One Determined Lady

Summary: Amberlyn can't stand Hilary; she's bossy and constantly getting in between her and Kai! She decides to do everyone a favour, by beating the crap out of her. Hilary is stupid and meaningless; Kai will praise Amberlyn for pointing that out, right?

Pairings: Miguel/Kai

Disclaimer: I don't own the Anime Beyblade or any character associated. I do own Amberlyn "Amber" Balkov. She is an original character and all likeness to people living or dead is purely coincidental. This character is not on based one anyone else's character design, again if any likeness, it's purely coincidental.

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Chapter 7:

Anger was the most prominent emotion Kai was feeling at the moment, but that rage was half at herself as well. She could not believe that she lost her temper like that; she physically and violently attacked Amberlyn! In all her years dealing with one stressful situation after the other, she had never reached a point in her life where she lost control and attacked someone so viciously.

True, one could argue that her reaction was justified and warranted; Amberlyn did just attacked one of her teammates without provocation in hope to achieve an impossible goal. That was enough to make anyone angry, but what really provoked Kai was the fact that Amberlyn actually thought that she was doing everyone a favor and that she would be praised for doing something so disgusting.

She actually thought that she could get away with her appalling behavior.

Kai has dealt with many a deranged fangirl in her life, but it was still mind-boggling how the innards of a fangirl's mind worked. Do they really think these kinds of things; telling lies, warping reality, trying to steal someone's place, was actually acceptable?

Yes, it was understandable that Kai was frustrated and angry, but…

Pausing in her movement, Kai sighed heavily as she dropped her grip on Miguel's hand. He had said nothing while she dragged him away from the 'crime scene' and she wondered what was going through his mind. He knew that she was a fighter and inwardly protective of her teammates, but did he know that she would go to such extremes for payback?

This was one of the reasons she hated losing her temper, especially in front of Miguel. There was this small voice in the back of her head always telling her that one day Miguel will see how easily she loses her temper and will leave her.


"I'm sorry you had to see that," Kai said with regret in her voice, dropping her chin to her chest as she curled her hands into fists by her sides. She had her back to him and even though she was aware that she was tense, she had no idea how much her form was trembling as she inwardly berated herself. "I didn't-"

A pair of strong arms suddenly wrapped around her from behind, hands folding over her stomach as a chin rested on her shoulder. Kai immediately leaned back into the embrace, relief imminent that Miguel wasn't scolding her for losing it like she did.

Being in Miguel's arms like this always calmed her greatly and she was grateful that he was so understanding of her frustration. Anyone in her position as a member of the most sought after team on this planet would understand. As the sole member with the greatest ties to the BBA, she was the one who had to deal with fanbrats using whatever methods they could to get on her team.

Really, if Mr. Dickinson had a granddaughter or niece, wouldn't they already know about it?

"It's ok," Miguel whispered into her ear as he tightened his grip around her. "I know you hate losing your temper like that."

Placing her hands on top of his, Kai slumped further into his arms and nuzzled her cheek against his as she tilted her head back a little to look at the sky above. "She just-"

"I know, I know," Miguel once again said in a soothing tone of voice, placing a quick kiss to her neck. "Really, your reaction was acceptable, you know? Anyone would have done the same thing."

Kai really couldn't imagine any of her fellow bladers doing what she did – although Mariah could hold her own and was protective of her childhood friends as well. And Julia had a bit of a temper and was protective of her younger twin brother. If they were in her position, would they have done the same?

She can't imagine the guys doing it, though. They would be seen as evil and girl bashers, or something like that. Unfortunately for them, they have no choice but to grin and bear it.

The Blitzkrieg Boys, on the other hand...

Good God, Amberlyn would have been dead three times over if Bryan or Tala heard about her being supposedly related to Boris, being locked away because she was so powerful and from the Japanese sub-section of the Abbey, which she destroyed with said power.

Maybe it was because of those Russian boys that she had a bit of a temper herself?

"Thanks for holding me back," Kai said with sincerity before sighing wearily. "I don't know what would have happened if you didn't."

"I knew you would feel this regret, Kai," Miguel said as he stepped away from her, only to make her turn around to face him and then pulled her back into his arms. One arm went around her waist while he entangled his fingers from his other hand in her hair as he held her close, letting her lean into his chest.

They stayed like that for a few long moments in silence and Kai felt the angry and hatred gradually began to fade. Sure, she was still upset about the whole situation, but she was no longer murderous. Amberlyn knew her place now; she was not welcomed anywhere near the others.

"You're going to tell everyone what happened, aren't you?" Kai murmured against Miguel's chest, successfully breaking the comfortable silence between them.

