A Very BAD Case of Mistaken Identity

By RascalFlattsS

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Chapter 2: I Might Be Who I Say I am…Or Not. Who's Going to Tell?

Evan knew he was in trouble the moment he heard the trunk lock engaged. The bright sunlight blinded him. He threw his injured arm out to block the blinding sunlight.

"What the hell?" shouted a voice. Evan looked at the cell phone he was holding in his hand.

Oh crap….

"Quick! Get it away from him! NOW!"

Evan tried to turn but still being in the trunk, he had nowhere to go. One of the goons grabbed him and pulled him roughly out of the trunk while the other tried to wrestle the phone away from Evan. Evan tried to hold onto the phone but he grabbed Evan's broken wrist, it was over. Evan dropped the phone. The man picked it up off the ground, ended the call and then turned off the phone.

He walked right over to Evan until he was inches from Evan's face. "Who did you call?"

Evan didn't say anything but just starred at the man with as much hate as he could muster. Apparently that didn't sit well with him, since he punched Evan in the face. Evan stumbled backwards and the only thing that kept him from falling backwards was the other man, standing behind him, pinning his arms behind him.

"I won't ask again," he growled. "Who. Did. You. Call?"

Evan smiled, "My girlfriend. I told her that I got kidnapped and would have to cancel our date. She didn't believe me. Can you believe that?" Evan saw the punch coming but was unable to stop it. His head snapped back. He felt the blood running down his lip and chin.

"Kent! Marcus!" shouted a voice. A tall man came walking towards them. He had gray hair that was slicked combed back. His eyes were gray and cold like steel. He was wearing a black suit, a red tie and black shoes. "This is no way to treat our guest."

"Sorry, Victor," said Kent. "But he made a phone call!"

"Really?" said Victor, eyebrow raising. "Did you not search him before you put him in the trunk?"

"We did, sir," said Marcus. "But it appears he had a second phone."

"Indeed," said Victor. He grabbed Evan's chin and held it tightly so that he and Evan were making direct eye contact. "Who did you call? Keep in mind that if you don't tell me, I will not only kill you, but your brother, Ms. Katdare and Ms. Casey."

Evan swallowed. "I called my brother."

"I see," said Victor. "And with Evan call the police?

Evan's eyes widened, in horror. Victor smiled. "Yes, I know all about you, Dr. Hank, your nerdy account little brother, your friends and 'HankMed'. Now, will Evan call the police?"

Evan swallowed. This guy was serious. "I can guarantee you that Evan won't call the police." Hank might call the police, but Evan was pretty sure that there was no way he was going to get a chance. After all, he was the one who was kidnapped and even though he was new to the whole "kidnapping" thing, he was pretty sure that his kidnappers weren't going to let him call the police.

"And what makes you say that?" asked Victor.

"Because I know my brother," said Evan. "He would be scared and confused. He would be unsure of what to do. He would go to Boris for help. Boris would not allow him to call the police-he would want to handle it quietly." As Evan said all this, he could clearly see Hank doing all this.

Victor smiled and patted Evan's sore cheek. "See? Was that so hard? Now gentlemen, bring him inside. And please, don't punch him anymore. Boris won't pay if he's all banged up!"

"Boris?" asked Evan. "You already called him?"

Victor didn't answer, but just smiled. As Kent and Marcus dragged him inside, Evan thought about Victor's plan. He had to admit, it was brilliant. These guys had kidnapped Evan (who they thought was Hank), so they could ransom Evan (who they thought was Hank) and get Boris to pay them lots of money. Boris was fond of Hank and had big plans for him and his career. Boris would pay. There was only one flaw in this plan. If Hank went to Boris for help (and Evan knew that he would), Boris would clearly figure out that the kidnappers really didn't have Hank and therefore probably wouldn't pay the ransom because Boris wasn't that fond of Evan (especially after that whole "shark" thing. And Evan didn't want to be around when that happened.

Kent and Marcus dragged him into the small house and into a living room. Kent and Marcus walked him over to a chair.

"Sit," said Kent.

Once Evan sat down, his hands were grabbed and pulled behind him and tied together. Evan tried not to scream when they pulled on his broken wrist. After his hands were tied behind him, Kent tied another piece of rope around his chest, tying to him to chair and then tied his ankles to the legs of the chair.

