It was kind of a good thing that once we got started, the girls paid more attention to what they were doing, than the fact that the driverless vehicles seemed to be attempting to sneak away. That or they were staring at the holorforms. More than once I had to hear 'Is he single?', and honestly, what do you say to that?

'No, he's an intergalactic Autobot from the planet Cybertron'?

Or how about... 'Probably, but I don't know if you're physically compatible with an -insert massive height- foot tall robot'?

I just shrugged and told them I didn't know.

Bee was first in line, of course, and I climbed up on the hood to to the top of the car with ease, while Kendra worked on one side and Catalina worked on the other. When I glanced out of the corner of my eye, I watched all the human-formed Autobots keeping a close eye on 'Bobby' who looked like he was in heaven. Even Sam was watching him with keen interest.

I felt a bit put off on that, but I guess it couldn't be helped. All this time, it had been Sam washing Bumblebee, and when the bot was in car form, too. He never had a chance to see what Bee looked like as a human as someone else did the job. To be perfectly honest, I was curious too, but if I was watching, I couldn't do my job.

Turning back, I gently rubbed the sponge over Bee's hood, stretching to get to the very back of it. I was getting covered with soap, but it didn't hinder me as I already knew I would. He was already fairly clean there, but I felt it as the car seemed to tremble ever so slightly. 'Lina didn't notice, but Kendra did, and I returned my attention to what I was doing, acting like I hadn't noticed anything myself.

Bee was surprisingly good through the whole thing. His radio sparked on once, cheerily singing car wash songs, but clicked off again, and Sam was able to pull off the 'short in the system' excuse with ease. He wasn't able to pull it off so easily when Bee bounced, however, and I slipped off the side of his soaped up hood to land on my ass on the grassy ground.

The radio clicked back on. Je suis désolé. Lo siento. Ik ben droevig. Sono spiacente. Perdóname. Then it clicked back off.

I recognized the song as the beginning of Madonna's 'Sorry' and nodded towards Bee, recognizing that he was apologizing for accidentally dumping me. I still blushed, though, as both my friends began to laugh. Seeing a couple hands reach down, I looked up to see Bobby and Sam at my sides. Bobby looked worried, as the Autobots still didn't know that humans weren't quite that fragile, but Sam was clearly biting his lip to keep from laughing.

Scowling at Sam playfully, I turned and took Bobby's hand, allowing him to pull me to my feet. As soon as I was standing, I leaned close and whispered into his ear. "It's ok, Bee, but remember not to move or make any sounds." I raised an eyebrow. "That includes the radio." Turning, I slapped Sam lightly on the chest before going over to grab the hose.

Considering Bee was all soaped up now, all I had to do was rinse him off and we could get to drying. Still, I noticed the wary looks the Autobots were shooting soapy Bee and the hose I was holding.

What? "Do you think I'm gonna stick this up your afts and turn it on?" I questioned quietly, watching as all their heads turned towards me. Jazz laughed, and Optimus smirked a moment, but the others looked as if they seriously did. With a laugh of my own, I walked forward and gestured the others away from the soaped Camaro before turning on the hose full blast and quickly washing the soap off.

Bobby's eyes widened before becoming half-lidded and Sam had to almost carry him back to the others. Seeing Bee all blissed out was definitely funny. He looked stoned to the point that Sam had one arm around his shoulders and was dragging him. He laughed when the other girls shot him a look, but didn't say anything.

Once that was done, we were able to dry Bee off in record time, and Sam came over to drive him a little distance off before jogging back. I allowed myself that moment to take in Sam's lean form, clad in jean shorts that came to just past his knees, and a black muscle shirt. Hm, nice.

"Ok." Kendra's words knocked me out of my ogling, and I turned to her. "Who's next?"

Optimus. I glanced over to the group of guys, who looked to be in discussion. Sam, maybe sensing my look, glanced over and rolled his eyes with a grin before turning back. I thought quickly, trying to recall Optimus' holoform's name a moment before it came to me. "James Peters?"

Everyone stiffened, and Optimus looked over his shoulder at me. His blue eyes were wide, and his mouth worked silently a moment before he nodded. Ironhide grabbed his arm, but shooting the weapons specialist a look, Optimus walked over to his semi form and got in. I watched carefully as Optimus reluctantly but gracefully moved in to take Bumblebee's exact place and James got out. He was even more hesitant as he walked away, but I stepped in and turned on the hose.