"Are you kidding?" Miguel said as he pulled back and looked down at her with an amused and somewhat cheeky grin. "Of course I am. That was awesome!"

Kai very visibly winced. "You do realize that if the others find out about this, I will never let it down?"

This caused Miguel to laugh for a moment. "I think that's a good thing," he said as he gave a casual shrug. "They'll tell their school friends and they'll tell their friends, and then others will overhear and maybe it will decrease the number of fangirls you have to deal with in daily life."

"A nice concept," Kai said with a sigh, yet inwardly grateful that Miguel didn't seem all that phased by the fact that she literally pounded someone into the dirt. "But if only it was that easy."

"You can always beat the shit out of them," Miguel added as he wrapped an arm around Kai's shoulders as the two of them began walking again.

Kai groaned in mild disbelief and annoyance, touching her forehead wearily. "And you're never going to let me live it down, either."

"Not a chance," Miguel said around a chuckle before a thoughtful look appeared on his face and he shook his head in mild amazement. "And I thought Saitori was annoying. She had nothing on Amberlyn."

Kai nodded her head in agreement, but then again, Saitori thought she could win Miguel, her boyfriend, over by trying to kiss him. That was not going to happen!

"They're all equally annoying and deranged in their own unique and special way," Kai muttered as they approached the hospital.


Finding the others at the hospital was not a difficult task. The group of teens were seen clearly in the waiting room, no one sitting in waiting in seats, but rather up on their feet in a circle, no doubt talking about what had transpired that day. All of Hilary's teammates were here, as well as her friends from the Barthez Battalion.

Approaching the group, Kai didn't even have to announce her and Miguel's arrival as they all immediately turned to her and it was then that Kai realized that Kenny and Daichi were in the middle of that circle.

A feeling of embarrassment and dread appeared in the bit of her stomach when Aaron, Miguel's teammate, turned to her and a grin slipped across his lips. In fact, when she risked a glance to her own teammates, they too, seemed to hold looks of gratitude, approval and concern, yet relieved to see her unharmed.

Geez, did they anticipate that she would hunt Amberlyn down herself?

"Hey, Bruiser," Aaron greeted.

A light blush flittered across her cheek and she abruptly turned to Miguel. "They know already?" Kai said in mild surprise.

Again, a chuckle passed Miguel's lips. "I suspect Daichi told them the moment he arrived," he said as he turned his attention on the short redhead, his amusement only growing when he realized that Daichi was gazing up at Kai like she was some sort of a super hero.

"Dammit," Kai cursed bitterly under her breath. "I'll never live this down."

There was a moment of amusement before everything turned serious again.

"How's Hilary?" Kai asked with a sombre tone. "Has she woken up yet?"

"The doctors believe she will wake up soon," Ray said in reply as he folded his arms over his chest and furrowed his brow in concern. "The attack was vicious, but thankfully she didn't lose that much blood. She's going to be very sore for the next week or two."

"I suspect that Amberlyn is going to feel even worse," Miguel muttered with a sense of bitterness under his breath.

"We're going to see her now," Matilda explained as she wrung her hands in front of her. She still looked a little shaken up by what she saw, but bless her; she was determined to stay strong for her friend. "But when she wakes up, she might be a little...upset. I would be."

"I'll talk to her when she wakes," Kai said with her own determination as her eyes narrowed ever so slightly. "Surely, she must know not to listen to a thing Amberlyn says."

"I still don't get why Amberlyn attacked her in the first place," Tyson said as he, too, folded his arms over his chest in an irate manner. "It's not like we would welcome her to the team after doing something like that."

"I'll explain on that as well," Kai said with a dismissive wave as they began to move through the hospital hallways, searching for the room that held their friend and teammate. "It's a long explanation."


Kai had always hated hospitals and normally would avoid them like the plague, but here she was, sitting in a hospital room, watching over her young female teammate. White bandages were wrapped tightly around Hilary's head, sitting under her medium shade brown tresses. One eye was covered in a medical eye patch, but bruising was still clearly seen.

Fortunately, there was no severe head trauma and the doctors informed her that Hilary had put up a struggle as she had defensive wounds on her hands and fingers.

Well, that explained the scratches that Amberlyn was sporting before Kai got to her. It appeared that Hilary wasn't as weak or useless as many demented fanbrats claim.

She and the others were currently heading into their fourth hour of their bedside vigil, Hilary yet to make any noise that she was about to reach consciousness. She was quiet, so that reassured them that she was not feeling any pain.

Leaning her back against the wall near the window, Kai lifted her arms over her head and stretched. Her knuckles, while not damaged or injured, had a very satisfying ache to them and she knew that this was nothing compared to what Amberlyn was feeling at the moment, or for a long time to come.