Evan was suddenly blinded by a bright light. He blinked trying to get rid of the spots. "What the hell was that for?" asked Evan.

"My apologies, Doctor," said Victor, "I just needed to take a quick picture of you."

"A picture?" repeated Evan. "Why do you need a picture?"

Victor turned and showed him a computer screen with his picture on it. "Just a simple precaution, Doctor, I assure you. I just need to run the picture I just took against the picture in the system."

"And why do you need to do that?" asked Evan. "Is it to see if I got rid of that horrible mullet I had? And yes, I did."

Victor turned to Kent and nodded. Kent picked up the baseball that was resting against the couch and swung the bat at Evan. Being tied to the chair, Evan had no way to block the blow and it hit him square in the chest. Evan was sure he felt his ribs break. He closed his eyes and tried to take a deep breath, despite the massive amount of pain it caused.

"No one appreciates a smart mouth, Doc," said Kent.

Evan brought his head up and nodded. "So, why do you need my picture?"

"Boris needs proof," said Victor. "He's a powerful man. I just have to make sure that you are who you say are-that you are in fact Dr. Henry Lawson."

"Can't you just take my word for it?" asked Evan, "I mean, why would I lie and pretend to be Hank Lawson if not in fact Hank Lawson?"

Victor bent down and looked Evan in the eye. "Well that would be a bad day for you, then wouldn't it? And since you are Hank Lawson, you have nothing to worry about, do you?"

"I guess not," said Evan. "Except my brother is going to be pissed because I was suppose to return the video back to the store. You know I am going to get charged extra for that."


Hank starred at the phone in his hand. He couldn't believe this was happening. His little brother had been kidnapped and hurt and God only knows what had happened to Evan since. He could have lost consciousness or he could be…

"NO!" shouted Hank, pounding his fists on the table. He couldn't think that way.

There was only one thing to do. Hank ran out of the guest house towards the main house. He made it to the front door and was about to knock when the front door opened and he found himself face to face with Boris.

Boris' face was tensed and worried but when he saw Hank, he smiled. "Hank, thank goodness," he said in his thick German accent. "I am so glad to see that you are alright."

"Why?" asked Hank. "Did something happen? Did someone call saying that they kidnapped me and were demanding a ransom in exchange for my safe return?"

"Yes, that is exactly what happened," said Boris, slowly. "How did you know that?"

Hank's jaw dropped. He was hoping that this was some horrible nightmare. He ran his hands through his hair. "Oh God, oh God…" he said, panicking.

"Hank, calm down," said Boris. "Come inside." He led Hank inside into his study and guided him to a chair. Boris then walked over to his desk and pushed a button on his phone. A maid appeared at the door. "Yes sir?"

"Marta, please get Hank a glass of water," said Boris. Marta nodded and left.

"Now tell me what happened," said Boris.

Hank nodded. "I went for a run. I left my phone on the counter with a note asking Evan to take any calls. When I came back two hours later, there was a note from Evan saying he got a call and he took it. I pulled out the spare phone from the desk and turn it on. I called Divya Katdare-you know who-"

"Yes, I know Ms. Katdare and what she does," said Boris, impatiently, waving his hand. "Continue."

Hank nodded. Marta had walked in and brought Hank a glass of water. Hank took it and took a slip before he continued. "I called her to find out if she was with Evan and she wasn't then. And then Evan called. He said he had been kidnapped and locked in a trunk." Hank took another slip of water. "He said they thought he was me-I mean that he was Dr. Hank Lawson and he called me to warn me not to look for him."

"Then what happened?" asked Boris.

"I heard the sound of a trunk lock engaging," said Hank, slowly. "And then I heard two men. They were shouted. They said to take the phone away from Evan. Evan said he was sorry and then- and then—there was nothing. The call ended." Hank's voice broke and he fought back tears. "Evan said they hurt him, Boris. He said they hit him on the back of the head and broke of his wrist. Someone hurt my brother and they have him and I don't know anything!

"I have to get him back, Boris. My mother's dead and my father left when Evan and I were kids. Evan is the only family I have left. I can't lose him. I just can't." Hank took a breath. "What did the kidnappers say?"

