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"Why don't we go check in the cabin?" Shmuel asked.

"He might be around here somewhere. We've got to find him!" Bruno and Shmuel ran to the back side of the cabin, just as the men being rushed out of the cabin were heading toward the gas chambers. Shmuel looked back. He recieved a strange feeling, as if an eerie and suspicious voice called to him. He paused, staring at the forceful Nazis pointing guns at their backs and shooing them into the deadly room, like a shephard herding sheep.

"Shmuel?" Bruno asked, trying to get his attention. He waved his arms. "Shmuel!!" Shmuel finally looked back at Bruno, then at the gas chamber's door closing. His expression became serious.

"Daddy?" He asked to himself. He ran over to the gas chamber. He threw his body to the door. He pounded for his life. "Daddy!!!"

"Shmuel!" Bruno shouted, walking over to Shmuel as he fell to his knees, still pounding but not as hard. "Shmuel?" Shmuel did not answer. He silently cried.

"Did you find im', Shmuel? Did ya?" Bruno asked softly. Shmuel took in a breath, revealing that he was crying.

"Yes...but he went in there. No one ever gets out..." Shmuel could not continue on with his sentence, but that was all Bruno needed to know to understand what happened to Shmuel's father.

"He's gotta! Just gotta!"

"You Jews over there! Get back to work. You should know what happens when you-"

"Back away. He is my son."

Bruno's father pushed past the Nazi, also interrupting him. He laid a large hand on Bruno's small shoulder. "Now why are you wearing those clothes? Your mother was very worried. This is no place for you. And as for you, do not harm my son or you will be thrown in here, too." He ordered Shmuel, pointing at the gas chamber.

"Fine. What about that Jew?" He said, saluting Bruno's father. He nodded in response. Bruno's father glanced at Bruno, awaiting his reaction.

"He is my friend." Bruno said, proudly. His father was shocked.

"Um, the same goes for...him, too." Bruno's father said, unsure about his son's decision. The Nazi walked away inspecting all of the other workers. Bruno and his father looked each other straight for a few seconds. Bruno then looked at Shmuel, his father following his gaze. Shmuel was fiddling with his long sleeves.

"Can he stay with us?"

"Bruno, you are still going to your aunt's." Bruno's father said, trying to lure his son away from the...the prisoner.

"Shmuel has to come. I won't go without him." Bruno's father looked at Shmuel, then quickly back to Bruno.

"We must discuss this with your mother." He had his intentions set. They would not end up talking to Bruno's mother about this. Bruno followed his father. When Shmuel realized they were leaving, he followed, too.

"Stay." His father said, as if he were a dog disobeying his owner, standing in Shmuel's path. Shmuel was silent, frightened to speak a wrong word, but looked at Bruno. Bruno just walked by his father's side. Bruno motioned for Shmuel to follow him. Shmuel tip-toed behind Bruno and his dad, keeping a distance to not alert his father.

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