A groan of pain alerted Kai, along with the other occupants in the room that Hilary was starting to wake up.

Moving silently, they huddled around the bed and peered down at her, waiting patiently, yet impatiently at the same time, for her to open her undamaged, visible eye and return to the world of consciousness.

"Hilary?" Tyson gently prodded as he tried to push back the concern in his voice.

Slowly, those chocolate coloured eyes fluttered open and her brow furrowed with pain and confusion. It took her a minute or two of constantly blinking to regain a bit of her vision.

Furrowing her brow further, Hilary let her head roll to the side and she swallowed thickly. "What happened?" she asked with a raw voice. "Where am I?"

"Hey, you're at the hospital," Kai said with a calm voice, knowing that if she sounded too worried, it would only cause Hilary to feel anxious, something she did not need to feel right now.

"...Amberlyn," Hilary suddenly murmured as she began to move in her bed, trying to sit up with a sense of panic. "Amberlyn, she..."

Immediately, Matilda and Ray moved forward to push her back down onto the bed. "Relax, Hilary," Ray ordered lightly. "You're safe, don't try to think about it, ok?"

"We're all here," Max piped in with a reassuring voice, motioning to everyone with a quick wave of his hand.

"She's not a threat anymore," Matilda added with a soothing voice as she took Hilary's hand in hers to offer a bit of comfort. "Easy there, she's not going to hurt you anymore."

Hearing the reassurances from her friends made Hilary relax back against the bed and squeezed Matilda's hand weakly back. She drew in a deep breath and shut her eyes as if trying to push away unwanted memories. "Why did she...?"

"I think I can explain that," Kai said as she stood up straight and folded her arms under her bust, a serious look, almost a scowl, on her face. Her expression softened just a little when she turned focused her attention on the injured brunette. "Hilary, you know that whatever Amberlyn said to you isn't true, right?"

Hilary remained silent for a moment before a tiny smile appeared on her lips. "Yeah, I know."

"Good," Kai said with a nod before immediately falling into telling about the possible theory behind Amberlyn's behaviour. "Amberlyn is someone known as a Seriously Unrealistic Egotist, or SUE for short. She tries to push her way into the lives of those who are famous or interesting in some way, in order to give her own life some meaning."

A contemplative silence fell over the group while they let the short explanation mull over in their minds. But then Max's face contorted into a look of confusion. "Why?" he asked.

"Because they think they are special and deserve to get involved with whomever they want, regardless of how," Kai said as she let her gaze wander over the others. "They make up lies about their pasts or current lives in order to sound more appalling or to gain sympathy, using it as a so-called excuse for their appalling behaviour. However, in practically all cases, their spiels of themselves are so utterly implausible that they aren't believed by those they want to get involved with. When that happens, they try to find other ways to get involved."

"By taking someone's place?" Tyson asked as his eyebrow gave a twitch of annoyance.

"Exactly," Kai nodded again. "You see, Amberlyn was utterly jealous of Hilary. The majority of fangirls are." She then turned her attention back to Hilary again and looked at her with eyes holding a sense of sympathy for her. "You're our friend. That's why they're jealous. You're closer to us then they are, or ever will be. Sure, some fantasize about becoming our friend, but it takes someone very twisted to get involved like Amberlyn did."

Although she looked as if she was suffering from a major headache, Hilary nodded her head in understanding and silently gazed up at the ceiling, appearing deep in thought. "There will be others like Amberlyn, won't there?" she asked after a moment.

"Yes, I won't lie to you," Kai replied with a deep sigh, sounding tired and weary. She was sick to death with dealing with annoying twits that simply won't get a clue. "As long as there are fanbrats, people who encourage them and we're in the spotlight, there will always be some moron who takes things too far and do something so utterly inexcusable; you have no choice but to question their grasp on reality. That's the price of fame, I'm afraid."

Again, another silence fell over the group, this one holding a deep sense of depression. They, too, are sick of spending day after day knocking back applications from fans that want to join the team, the majority of them claiming to be either from the Abbey, someone's relation or was a member from an already established team, but want revenge against them for some absurd reason.

Really, it was enough to make you quit and become a hermit living in a cave somewhere.

"Hey, Hilary. Guess what Kai did!" Max suddenly asked with a huge smile on his lips, shattering the thick silence in the room. The atmosphere quickly turned more boisterous as everyone, minus Kai and Miguel, huddled around the bed and started retelling what they heard about Kai's confrontation with Amberlyn.

Yet again, Kai felt a light blush flitter across her cheeks and winced from embarrassment before turning to Miguel and giving him a pained look. "Am I ever going to live this down?"

Miguel could say nothing but laugh good-humouredly at the entire thing.