that Hinata could speak without her showing fear in her voice. Amaya told her to try it out.

Amaya said, "Alright Hina, repeat after me, I am Hinata Hyuuga, I defy all the rules and will defeat any that get in the way!" Hinata took in the information and then she try it out.

"I am Hinata Hyuuga, I defy all the rules and will defeat any that get in the way!" Amaya was impress, so she had Hinata shout it to the world, which she did.

"I AM HINATA HYUUGA, I DEFY ALL THE RULES AND WILL DEFEAT ANY THAT GET IN THE WAY!" shouted Hinata. After that was done, they both ate their dinner and went to the tent and went to bed. (A/N: Amaya has this really big tent that is fit 3 people in it.)

Tsunade's Home

It was a peaceful night when Tsunade got the letter. Tsunade was awoken to the tapping on the window of her home.

"WHO IN THE HELL DARES WAKE THE HOKAGE!" Tsunade yelled as she walked an opened the window and saw the white fox with a letter. She took the letter and when she did the fox disappeared in a puff of smoke. Tsunade read the letter and she could not believe what she read, she thought to herself, "Hinata is training under one of greatest ninja alive, I know she will become stronger now, I will break the news to the rest of rookie nine tomorrow morning, now time for sleep." With that last thought Tsunade went to bed.


Hinata was awoken to Snow crawling in her sleeping bag, she soon fell alseep knowing she made the right decision. The next morning the three traveled all day when they reached Amaya's, which was by a beautiful waterfall.

Hokage Tower

In the Hokage Tower was the Rookie Nine, well better make that the Rookie Eight. They were all wondering why the Hokage had called them here for.

Tsunade broke the news to everyone, "You are maybe wonder why I have you all here, I have been infor late last night that Hinata Hyuuga has been killed in action, let us please have a moment of quite for her." Some where shocked and others where not. (A/N: By that I mean Sasuke and Neji, the ice blocks and this what everyone thinks)

Sakura: "Oh no how sad, Oh well at least I still have my Sasuke-kun!"

Naruto: "Who is Hinata? She related to Neji?"

Sasuke: " I have no time to worry about some weak girl, I have to kill my brother!"

Shikamaru: "How Troublesome."

Choji: "I wish I had some chips."

Ino: "Poor Kiba and Shino that was their best friend, Oh look at Sasuke-kun he looks so hot!"

Tenten: "Omg, sweet little Hinata is dead?!?"

Lee: "Lets hope her youthful spirit lives on."

Neji: "I knew this would happen, maybe I should have been nicer after all she was my cousin"

Shino: "Rest In Peace Hinata"

Kiba: "I should have been a better friend, poor Hina-chan."

Once the moment was over, Tsunade had asked Neji to tell Hinata's father what has happened. Later that day, the Hyuugas had a funeral for Hinata. Once that was done Tsunade wrote a letter to Hinata.

Dear Hinata,

It is done, everyone now thinks you are dead. You also told me to infor on what is happening here, well Sasuke's brother has killed his whole family expect for him and his brother. Please be careful out there.


P.S. I bet you did not know that Amaya is one of the greatest Konoha.


Hinata had gotten her letter and she could not believe what she read, she is training with the best of the best there is. Now Hinata knew she would become stronger now.

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