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Summary : When the school is organising fundrasiers for local charities, it's up to the students how to earn the money. When Mikaela gets an idea from one of her friends, she gets an even bigger idea and decides to treat the Autobots to a pleasant surprise.

Note : I've seen Mikaela's name spelt 'Mickaela', 'Mikaela', 'Micaela' and I don't know which spelling to go for. 'Mikaela' looks about right, so... I'm going to use it. Also, I've seen ideas for car washes with Bumblebee and Ironhide, but I thought of a sort of random, funny idea with all the Autobots, though it will focus on Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

It may be seen as hints of OC/Optimus Prime.

Note 2 : I've never seen the first movie, so I don't know all the events or places. That means that I'll undoubtedly get facts wrong, and I apologize in advance for that.

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(Scene/POV Changes)


(Mikaela's POV)

God, I'm bored!

I sat alone in the library, waiting for my two closest female friends to hopefully come entertain me. Kendra Morgan and Catalina McKaylin had been my friends since grade school, and despite Catalina being a blonde, people always thought we were sisters. That's probably because Kendra's a tall, leggy brunette with long black hair, like me. The only differences were, she wasn't quite as tall or tanned, and her eyes were blue. 'Lina was blonde with shoulder length hair and a pale complexion that tended to burn easily in the sun. She also was a little shorter, but had dark brown eyes like me.

We shared everything and never kept secrets. That is...until the battle of Mission City, and the events that led up to it. That meant that anything to do with Sector 7, the Autobots and Decepticons, and anything remotely alien was kept on the down low. I hated keeping secrets from the two girls I felt were like the sisters I never had, but as it was a case of National Security, I had no choice. Not to mention, they were still throwing about my dad's parole.

"Hey, Mickey!"

The voice startled me out of my thoughts and I spun to find Kendra leading the way towards me. She plopped down in the chair across from me and grinned, even as 'Lina took the seat next to me. They were both grinning like chesire cats and I began to worry at that look.

That look never meant anything good.

Not that it meant anything bad...really. It's just...sometimes they could get some wild ideas.

"Did'ja hear? The school's doing fundraising to help with a local homeless shelter being built!" 'Lina grinned like the cat that got the canary. "And Kenny and I had a plan to make some fun cash."

"Don't call me Kenny." Kendra shot back, an old argument she knew she'd never really win. It wasn't important anyways, just an old habit. "But yeah. We were thinking of doing a car wash."

"Sexy car wash!"

Ignoring Catalina's outburst, Kendra raised an eyebrow. "Twenty bucks a car, and we wash and dry. We can work over the weekend, and then take the money to the school on Monday. Wanna join?" She smirked.

I considered it for a moment. Catalina's outburst hadn't just shot by me, but despite the worrying thought of what she was planning, I had to admit it was a tempting thought. We wouldn't have to worry about doing too many cars or making a lot of money, because we were just one group, out of the entire school. I knew Sam would be game, as not only did Bumblebee absolutely love getting washed, but Sam knew that would mean getting to see me getting soaking wet while doing it.

And no, Sam wasn't a perv. He was just a normal hormonal boy, and as his girlfriend, I was getting far too much enjoyment out of the thought of teasing him.

Then there was the fact that since joining NEST at the Hoover Dam, only Bumblebee had undergone a human car wash. The other Autobots were left to their own devices and decided dunking themselves in the nearest lake was good enough. This would be a huge treat for them.

Another moment's hesitation hit me then as a totally different problem came to mind.

The Autobots themselves.

First of all, they didn't even know what a car wash was. Even if they looked it up online, it was totally different to actually experiencing it. Bumblebee had been terrified his first time and sped out of the drive so fast, he'd nearly crashed into another car. Of course, he'd activated his holographic form and pretended to be driving, but he'd taken off and didn't return for a few days. When he did, it took a lot of persuasion on both Sam's part and my own for him to sit still long enough to realize he'd enjoyed it.

The others might not be so easily convinced. Ironhide would probably try to blow up the hoses before even thinking about it. Ratchet might attack us with a wrench, and I just couldn't see Optimus agreeing to it so easily.

That was only the smaller issue. The larger was their size and forms. Obviously, as a part of a public wash, they'd have to be in their vehicle forms. Optimus was a large, blue and red flame decored Peterbuilt Semi. Ratchet was a yellow rescue hummer, and Ironhide was a black GMC Topkick. Optimus would be the most difficult to clean, with Ratchet coming in a close second and Ironhide in third. Jazz and Bumblebee would be the easiest, hands down.

Still, if it meant showing my friends another enjoyable part of living in the human world...

"Sure. I might even be able to get a few people to donate." Primarily Simmons and Lennox. I knew they were all for the Autobots experiencing human life, as long as they didn't give themselves away while doing it. Twenty bucks was also a really low sum. Then a thought hit me and I grimaced. "Is this a public thing?" I shot the girls a look. "As in Trent will be there?"

Trent Demarco, my ex-boyfriend, the biggest jock in school and a total dick. The dumbass was still perving over me, despite the fact that Sam and I had been none too quiet about our relationship and our feelings for each other.

"Eww, no!" 'Lina made a face. "We wanna earn money, not entertain that loser."

Yeah, I was lucky. Like me, Catalina and Kendra absolutely loathed Trent. It didn't help that under twenty four hours after I broke up with him, he was trying to get into their pants. Their. As in both of them. He even hinted at the same time, if they were willing.

Seriously. Ew.

With a nod, I smiled and glanced outside. "Sure." I saw Bumblebee parked in his usual spot, and considering he wasn't bouncing around in excitement, he must not have been paying attention. For that matter, I remembered Sam mentioning the little yellow Camaro would need a recharge, and my smile turned into a full blown smirk. "Oh, yeah." I turned back to my grinning friends. "I'm so in!"


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