Keeping an eye on James as I raised the hose, I watched as his truck form shivered minutely, and his human form's eyes widened. As the hose hit Optimus' grill, James bit his lip and seemed to jump back a foot. Luckily, the truck remained umoving. Then, James' eyes went wide before narrowing and he cocked his head to the side a moment, as if fascinated by something, his eyes shining innocently as he gazed at his truck-self.

I ran the hose over the grill and up the front, over the hood. Then I paused a moment, with a bit of a frown, before turning off the hose. "Someone's gonna have to get up on top before we get this rig soaked." I told my friends. I explained that wet, the truck would be slippery and difficult to climb, and Ratchet chose that moment to frown and comment on how hazardous washing from up there would be.

Shaking my head, I ignored his comment about how maybe he and Optimus should be excluded, and grinned as 'Lina sighed before going over to the side. Immediately, James followed her, climbing up into the seat and helping her onto the hood before climbing back down. His cheeks blazed a little as his holoform eyes ran over my friends but seemed to remain fixed on my face when he glanced my way.

And my... Was Optimus...? Yes. He actually looked embarrassed and awkward!

'Lina remained on all fours on the hood as she gazed up at the top of the cab, gripping her sponge tightly. "Just don't blast me off here!" She called down to me with a grin.

I nodded and turned to a softer setting before wetting the hood, where she stood. I couldn't help but laugh when I shot a glance to the boys, who were all watching as 'Lina threw her wet hair out of her face and seemed to enjoy the water. As I'd predicted earlier, her clothing went see through. Luckily for the bikinis.

Even Ratchet and Ironhide seemed to have trouble keeping their eyes to themselves. I couldn't help but blush when Sam's eyes seemed fixated on my form.

Once the giant Peterbuilt was thoroughly soaked, we all got down to soaping. I climbed unsteadily on to Optimus' front hood and allowed Catalina to climb up on to the top of the cab itself, then we began to scrub. I kept glancing towards Optimus' human face and watched as James with wide eyes shivered.

As 'Lina stroked his smoke stacks with the cloth, Optimus would gaze to the ground, his cheeks flushing. As Kendra worked on his back bumper, I watched fascinated as the boys laughed at the uncomfortable look on his face as he fidgeted and seemed not very pleased to have her back there.

Finally, hee collapsed to his knees, his expression taking on a deep fascination and a hint of bliss as he reclined back. The other Autobots watched his reactions carefully, and I caught Ratchet's eyes glinting briefly, showing he was runnning a scan on his leader. Optimus was very clearly enjoying the wash, and it was strange to see his expressions on a humanoid face. It almost looked like he was experiencing...sexual pleasure, but I remembered Bee once comparing it to a full body massage, of sorts.

Highly pleasurable and relaxing.

I soaped up the hood completely, as well as the front windshield, watching as James frowned and squinted his eyes a little. I knew he was doing so because the soap interfered with his truck-form vision somewhat, but not much. Climbing down to the ground with Sam's help, I began to soap the front grill as Kendra worked on the back. I winced a little when I realized that soaping up the headlights and the optics above them would all but temporarily blind Optimus, even if it wouldn't sting.

James seemed to dislike this even more, but Bobby at his side patted his shoulder and he visibly relaxed.

"Hey, 'Lina? You missed a spot!" Sam pointed with a grin before turning to me and winking.

"Hey, Sam?" 'Lina called back in the same tone.

I watched as he turned to look and had to grip on to the grill to keep my knees from giving out with laughter when I saw a fluffy, soapy sponge bounce off his face. It became difficult to breathe, I was laughing so hard. Then he spit out some soap with a face, and I couldn't contain it.

"Got the spot!" She finished before bursting into near hysterical laughter.

Collapsing to my knees, I laughed as Sam walked over to the hose, changed the setting and rinsed his mouth out. James got up and walked over, looking at me in slight worry. I shook my head as he helped me up. Turning to Catalina, I moved to the edge of the semi as I saw her standing up straight and laughing. She was bent at the waist, leaning over the windshield, and tears were leaking down her cheeks.

"Perhaps you should sit down!" Ratchet called, his eyes glowing very faintly. "It must be incredibly slippery up there!"

No one really seemed to hear him. Bobby was beside Sam, laughing silently, and Sam was making faces as he seemed content to drink straight from the hose. Even Josh and Jasper were laughing at Sam, not bothering to pay attention to anything else. Sam coughed and a fresh batch of bubbles floated from his face, causing the human-form Autobots to fall over laughing.

