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Manhattan Special Victims Unit

Friday, November 15

"What do you want to do?" Elliot tiredly asked. He hated that Jake Keegan had to suffer for what his wife Leah did. It wasn't fair, Jake was tricked. "Dammit the laws are so fucked up," he thought angrily.

"Cut him lose." Casey replied. As much as she didn't enjoy it, they ran out of options. She sighed at the expression of defeat on Elliot's face. He looked tired, frustrated and stressed. "Kathy must be unbearable with pregnancy hormones," she mused. She personally hated the manipulative bitchy blonde, but a pregnant manipulative bitch was not something she would wish on her worst enemy.

She watched as Elliot turned and walked into the interrogation room. Casey sighed yet again and walked back out to the squad room. There were so many things on her mind already, and disappointing everyone by having to let Keegan go was just the bitter icing on the cake. She'd been pushing her negative thoughts away since the case first began, but as she walked away from the one-way glass, her thoughts consumed her.

Fin looked up from his desk as Casey walked in. He had just finished up some paperwork from another case when he heard the familiar sound of the ADA's heels heading in his direction. He took in her distant expression and could practically see the wheels turning in her head.

"I take it that something went down with Keegan," Fin said. He noticed that Casey hadn't even heard him as she sat down in Munch's chair. He watched as she leaned back and twirled a lock of hair around her finger. She looked lost in her thoughts so he tried to snap the strawberry blonde out of it.

"Casey," Fin asked with concern, "Are you ok?" He didn't get a response at all from her green eyes so he tried again. "Earth to Novak! Casey! CASEY!" he said, snapping his fingers in front of her face.

"What?" replied the startled ADA, "Oh- sorry Fin. I was just thinking about the case. It seems to be close to home with Elliot and I am a little worried about him. Has he said anything to you guys?"

"No, well not me anyway, but maybe to Olivia." Fin said, choosing his next words carefully, "But you seem to be having a rough time too. Anything you wanna talk about?" He watched as she struggled for words so he tried a different approach. "Is something about the case upsetting you? Did Keegan say something?"

He watched as tears formed in her eyes and vowed to beat the crap out of the pretty-boy. " I'll kick his ass! What did he say? I'll drive all the way to his house myself!" he said angrily. After searching through his papers for a moment he found the address. "The bastard's ass is mine!" He moved to get up but Casey intervened.

"Wait, no Fin it's not him! He didn't do anything, I swear. Its just-ugh!" Casey sighed, "I've been under some pressure lately, I disappointed you guys because we had to let him go, Olivia hasn't really talked to me lately, Tommy looks like Jim, and this case is kinda close to me…." The now crying ADA trailed off.

"Hey, what's with the tears," Fin replied. He moved around the desks to offer Casey a hand up. "Come on, lets head up to the cribs. You can tell me what's up without worrying about someone overhearing. Okay?"

"I'm so sorry- I interrupted you working-" she cried.

"Casey its ok." Fin said as he put an arm around her waist. He led her toward the stairs as she kept crying. He stopped at the bottom and looked down at her face which was now buried in his shirt.

"And I got my stupid emotions all over John's paperwork-" She mumbled sadly.

"I'm sure Munch will forgive you. I'll even volunteer to re-do the work if its too blurred." Fin said, trying to soothe the crying woman. He just couldn't figure out what was too terrible for her to talk to any of them about. That she felt she had to hide it until it broke her.

Casey lifted her head to look at his shirt, which was now smeared with makeup and damp from her tears. "You're shirt," she exclaimed through shudders when she pulled away, "Now I ruined-you're-you're-new shirt! The one-that-you-got-shipped from L.A. b-by your cousin! You were excited about it for five d-days!"

Fin looked around and thanked his lucky stars that there wasn't anyone in the squad room right now. Casey had gone from sad to a total wreck in two minutes flat. He had never seen her so devastated before. "Casey, I'm not worried about the shirt right now. Besides, all it needs is some Shout spray and a good wash or two. Now come on, the cribs are right up the stairs." Fin said as he put his arm around her waist.

Casey leaned on Fin as they walked up the stairs together. She was still sobbing, and knew that Fin was probably questioning her sanity at the moment. She was relieved when she heard Fin say that they made it to the top of the stairs. That meant that the quiet and solitude of the cribs were just beyond the door.

"Ok baby girl, here we are," Fin said quietly. He opened the door and guided her to a bunk in the back of the room. She was still sobbing into his chest, so he didn't mind when she ended up sitting in his lap. He wrapped his arms around her when she shifted and buried her face in the crook of his neck. He soothed her like he did when his son was a young boy. Rocking her slowly while making shushing sounds seemed to do the trick. When she went completely quiet he felt her breathing shift. Looking down he smiled sadly at the sight before him. Casey had fallen asleep with her head on his shoulder and her left hand in his right. He slowly disentangled himself from her and laid her down on the bunk.

He went down stairs, grabbed his jacket and came back up. He laid it over Casey and watched as she snuggled into it. His heart broke over the thought that something, or in this case, somethings, had caused such a beautifully strong person like Casey to fall so hard. He decided to sleep on the bottom bunk across from hers. That way he would be there when she was ready to open up. As soon as his head it the pillow, he felt sleep beginning to take over. Fin sighed as he closed his eyes and rolled over to face the sleeping ADA. This was going to be a long case.

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