Chapter 1 (Teaser) - News

"Mulan!" her mother called, from the kitchen. "It's time to get up!" Mulan groaned as she woke up. Since Shang left she didn't feel like waking up early, for some reason. It had already been two months and two weeks and Shang had not knocked at her door. She week she would send one letter, in hopes that she would get one back, but she never got one letter, except in the first week after he left.

After Shang left, Mulan's life had gone back to the way it had been, before she left for the army, except the Matchmaker preparation. There were more chores to be done, which had been neglected because she was gone. And life was normal again and her family and she got closer, but Mulan missed Shang. And now that more than two months had passed by, Mulan wondered where he was. Mulan tried to not thinking of the worst, but after no letters or any word from him, she couldn't help it.

"Mulan!" Her mother came rushing into the room, "You should already be up! Why are you still lying in bed?"

"Where's Shang?" she asked softly.

Her mother gave a sympathetic pout and sat on her bed. Mulan sat up and her mother stroked her hair. "I hope you're not wondering if he left you or not, because that is not the case." Mulan nodded. That wasn't what she was thinking. "If you're wondering if he's coming or not, that is something I'm unsure about."

"It's already been two months and two weeks have passed since then. Where is he? I hope he's not hurt or anything." Mulan was getting frantic.

Her mother laughed, and Mulan glared at her. "Dear daughter, do you hear yourself? It's only been two weeks after. You are a little paranoid. But I guess I can understand. You truly love him don't you?" Mulan smiled and nodded. "Well then," her mother told her reassuringly, "I can assure you that if Shang doesn't show up soon, you can always talk to the Emperor and/or Shang's father and ask about Shang's whereabouts. After all, he could be visiting his brother also."

Mulan smiled and her mother gave her a big hug before she left the room. Just as she got up from bed, she realized one small problem in her mother's comforting speech. Shang's brother lived with his parents, because he was the oldest. Shang was the middle child and his sister was the youngest. But because Jia was a girl, she had to move in with her husband. So where was Shang?

Mulan decided to wave off these thoughts until later. She went to her closet and quickly changed into her work clothes. Mulan then made her way to the breakfast table. While she sat eating breakfast, there was a knock at the door. Her mother went and answered it. When she came back, Mulan noticed the stack of letters she was holding. Immediately she got up from the table and grabbed the letters excitedly. Her mother's face saddened. "Mulan," she said sadly, "Don't get too excited baby."

She wondered what her mother meant, but when she looked at the mail she knew why. These were all her letters. None of her letters ever reached Shang. "But…" she looked at her mother, "Why? Did Shang ever…"

Her mother placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, "These letters were never opened by Shang because they never reached him." Mulan gasped. "The men tried finding Shang, but he never was found. The last man to see him went to the same spot where Shang was found but he never showed up. They even talked to his sister, but he was either never home, or left to come back here."

"But he could have still written to me even if he was never home and he came back every day. After all he was with his sister." Mulan's eyes widened. She knew what she had to do. She started to run for her room to pack, but her mother stopped her.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked.

"I'm going to find Shang whether you like it or not," she told her mother, "I love him. If I was lost he would do the same for me."

"But that is because he is a man and has to protect you. You're only a woman!" her mother told her.

"Don't ever say that to me," Mulan glared at her mother, "Chi Fu said that, the Matchmaker said that, every person in China said that, and look at how I proved them wrong." She then ran to her room and quickly packed. Mulan grabbed a week's worth of clothes and her trusted sword. She was about to pass by the family temple and grab Mushu and Mei, but there was another knock at the door.

Mulan's mother opened the door and found Shang's father standing there. "Why Chen, what are you doing here?"

Mulan immediately ran to the door, and her father and grandmother greeted him. "Where's Shang?" Mulan asked.

"Mulan!" her mother looked at her with a disapproving look, "That is no way to greet someone!"

"It's okay," he told her, "I was about to ask the same question."

"You don't know either?" she asked in shock.

"No," he shook his head, "he's been gone for over two months and two weeks if I am certain?" Mulan smirked at her mother who just shrugged, to show that someone else was wondering also and paranoid. "But I thought he would be here for sure. I didn't think he'd even spend his whole two months there. I thought he would be back very soon." He looked at Mulan and smiled, "For reasons clear."

"Well I'm going to find him," she told them.

Fa Li looked to Shang's father and Fa Zhou to stop her, but they didn't. "Then I'll go with you," Shang's father told Mulan. "If there is anyone that knows the area it is me. Meanwhile, my wife and son will remain at my home waiting for his return. You all should wait here if he decides to see Mulan too."

They all nodded. And at that moment there was another knock at the door. Mulan immediately opened it to find Xiaohua standing there.

"What do you want?" Mulan asked.

Xiaohua replied, "I know where Shang is."