"Sickness over comes thee"

(Joes alarm clock goes off he reach's over and turns it off)

Joe: Come on boys time to rise and shine (sits up)

Nick: Coming (coughs as he walks across the room towards the bathroom)

Kevin: (turns around to face him) Dude do you feel alright ?

Joe: (turns around) yea you don't look so good

Nick: I'm fine I just didn't sleep good last night (closes the bathroom door on them)

Kevin: Why dose he always get to go first

( Joe gives him a look )

(all three of them slide down their fire poles for breakfast)

Dad: Hey Nick are you ok ??

Nick: alright…alright I'm a little sick but I'll be fine

Joe: Well you better be we have three CD signings and a movie premier this weekend

Nick: I'll be fine

Mom: Maybe you should stay home today

Nick: I'm fine besides I've got a big science quiz today

Joe: Who been sick that we know

Frankie: (walks into the kitchen with a box of tissues) Mom

Mom: yes honey

Frankie: Can you make me some breakfast

Mom: Sure

Joe: O boy

(the scene flash's back to where the boys are taking care of Frankie)

Nick: here's your juice Frankie

Frankie: thanks ahhhhhhhhhh…chooooo…(sneezes all over Nicks shirt)

Nick: oh that's gross (walks out)

( the scene changes back to the kitchen table)

Joe: Frankie did this

Nick: ok look lay off Frankie I'll be fine

( the scene changes to them walking into school Joe and Kevin are on either side of nick holding him up by his arms Nick has sunglasses on Stella walks up)

Stella: What's wrong with Nick

Kevin: Nothin what are you talking about

Stella: We'll usually Nick can stand on his own and what's with the sunglasses (reach's up and takes them off Nicks eyes are red and puffy) oh my gosh what happened

Nick: I'm sick

Stella: SICK !! (grabs nick and slams him up against the locker) sick you can't be sick we have a full schedule this weekend how could you get sick (starts to strangle him)

Joe: Stella

Kevin: Stella let go off Nick it will be ok

(Stella lets go and Nick fall's to the ground trying to catch his breath)

Joe: (to Stella) look there's know need to panic

Stella: No need to panic look at him and tell me there's know need to panic

( they look down and see Nick laying across the floor asleep)

Joe: ok maybe we can panic

Macy: Hey guys what's up ?? (trips over nick) ahhhhh… I just tripped over a Jonas

Kevin: this is the perfect time to panic

(they all start walking off in different directions)

Macy: (looks down at Nick and starts to pick him up) I better get you to the nurse

Nick: Thanks Macy

Macy: (walking of with nick) a Jonas just said thanks to me !!