This is my very first poem. Please, no flames. I appreciate every review I get.

All you really have to do is read it, but I request simply one thing. Forget all those parodies and humorous tales; all those mockeries and criticisms of Twilight–even forget how hot Edward is. (Or any of the other vampires/werewolves in the series) What I want you to do is forget everything and simply picture all of Edward's love–not him; just his love. Now, as you read, try and put all of that love into each and every word, and if you can do that, you can do anything.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Twilight. Sorry.

I Wish

I wish I could love you,

My dear young swan.

Fragile and weak are you,

Shy and meek are you,

Never to realize just how beautiful you are.

I wish I could need you,

My poor little lamb.

Bold and firm you are,

Peaceful and stern you are,

Never to know you're my shining star.

I wish I could see you,

My beautiful flower.

Naïve and growing you are,

Wilted when it's snowing you are.

For you to grow, I must go.

I wish I could feel you,

My eternal love.

Completely alluring are you,

So undeserving are you.

Without you, life is like a moonless night.

I wish I could let you be mine,

My dear Isabella Swan,

Give you everything you ever dreamed of,

Everything I ever dreamed of.

But I can't.

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