One Determined Lady

Summary: Amberlyn can't stand Hilary; she's bossy and constantly getting in between her and Kai! She decides to do everyone a favour, by beating the crap out of her. Hilary is stupid and meaningless; Kai will praise Amberlyn for pointing that out, right?

Pairings: Miguel/Kai

Disclaimer: I don't own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Amberlyn "Amber" Balkov. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not on based one anyone else's character design, again if any likeness, it's purely coincidental.

And I would like to apologize to my faithful readers if anyone so happened to have a name that I use for my Mary-Sues. Live with the knowledge that this Sue is NOT based on you and I know you would kick her ass if you should ever meet ^^

Warnings: Kai is a girl in this story. The use and introduction of a female Original Character. Any fans of OCs and OC pairings should leave now. Anti-OC pairings and blatant bashing of my own character. I created her; I can do what I want with her. And I plan to. Quite a bit of swearing on the OCs behalf, but that's what makes her special.

Gripe for the Day: Ah, poor Hilary, she often cops the brunt of Suethor hating. She gets in the way of Mary Sue and Kai, you see. So she totally has to be a bitch! …Let me tell you one thing, you Suethors out there who accidentally stumbled onto this fic thinking it would be anti-KaiHil, I may not be a KaiHil fan, but Hilary is a much better character than your shitty OCs you constantly pair with Kai. If I see one more fic that is a KaiOC fic with Hilary bashing, I will go mental. I can't even begin to count the number of Mary Sue fics that has Hilary bashing of some kind. Kai and the others would not stand idly by while the Sue insults Hilary left, right and centre, get over yourselves!

Whew, I really needed to get that off my chest ^^ Thanks for listening!

AN: Yeah, I couldn't help myself. Just a quick story, three or four chapters long, most likely. In this chapter, you will be introduced to the lovely and likable OC that is cold and ruthless. You'll learn of her past, be in awe of her cold attitude, sympathize with her tragic past, and most important, fall in love with how utterly cool she is!

...I didn't make anyone throw up, did I?

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Chapter 1:

"Pathetic," a young woman growled as her black blade with a stunning silver bitchip effortlessly knocked away a weakly spinning purple blade, forcing it to crash into a tree and to shatter into a hundred different pieces from her incredible power that she only released a mere hint of. "Is that all you can do?"

A small girl with blonde hair pulled in two large pigtails sniffled as tears poured from her light brown eyes. "I'm sorry Amberlyn," she said, her sobs hitching in her throat.

The young woman known as Amberlyn immediately narrowed her eyes and glared at the young girl who had to be no older than ten or eleven. "What did you call me?"

The young girl immediately winced and duck her head as she whimpered. "I mean, Miss Amberlyn."

"Get the fuck out of my sight, brat," Amberlyn said coolly as she recalled her blade, snatching it out of the air with a quick swipe of her hand and dramatically turned around to walk away. "And don't come back until you grow a backbone."

Kids these days didn't even know how to blade properly anymore.

"Damn brats," Amberlyn 'Amber' Balkov grumbled as she stepped onto the busy city streets of Beycity.

She was wearing a silver tank top with a golden phoenix winding up the side that came to a rest just above her navel, black pants that clung to her long legs like a second skin with a gold chain around the waist as a belt. On her feet she had large and heavy silver and black boots that her jeans were tucked into and that came up to her knees, large buckles as decoration. Silver fingerless gloves with black lining sat on her slender pale hands.

Her eyes were an icy blue, piecing and cold just like her heart; thick black lashes surrounded the expressive orbs. Four black triangles marred her porcelain face, markings she received as punishment for her rebellious behaviour from her ruthless and abusive father when she was in the Japanese sub-section of the Abbey.

You see, her father is actually Boris' older brother, so that makes the ruthless and egotistical Boris her uncle!

And yet, just because she was related to Boris, didn't mean she got any special treatment. No, what she received was something far worse than anyone else had received; her inner power was just too great and she had too much potential to even share lodging with her weaker comrades.

She was locked away in an underground lab where her own father experimented on her day and night. The pain was terrible, but she refused to cry. Instead, she would merely glare at him and brush off his insults and beatings like they were nothing. After that, her father begin to fear her strength and she managed to break out and run away, living off the streets ever since.

Lifting a hand, she casually flicked a strand of blood red, almost black hair over her shoulder and adjusted a pair of black sunglasses that sat on the top of her head, sitting just before her fringe of dark black tresses, as dark as her soul. Her hair easily reached her knees, and flared out a little, giving it a full bodied look.

Knowing all too well that she had eyes on her, Amberlyn frowned in annoyance when she glanced around, her eyes narrowing into a glare that was most fearsome, piercing right into their souls. She knew that the guys around here only wanted her body while the girls were insanely jealous of her. She had a figure to die for, and the best part was, it's completely natural. Her breasts were large and perky, her stomach flat and toned, her hips round and sexy; she had been told many a time that she had the figure of a Goddess.

And a presence of a Goddess, as well. She could easy gain the attention of everyone on the room by simply walking in. She was highly regarded by those around her, even those who she didn't know or never seen before looked upon her in awe. On the streets she was feared, in the minds of brainless fanboys she was the goddess of lust but in the eyes of her father and uncle, she was a force to be reckon with.

However, she loathed being the centre of attention. She hated the way everyone looked at her like she was a prize to be won, a piece of meat they could devour. She also hated the way the preps looked down upon her immediately, judging her on face value alone. They were threatened by her and her natural beauty and grace. It was pathetic how they would try to gang up on her, making fun of her appearance.