"Nice shot!' Kendra called from the back, laughter echoing in her voice.

Taking an unsteady step forward, my laugh turned to a panicked cry as 'Lina stepped up to the edge of the cab and slid. Her feet flew up into the air before she landed painfully on her ass. I would probably have laughed, if she hadn't slid down the windshield, across the hood, and was about to make a nose dive to the ground. I noticed that Optimus' truck self seemed to shift before I heard a low oath beside me.

Luckily, James was there. He reached out and caught her immediately, holding her to him tightly, though it meant getting covered with soap. His blue eyes gazed into her brown ones with worry and he turned to Ratchet as his human form ran over. "Are you alright?" He immediately seemed to notice the half naked, soaked girl in his arms, and his cheeks turned darker than I ever would have thought possible. He became flustered and awkward, even as Ratchet spared them a glance.

"I did tell you to sit down!" Ratchet groused, looking her over. "Is anything damaged?" His eyes glanced past her and I followed his gaze to see the other Autobots' car forms drifting slowly back from the few feet forward they must have jumped.

"Just my pride." She muttered, her face beat red as she glanced up to Optimus' human face.

Ratchet's eyes went wide as he seemed to take her in, before narrowing. Still, he raised one eyebrow, shook his head and walked away, muttering under his breath. Whatever he said, however, was still loud enough for the other Autobots because they all began to laugh, but for Optimus, who's holoform cheeks blazed.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder, I turned and blinked at Kendra, who had her own eyebrow raised. "Are you sure they're not single?" She asked with a hint of laughter, before turning back to finish the job of Optimus' rear bumper.

Shaking my head, I watched as he put 'Lina down, his eyes never leaving hers as she reluctantly turned away to do her work.

Hmm...I wonder...

The rest of the car wash weekend went by without a hitch. The Autobots were beyond shocked that they found they all enjoyed the wash, and I honestly wasn't surprised when one or more of them showed up the next day, filthy and desperately needing a wash. How they each managed to get money is beyond me, but my guess is Simmons and Lennox were in on it.

Bumblebee and Jazz were the worst, coming in absolutely filthy. As I saw Sam climbing out of the driver's seat with a scowl on his unusually red face, I got that this was all Bee, and relaxed a little from the tense spot I'd taken up next to the now black Jazz, and leafy, brown Bee. I still made him pay twice the fare though, for both of them, and refused to dry them as punishment.

There were no more serious incidents since 'Lina's near header off of Optimus, but he came back the next day, not for a wash thankfully, and spent any available time talking to her. I was torn about that. As far as she knew, he was only a gorgeous, seemingly single and sweet human man. If he kept seeing her, he'd have to reveal what he really was, and what would she say then?

'Oh, by the way, I'm a giant alien space robot'.

No, somehow I didn't see that going over too well. Then again, my friends did claim to be open minded. This would be the ultimate test, I guess. At least this time she was more fully clothed and he didn't seem to be as awkward.

The girls were more than thrilled to be able to wash such gorgeous vehicles, Kendra's favorite being Jazz, the sleek silver pontiac Solstice, and 'Lina's being Optimus, the large red and blue flame decored Peterbuilt Semi. While 'Lina was always into sleek cars, she at one point confided in me that there was something about that large semi that almost seemed to call to her. While they did notice the odd occurrences of the cars seemingly drifting on their own, or radios blaring their nervousness out, or even the time Kendra wasn't too careful and rubbed a bit too hard on Jazz's hood...

...He'd swung his door open, clipping her in the behind with it before slamming it closed again and shaking the tiniest bit. Crude, metallic sounds seemed to echo from the car for a split second, but I knew it was his way of trying to hold back laughter...

They only thought the cars were either possessed, or had wiring faults or something, and even made a point of telling the respective 'owners' what they'd noticed, but other than that no one seemed to see anything wrong. Luckily.

It didn't help when 'Lina wrapped a towel around Ironhide's smoke stack and jumped off the edge of the bed, causing the towel to slide down hard and sharp. Josh and bitten his lip hard, even as both he and Ironhide jolted from the sensation. Apparently Autobots were more physically sensitive than we thought.

So, other than a few slip and slides and shaking cars, nothing else really happened that weekend. But when I saw the look Optimus gave 'Lina on the last day of the car wash, I sighed internally as I prepared myself for a talk with him that I probably wouldn't enjoy. Even so, a single thought kept repeating in my mind.

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The End


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