"They said they had Dr. Hank Lawson and if I wanted him back I have to pay them ten million dollars," said Boris.

"Ten million dollars?" repeated Hank. He sank back in the chair. How on earth was he ever going to get that kind of money? Evan handled the billing and the accounts for HankMed so Hank had no idea how much money he had in the business. He had some money in a saving account. He could sell his car and Evan's but that still wouldn't be anywhere close….

"Boris," said Hank, looking up at Boris. "Can I borrow the money from you?"

Boris' head snapped up in shock. "What?"

"Can I borrow money to pay Evan's ransom?" asked Hank. He added quickly. "I would-of course- pay you back with interest and you would receive all the profits from HankMed and I can give you the money in my savings and-"

Boris held up his hand to stop Hank. "Do not worry about it Hank. I will pay the ransom."

Hank sighed. "Thank you, Boris. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I promise, I will pay you back every cent—"

"There will be no need for that, Hank," said Boris.

"Oh," said Hank. "Are you sure? Because it's not a problem."

"Yes I am sure," said Boris. He smiled at Hank. "I am an older brother too, Hank."

Hank nodded. "Okay. Now what do we do? Do we call the police?"

"Nein," said Boris. "They specially said not to call the police or they would kill him. We can handle this without the police."

Hank nodded, "So, what do we do?"

"We wait," said Boris.


DING! The computer beeped, signaling that the program was done watching Evan's photo.

Evan was unsure what would happen. He didn't know how accurate the program was. There was a chance-a slight chance-that if the program had low thresholds-and with Evan and Hank being related-it might say that he is Hank. Otherwise Evan would be in deep trouble-more trouble than he already is in now, anyway.

Victor turned to the computer. He starred at the screen.

"So, did I pass?" asked Evan.

Victor whipped around and punched Evan in the face, causing Evan's head to snap back. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"I am Dr. Henry Lawson," said Evan.

"LIAR!" shouted Victor. He pulled out a pocket knife and held it against Evan's throat. "Tell me who you are or I will slit your throat."

Evan grimaced as he felt the sharp blade poking into his skin. But he did not say a word.

"TELL ME!" shouted Victor.

"Save your breath," said Evan. "I am not telling you anything so you might as well as go ahead and kill me."

Victor grabbed a handful of Evan's hair with his freehand and pulled hard. Evan gritted his teeth. "Don't tempt me," he whispered in Evan's ear. He then let go and turned to Kent and Marcus.


"Now wait a minute boss," said Kent. "He had Dr. Lawson's phone!"

"Yeah," agreed Marcus. "And he looks just like Dr. Lawson! Around same height, same curly brown hair, same big nose…."

Victor stopped. He walked back towards the computer and looked at the screen. And then he laughed. He slowly walked back to Evan.

"There was a side note that I missed," said Victor, slowly. "The computer did not get a hundred percent match which is how I know you are not Dr. Lawson. The computer was however able to make an eighty percent match. There is only one way that it could come up which is a high probability like that. Only siblings could have a match that high…" His voice trailed off.

"So, this is Dr. Lawson's brother?" asked Marcus.

"It appears so," said Victor. "Doesn't it, Evan?"

"So what do we do now, Boss?" asked Kent.

"Slight change of plans, boys," said Victor. He smiled. "We'll still get our money and dear Evan is going to help us, aren't you Evan?"


Hank didn't know how much longer he could sit and wait for Boris' phone to ring. It was driving him insane. Boris had offered him lunch but Hank refused.

Hank thought he was going to screaming when the phone finally rang. Hank and Boris locked eyes. Boris put his finger to his mouth to signal Hank to be quiet. He put the call on speaker so Hank could hear.


"Hello, Boris," said a man's voice. "My apologies old boy. It seems I made a slight mistake earlier and I wish to correct it. May I speak to Dr. Lawson?"

Hank felt his heart stop. Oh God, thought Hank, he knows. He knows that he has Evan instead of me. Oh God, what has he done to Evan?

"I am confused," said Boris, "seeing as how you have Dr. Lawson there with you."

There was a pause. "So you are saying that Dr. Hank Lawson is not there?"

"We both know he is not."

"Well then," said the voice. "I have a message for him." There was a moment of silence which was followed by a familiar scream….


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