(the scene changes to Kevin standing at his locker Stella and Macy walks up)

Stella: Hey Kevin

Macy: What up Kevin ??

(Kevin closes his locker and looks in their direction with puffy red eyes)

Macy: OMG !!

Stella: Oh wow

Kevin: Nick and Joe kept me up ALL night last night

Stella: Awwwww… poor guys

Kevin: Poor me

Macy: Dose Joe have the flu now too ??

Kevin: Yep either him or nick were running into the bathroom every 5 minutes last night I finally went downstairs this morning and slept for 2 hours on the couch

Macy: How were they feeling this morning

Kevin: Didn't ask they where both out cold on Joe's bed

Stella: We'll did the doctor say how long they would be sick

Kevin: They both have the 24 hour flu Nick is now going on 3 days and Joe on his 1

and now I'm sorta starting to feel bad

Stella: (worried) from not getting anothe sleep right

Kevin: I don't know I sorta feel like I'm gonna pass ouuu… (falls to the floor)

Stella: Well this is just wonderful

(her and Macy look at each other and then at Kevin)

(Macy and Stella are at the boys house working on some new outfits)

Macy: (Stella pokes her with a needle) Owww…

Stella: Macy !!

Macy: You poked me

Stella: Quiet your going to wake up the boys

Nick: (walks over) what up ??

Stella: Macy now look what you did

Nick: Take it easy Stella I was already up

Stella: You feeling any better

Nick: A little

Stella: Well were just putting some new outfits together for you guys

Nick: Cool

Stella: Well will try to keep it down you better go on back to bed

Nick: that's a good idea (starts walking towards his bed)

(Scene changes to a week later at school the boys are at their lockers)

Kevin: I am so glad we finally got over the flu junk

Joe: Oh I felt horrible last week

Nick: Well its over now

(Stella walks up sick)

Stella: Hey guys

Joe: Hey Stellll…

Kevin: Oh no

Nick: RUN !!!

(they take off back down the hall)