They would 'compliment' her clothing in the most patronizing way. Amberlyn was Gothic, and proud of it.

Thankfully, though she had a glare that could freeze water in Death Valley during summer. Her glare was unmatched by anyone, and a few have tried to copy her, all of which failed miserably.

That was why Amberlyn was so aloof and mysterious; she had no time for such things beneath her. She was a great judge of character and could tell who was a bitch just by first glance. And she was quick to learn that there were a lot of bitches around.

Hilary just happened to be the Queen of Bitches. The stupid brunette was bossy, loud and annoying. She couldn't blade for shit, was nothing but an egotistical background character and shouldn't even be hanging out with the team, G Revolution.

Amberlyn absolutely loathes her; so pink and preppy all the time. Pink is such an awful colour and only sluts or whores liked pink.

Hilary was also the reason why she and Kai aren't together yet. Stupid bitch was also interfering, making her out to be a loser just to impress Kai. How pathetic...

Amberlyn saw herself much like Kai Hiwatari; they were both cold and cool individuals. They were both highly sought after. Girls of all ages lusted over him like a sex object, while guys lusted over her. Not only that, but they both shared tragic and dark pasts, though hers was by far the worst.

Still, being related to Boris while Kai was related to Voltaire made it so only the two of them could understand each other in a way no one else could.

Or should for that matter.

However, while Kai was a good blader, she was far stronger. The only reason she was not in the championships was because she saw that it would not be a challenge enough for her as every beybattle she's witness was subpar and a complete waste of time and effort.

Besides, she hated the bright lights of the stadiums and the loud noises of the screaming fans. Much like Kai, but she hated loud noises worst than he did. She longed for silence of an empty stadium or a back alley way where real beybattles were performed.

Even though she was not on the Beyblade circuit, she was still highly feared. She was an incredible blader, earning herself the name 'The Cold Vixen' as she was ruthless in her attacks. Much like Kai's, only far more harsher and dangerous.

Her bitbeast, Silver Winged Phoenix, was rumoured to be Dranzer's older sister and she believed it to be true. After all, Silver Winged Phoenix was undoubtedly stronger than Dranzer. Her bitbeast was also much stronger than the legendary Black Dranzer, hence the reason she was locked away in a lab for many years.

In fact, she could say her bitbeast was stronger than all of Grev's put together! She could easily defeat them all, no sweat.

Walking quickly to the park, where there would be peace and quiet for her to blade in solitude, Amberlyn suddenly narrowed her eyes when she noticed that another young woman was occupying what was her seat. That park bench, between the paved sidewalk and a small forest of trees was her undisputed bench. That was a part of her territory, and no one was allowed to sit on it without first gaining her permission.

Amberlyn curled her hands into fists of frustration by her sides and quickened her pace. Her irritation only grew when she got a better look at the young woman. Two tone hair that was stormy gray and fluffy at the front, delicately framing a slender face marred with four distinct triangle markings. The rest of her hair was a midnight blue, strands of it tumbling over her shoulders and effortlessly reaching past her hips.

She was wearing a pair of black cargo pants that was loosely fitted, but sat perfectly on her hips, worn sneaks on her feet. Her top was a simple light blue singlet top that had a silver design on the side. Around her neck was a black rope with a clear quartz gemstone as a pendant.

She appeared to be writing in a notebook or something, a dark purple and black carry bag on the bench next to her. It looked as if she was just killing some time, relaxing and waiting.

Oh god, it was one of those Kai fangirl wannabes. How utterly annoying. Like, how pathetic and desperate would one have to be to dress like Kai, act like him and make up a story about their past that would rival his own?

Amberlyn, herself, was the only person on the face of this planet that had a past that surpassed the tragedy that was Kai's tormented life. Her time on this earth had been far worse than anyone could ever imagine!

Some of these fanbrats were truly, utterly, undeniably pathetic!

Walking over to the girl, Amberlyn stepped just off to the side of her and folded her arms over her chest in disapproval, glaring most fearsomely at her. This bitch has only seconds to move or things would turn violent.

She could easily beat the shit out of someone with the mere flick of her wrist, as she had done many times before.

"You're in my spot," Amberlyn said in a cold voice, her icy blue eyes narrowing threateningly. If this strange Kai-looking-wannabe had any brains in that head of hers, she would jump to her feet and apologize repeatedly for her stupidity.

However, the female in front of her merely lifted her head slightly, her bright ruby red eyes looking at her in a form of annoyance and contempt. Slowly, patronizingly slowly, she closed the note book in her hands and placed it in her bag, but made no effort to remove herself from Amberlyn's seat.

In fact, she casually folded her arms over her stomach and leaned back into the bench, looking up at her with bored eyes, her gaze just brimming with disinterest and contempt.

Her bland expression almost caused Amberlyn to take a step back in surprise before gritting her teeth in annoyance. No one has ever disrespected her in such a way before; annoying and weak brats like her normally do whatever it took to keep out of her way and on her good side.

It appeared that she had no choice but to beat the shit out of this bitch to get the respect and admiration she deserved from everyone she meets, no matter who they are.

She was the fearsome and dangerous Amberlyn Balkov, her name alone brought fear and admiration.

"Is that so," the girl said coolly, seemingly not intimidated by her powerful presence at all, instead had the audacity to look annoyed with her. "What are you going to do about it?"