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This is probably set before or a little after (Probably a little after) the Cyberia incident or something like that. Mika is alright, Lain is friends with Arisu (Alice?), and Lain is beginning to discover something beyond the boundaries of reality on her new computer …

Time to go to school.


*Giggle* "It's so cute!!"

"Yeah, there are a ton of these crane machines selling it everywhere. I had to wait a really long time to get one; Bunches of kids are always using them."

"You're really skilled at those, aren't you?"

"Sort of. It took me a while, but it was worth it!"

"Oooooh, let me hold it, let me hold it!"

"Wow! Can you get me one too?"

"Oh! Hi, Lain! Come over here."

Arisu asked me to join them.

She acknowledged me.

"Look at this!"

I looked.

It was a pink, dog shaped plush toy with large round eyes and black, floppy ears. It had an abnormally large head, and was always staring.

"Isn't it cute? Do you know what it is?" Arisu asked.

"Of course she does! Everyone knows what it is; It's practically the latest craze."

"I wish I had one."

"But of course Lain probably doesn't know what it is. Tell her, Arisu!"

"It's Maromi!"

"Ma.. romi?"

I was unfamiliar.

"Do you like it? Here, you can have it!"

"What?! Lain, you're so lucky!"

"Oh, I want one too!"

So I took Maromi.

Time to connect.


I put it on top of my computer. It's a gift from Arisu.

I have a lot of stuffed animals.

But Maromi is special

Tickity-tack, tickity-tack.

Maromi's website. Profile, too.


Occupation: Mascot, Friend

Favorite Color: Pink

Hobby: Helping out others in need, being a friend to everyone

Likes: Making friends

Dislikes: ???

Soon to be featured in anime!!

I gave it a small pat on the head. A voice startled me.

"Still playing with your toys?"

My sister. Mika.

"It's dinnertime."

She's standing in the doorway. Her arms are crossed.

She is always like that.

"Now quit being such a little kid and come down already."

She left.

I don't have to go to dinner. Really.

Father and mother and Mika don't mind. I found this out recently.

It's not that they don't care. They just don't mind.

I think.

"Where's Lain?" Her father asked as they sat down at the dinner table.

"She's just playing with her toys, like a baby." Mika said dismissively.

"Really… And was she on the computer?"


"Hmm… I see." He replied, satisfied with the answer.

And there was no more conversation as everyone ate.



r u there, lain?



guess what? I got a maromi 2!!

no way!




no rlly. i stole it.

did not.

ya rlly. i stole the large balloons over the dept. stores 2. it was in the news last nite.

Tickity-tack, Tickity-tack

Isn't that just a rumor on the Wired?

yah he's totaly a liar.

OMG, did you head that one rumor?!?!?!?1?

shounen bat? who hasn't?

what a strange mystery. just liek the Knights.



their people who

Chat Room Disabled.

"They're all offline…"

And so I was alone, Maromi watching over me.

-End Chapter 01: Fuse-

Author's Note: Any Paranoia Agent viewers out there, we're gonna see some more of Maromi next… You know what's coming. Mwahahahaaaa… Okay, no you don't (No offense to those with clairvoyant powers and the uncanny ability to predict what's coming next). But still! ^_^ I'm totally writing another chapter for this. See ya!