A Very BAD Case of Mistaken Identity

By RascalFlattsS

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Chapter 1: Yeah, sure, I could be a Doctor…


Evan Lawson's eyes snapped wide open. He found himself starring at the ceiling. He rolled over and got out of bed. He walked out of the bedroom and walked into the kitchen.

"Hank!" shouted Evan as he scanned the guesthouse for his older brother. "Your phone's ringing!"

Evan walked up to the kitchen counter. Sitting underneath Hank's phone was a note. It said: Evan-went for a run. Be back in two hours. Please handle any calls that come in-Hank.

Evan sighed. Hank should have known better than to leave his phone unintended. But then, Hank deserved a small break and Evan could handle it. Worst case scenario, if he couldn't handle it, he could call Divya.

Evan picked up the phone and answered it, "Hello?"

"Dr. Hank?" asked the voice.

When looking back, Evan had no idea whatever possessed him to answer, but he replied, "Yes. I'm Dr. Hank Lawson. What can I do for you?"

"I think I broke my leg," said the voice. "I can't move it. I need help."

"Oh my God!" said Evan. He paused, "I mean, being that I am a doctor-and I am a doctor- I can fix that. Because after all…. I'm a doctor."

"Yeah," said the voice. "So, will you come?"

"Absolutely!" said Evan. "Where are you?"

"Down at the old wharf," said the voice. "Hurry please!"

"Of course," said Evan. "I will be there in fifteen minutes." Evan hung up Hank's phone and put it in his pocket. He grabbed his own cell phone, the car keys and Hank's medical bag. He grabbed Hank's note, flipped it over and wrote: Hank-got a call. Handling it. Took your phone with me-will try not to kill patient. Don't stink up the house-Evan.


Fifteen minutes later, Evan arrived at the wharf. He parked the car, grabbed Hank's medical bag and jumped out, racing towards the end of the wharf where he saw a figured collapsed on the ground.

"Thank God, you're here, Dr. Hank," said the young man.

Evan paused for a moment. He had temporary forgotten that he was suppose to be Hank. "Right, that's me, Dr. Hank Lawson. So you hurt your leg?"

Evan bent down to examine the man's leg but when got close, he noticed that there was no injury to the leg at all. He looked at the man's face, confused, "What…?"

"Sorry, Dr. Hank," said the man. He was looking behind Evan.

Evan didn't have time to turn around before there was a painful explosion in the back of his head. And then there was nothing but darkness.


The next thing Evan was aware of was a throbbing pain in the back of his head. The second thing he was aware of was a horrible cramping sensation in his legs. The third thing was that it was really dark.

Evan started to sit up but stopped when the top of his head hit something hard. Evan kicked out his legs only to find the same thing. He was trapped in a small box.

Oh God, oh God, oh God….I'm going to die, I'm going to die….and Hank's going to kill me for taking his phone….Hank!

Everything came flooding back to him. Whoever these people were, they didn't kidnap Evan (okay well, in reality they did), but they kidnapped someone who they believed was Hank. What will they do if they find out I'm not Hank…I have to warn him!

Evan went to grab Hank's cell phone which was in his right front jeans pocket. He was disappointed to find that it was empty.

Score one for the bad guys….

Evan felt himself being thrown violent to the left. He threw out his arm to protect his head. He was however greeted with a sickening crunch, followed by intense pain in his left wrist. He pulled his wrist to his chest cradling it, trying to breathe through the pain.

Great, thought Evan. I've been kidnapped and locked in a trunk of a moving car. I have a splitting headache, a broken wrist, and am mostly likely going to suffocate…

Evan tried to roll onto his left side when he felt something cut into his leg. He reached into his left pocket and pulled out his own cell phone.

Evan starred at the cell phone in disbelief. Apparently the bad guys weren't smart enough to check for a second phone.

In the dark trunk, there was never a doubt in Evan's mind who to call for help.


Hank was surprised to find the guest house empty when he returned from his run. "Evan? Evan, are you here?"

Hank walked over to the kitchen counter, found the note: Hank-got a call. Handling it. Took your phone with me-will try not to kill patient. Don't stink up the house-Evan.

Hank laughed to himself. He walked over to the drawer and pulled out his spare phone. When Hank had agreed to be a "concierge doctor", Evan had insisted in getting Hank an extra phone to have in case something happened to his I-phone. Hank didn't really understand why he needed a second cell phone but Evan wouldn't stop whining until he agreed.

Hank pulled out the phone and turned it on. Once the phone came to life, Hank scrolled down the contact list until he found Divya's name. He hit call and waited for Divya to pick up.

"Hello?" asked Divya.

"Hi, Divya, it's Hank," said Hank. "You aren't by chance with Evan, are you?"

"No," said Divya. "Why, what did he do now?"

"I left my phone here while I went for a run," said Hank. "And a call came in while I was gone and Evan went to answer it."

"And you think he's killing the patient as we speak?" asked Divya. Hank smiled.

"I certainly hope not," said Hank. "Evan's not stupid enough to do anything that would cause harm to HankMed-"Hank heard a small beeping noise in his ear. "Hang on, someone else is calling-" Hank looked down at the caller ID and shocked to see what it said. "Divya, it's Evan on the other line. I'll call you back."

"Let me know if you need any help saving the poor sucker's life," said Divya. "Or if you need help with the patient."

Hank laughed. He hung up the phone and answered Evan's call. "What did you do now, Evan?" he asked. "You haven't killed the patient, have you?

"Hank," Evan whispered. Hank's head snapped up. Evan's voice was laced with fear and horror. Hank immediately knew that there was something wrong.

"Evan, what's wrong?" asked Hank.

"I'm in trouble, Hank."

"You're always in trouble, Evan."

"Expect this time, I've been kidnapped and locked in the trunk in a moving car," said Evan.

"WHAT?!" shouted Hank. "Are you all right?"

"No," said Evan. "But mostly because you just shouted in my ear. Keep it down, Hank. The kidnappers don't know I still have my cell phone. Which reminds me, please don't kill me Hank, but the bad guys took your phone…"

"It's not important, Evan," said Hank, quickly. He was much more concerned about Evan that he was about his phone. "Evan, are you hurt?" There was a long pause and Hank was scared that Evan had passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning. "EVAN!"

"Not so loud," mumbled Evan, his words slurring.

Hank took a deep breath and asked as calmly as possible, "Evan, are you hurt?"

"They hit me from behind," said Evan, softly. "And I think I might have broken my wrist."

Hank felt his anger boiling. When Hank found whoever decided to hurt his little brother, they were dead.

"Hank, I'd call to warn you," said Evan.

"Warn me?" repeated Hank. "Warn me about what?"

"You can't come looking for me, Hank," whispered Evan.

Hank felt his heart stop, "What?"

"Don't look for me, Hank," said Evan. "You're the one they want, Hank. I told them I was Dr. Hank Lawson. They think I'm you…"

Hank was shocked. He couldn't understand.

"Oh crap…" whispered Evan. Hank paled when he heard the sound of the trunk lock engaging…

"What the hell?" shouted a man's voice. "Where'd he get that phone?"

"Quick! Get it away from him! NOW"

"Sorry, Hank…"

"Evan!" shouted Hank "EVAN! HANG ON, EVAN! I'M COMING!"

Hank pulled the phone away as a large beeping noise hurt his ears.

Call Ended.

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